Polla Chilena Loto: Polla Loto Is An Ultimate Multipliers and Bonus Lottery Game in Chile

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The popularity of the Polla Chilean Loto has grown such rapidly that now there are three draws conducted in a week- on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Online Lottery Chile: With Lottosend you can play lotteries online from Chile!

Play Lottery Online From Chile

Play Lottery Online From Chile

Chile Polla Loto

One of the most popular lottery games that you can play in Chile is the Polla Chilena Loto. While the country does have an excellent set of lotteries, this one has been around for decades and over the years, it has helped a number of people millionaires. It is not very difficult to play Chile’s Polla Loto, but you need to know how the lottery is played before you get started. The first ever draw for this particular lottery game was conducted in the country on November 17, 1989. Since then, the popularity of the Polla Chilean Loto has grown such rapidly that now there are three draws conducted in a week- on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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The La Polla de Beneficenia is the Chilean state owned company that has the responsibility of administering gambling in the country. The organization was set up in 1934 and Polla Loto is just one of the games that are part of its portfolio. Over the years, this particular lottery game has been considerably diversified as a number of bonus options have been incorporated. These are add-ons that can be activated by the players if they want to do so. The bonuses include Multiplicador, Desquite, Revahcha and Jubilazo.

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Using any of these bonus options is going to result in extra charges, but they are a good option because they increase the final prize that players will be entitled to if they win. If you are worried about Chile Polla Loto being a scam, then there is no need to be because a game that has been around that long is fully legitimate. The Polla Loto is quite beloved and offers unique opportunities to individuals who wish to try their luck and win some cash as a result. 99 percent of Polla Chilena de Beneficencia is owned by CORFO and 1 percent belongs to the Chilean Treasury.


The functioning of this organization is supervised by a public agency called Comité Sistema de Empresas, which administers the shares and rights of the companies that CORFO has invested in. CORFO is a governmental agency that stands for Corporacion de Fomento de la Produccion (corporation for the promotion of production) and is overseen by the Chilean Ministry of Economy. There are a number of additional lotteries that Polla Chilena de Beneficencia has to offer other than the Polla Loto, which include Loto 3, Polla Gol, Polla Boleta, Loto 4, Eperto and scratch card games.

The entity holds the responsibility of selling tickets, distributing prizes as well as allocating some of the funds generated by the lottery to good causes. Five percent of the amount accumulated from ticket sales is allocated to the country’s national health fund, the Red Cross, the assistance and training society, the Chilean child advocacy council, the Chilean fire department and other organizations that are responsible for charitable and social initiatives. All of this indicates that the Polla Loto is not a scam at all and not only gives out prizes to the participants, but also benefits the country as a whole.

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How To Play Polla Loto

In order to play the Polla Loto, players are required to choose six numbers between the range of 1 and 41 and the cost of buying a ticket is around 1,000 Chilean Pesos. As mentioned above, there are three drawings conducted in a week, which start from 9 p.m. This means that you have three opportunities every week to win a big prize. A total of 8 prize tiers are offered in the Polla Loto, which means that a number of participants can come out as winners. You can participate in the Polla Loto draw even a few minutes before it starts. If you are interested in advance plays, you are provided with the option of participating in 6 subsequent draws.

In the case where players are interested in playing more than six numbers in the Polla Loto, they are provided with the option of Combined Play where the number of combinations you want to play in can be selected for the upcoming draw. When you decide to use this combined play option, the cost per play will change for reflecting the constituents of the combination you have selected. There are a number of ways you can choose for boosting your chances of becoming a millionaire when playing Polla Loto.

It is possible for players to combine anywhere between 7 and 10 numbers and 10 is the maximum combined numbers that you can play in the Polla Loto. The combinations that are available to you include:

  • Retaliation (Desquite)
  • Rematch (Revancha)
  • Jubilazo
  • Now If Yes
  • Multiplier (Multiplicador)

When you are selecting your usual six numbers for participating in the Polla Loto, you have the option of choosing your numbers manually or you can also choose them randomly by clicking on the box that says CHANGE. If you wish to play any of the bonus options that are mentioned above, then you will need to indicate this on your ticket. As mentioned earlier, the cost of a single play in the Polla Loto is 1,000 Chilean Pesos. Therefore, if you decide to play any of the above mentioned combinations, it will first include the initial 1,000 and then add the cost of the combination. Here are the costs you will incur:

  • Lotto plus Rematch will cost around 1,300 Chilean pesos.
  • Lotto plus Rematch plus Retaliation will cost you 1,500 Chilean pesos.
  • Lotto plus Rematch plus Retaliation plus Multiplier will incur a cost of 2,000 Chilean pesos.
  • Lotto plus Rematch plus Retaliation plus Now If Yes will cost 1,600 Chilean pesos.
  • Lotto plus Rematch plus Retaliation plus Now If Yes plus Multiplier will cost 2,100 Chilean pesos.
  • Lotto plus Rematch plus Retaliation plus Now If Yes plus Jubilazo will cost around 2,000 Chilean pesos.
  • Lotto plus Rematch plus Retaliation plus Now If Yes plus Jubilazo plus Multiplier will cost 2,500 Chilean Pesos.

Polla Loto Add-ons

Once you have mastered the basic Polla Loto game, you can think about trying some of these add-ons. They seem complicated initially, but they eventually become easier once you start playing. Rematch or Revancha was the first bonus option, which was introduced back in 1995. This option is great for increasing the prize for people who are able to match six numbers successfully. Furthermore, players with this option are provided with a second opportunity to win a prize with the six numbers they have selected. Multiplicador or Multiplier is applicable to most of the prize tiers and this can be in the range of x2 and x7. However, players should bear in mind that it is not applicable to the amount of the jackpot.

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Retaliation or Desquite became available as an add-on in 2010 and whenever this option is selected, it will increase the Revancha winning amount as well as the Polla Lota jackpot. Hence, Desquite provides players with a third opportunity for using their six numbers that they have selected for the main Polla Lota game. In order to take home the Polla Lota jackpot, players are required to match all six numbers in the draw. The odds of any player doing this are 1 in 4,496,338, which are quite good, considering it is a national lottery.

Polla Loto Jackpots

The biggest jackpot that was paid out in the history of the Polla Loto was on October 19, 2010 and the total sum was 7,800 million Chilean pesos, which is the equivalent of 16 million US dollars. There were two winners from the main Polla Loto draw, two Desquite winners and three Revancha winners. The sum was split amongst the players. Another lucky person was able to win a massive jackpot in 2011 from the Chilean Loto. The winner became richer by 5,592 million Chilean pesos, which is approximately 11.86 million US dollars. Polla Loto decided to conduct a special drawing in December, 2015. The prize pool was 10 million Chilean pesos and seven lucky winners were able to take it home.

The only requirement that players had to meet in order to participate in this holiday game was to show their Rol Unico Nacional. This is an identification number given to every Chilean citizen. A lottery ticket did not have to be bought for participating in this particular game. As mentioned before, there are eight prize tiers in the Polla Loto game. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Matching six numbers allows the players to win the jackpot or lotus.
  • Matching five numbers, plus the Joker, enables players to win Super Quina
  • Matching five numbers successfully will win them Quina
  • Matching four right numbers and the wildcard wins players Super Cuaterna
  • Matching four digits wins them Cuaterna
  • Three correct numbers plus wildcard means a player has won Super Terna
  • Three right digits means they win Terna
  • The last prize category requires players to match two numbers plus the wild card and this will win them Super Dupla

After the draw for the Polla Loto has been conducted, the next in line is the draw for Rematch. The same process is followed as six numbers are drawn from the raffle that consists of 41 numbers. If they can match all of the six numbers drawn, players have the chance of winning the UNICO well of Revenge. After Rematch, the next draw to be conducted is the Retaliation draw, which requires players to match all six numbers for winning the UNICO well of Retaliation.

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The Now If Yes is the next draw to be conducted and the prize given out is called the UNICO well of Now, which is paid to the player who matches all six numbers drawn. The Jubilazo is the last raffle and it also follows the same procedure of drawing six numbers from a total of 41. Three prizes are given out in the Jubilazo draw, which are 1 million Chilean pesos per month for a period of 20 years or 2 prizes of 500,000 Chilean pesos for 20 years. You can only qualify for these prizes if you match all the six numbers in the draw.

More than one winner can also occur and in this case the Jubilazo prize is distributed amongst the winners. If a draw doesn’t lead to any winners, there will be no rollover of the prize to the next draw as in the case of other lottery games. Once the respective draws have finished, the results are made available on the Polla Loto official website within an hour. Furthermore, La Polla de Beneficencia also issues a communication containing the official results of the draws.

What Happens When You Win

If you have won a prize in the Polla Loto draw, you should immediately start thinking about the claiming process. The winnings can either be collected from an authorized retail venue or you can also visit the headquarters of the Polla Chilena de Beneficencia. However, if the prize is too big, it is possible that the retail venue may not have the resources for making the payment. In this case, they might direct you to a different venue or ask you to visit the headquarters.

Typically, cash payments are made, but depending on the situation, wire transfer deposits or checks may also be used. The jackpot can only be claimed by winning the headquarters of the Polla Chilena de Beneficencia. Players have 60 days from the date the draw is conducted to make a prize claim. One of the best things about playing the Polla Loto is that the players are able to collect a tax-free prize. A certificate to the winner is issued by the Polla Chilena de Beneficencia that can be given to the taxation authorities for the purpose of showing the source of income and getting the exemption.

Another advantage is that there is no clause that states winners have to be presented to the public. Players can make a request for staying anonymous if they want. If they do so, they will not need to participate in any press conferences or promo spots. Thus, Polla Loto is a likeable game that can present great opportunities to the players for winning a prize.

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