Player from El Salvador Win $ 1 Million in US Powerball Lottery

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Breaking News: $ 1 million had been received in US Powerball lottery by lucky player outside the country.

A player from El Salvador had the second place as the winner of the draw, who bought his ticket on the Internet. When the indicator of the prize pool exceeded $ 1.5 billion, a lot of players from other countries added to the game. It was not a particular problem, since it permits the sale lottery tickets through online resources.

That’s good luck! Retired from El Salvador won $ 1 million.

In Florida, the long-awaited lottery had finished, where the main prize was almost $ 1.6 billion. According to officials, this provides a draw for three prizes, while the main winners will be announced later. Now it became known that the winner of the second place, it’s a foreign national who bought a lottery ticket via an online system. 73-year-old retiree from El Salvador addressed to the official resource on the Internet, where he bought the ticket through an agent. He could barely live on his retiree benefits and decided to do as he told his father. The man H. remembers that his father told him to win the lottery you must buy a ticket to start. For this reason, a retired registered in one of the online resources and bought a lottery ticket where he was to play Powerball. After the draw on Wednesday, a man received a phone call in which he was told that he could pick up his winnings of $ 1 million. Prior to this call, he woke up in the morning and he had a strange feeling that he needed to fly to America, because he can pick up his prize at the office of Florida. He shared only an additional number, which doesn’t complement his winning combination. If this man matched all the numbers, he could win the main jackpot. But H. is not upset, he says that the prize would change his life and he will be able to lead a good life and luxury, at least in his sunset years.

lottery winner from salvador

The United States has a lot of winners through online service.

On Wednesday, January 13, was also a winner. On Saturday, January 9, too, was the winner, who won the prize over the internet from Australia. In December, many foreign players prefer to buy a lottery ticket via the Internet resources, because it is fast and convenient.

Jackpot is a dream of any player.

The first jackpot winnings have been recorded in Florida and Tennessee, where the main state lottery is just starting to bridle. Now jackpot exceeded $ 1 billion, which is considered a record amount in the history of the lottery. Professional skateboarder from California sure that now he will take the first prize because his winning ticket there.

Statistics from the new big jackpot of $ 1.6 billion.

This prize was awarded for the results of previous lottery where no one could win the grand prize. That’s why the lottery prize fund remained untouched and exceeded 1.5 billion dollars. Some players buy tickets at the point of sale in the United States, others buy them through online system, but there was no player who matched all the winning combination of numbers. The official website of the lottery, too, got boost traffic because the game added more and more new players from around the world. If you want to get your chance to win 1, 6 billion dollars, then join these players and buy a lottery ticket. Do not miss the new coin toss and give yourself a chance to change your life forever.

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