How to Play & Win Swiss Lotto Online – Switzerland’s Most Popular Lottery Game

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Swiss Lotto

Swiss Lotto is Switzerland’s most popular lottery game. This lotto game has helped over 600 people become millionaires over the years! The lottery draw takes place twice every week on Wednesday and Saturday. Lottosend players can win the Swiss Lotto by selecting six main numbers from a 1-42 and an additional bonus number from a 1-6. Buy Swiss lottery tickets online on Lottosend.com for your chance to become a lottery millionaire! The Swiss lottery is one of the most popular lotteries that you can play in the online world. Not only is it known for delivering lots and lots of fun, but at the same time it’s also visually appealing and nothing short of amazing. The great thing about this lottery is that you can play online too, and that on its own brings quite an interesting value to this popular lottery.


Learn More About the Swiss Lotto

The Swiss Lotto held it’s first draw in 1970 and is operated by a company called “Swisslos Interkantonale Landeslotterie”.

Over the years, Swiss Lotto has funded more than 12,000 projects in many areas such as sports, environment, culture, social issues, and many other good foundations.

Furthermore, the Swiss Lotto has created over 600 new millionaires.

The historic Swiss Lotto jackpot record on 17 December 2016 of CHF 70.1 million ($72,723,205) surpassed all previous records in Swiss history.

Swiss Lotto Record Jackpots

  • December 2016 – CHF 70.1 million – $72,723,205
  • August 2014 – CHF 48.6 million – $50,418,655
  • March 2010 – CHF 35.7 million – $37,035,926
  • November 2013 – CHF 34.5 million – $35,791,021
  • May 2013 – CHF 32.3 million – $33,508,695

Swiss Lotto is known for having quite some impressive jackpots.

That on its own is rather distinct and fun because it allows you to get an incredible set of results and it just makes things to be a whole lot of fun.

There are always more and more jackpots to win, one of the largest jackpots was CHF 70.1 million.

So, there are lots of money to be won with this particular lottery.

However, you can imagine that the lottery does bring in front some rather unique challenges and in the end, that’s what matters the most.

Take your time and start playing Swiss Lotto online, then you will get to have a much better insight into the overall experience.

Online Lottery Switzerland

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What Happens When You Win a Prize Online?

Whenever you win a prize on our website you receive a winning notification and your earnings are credited instantly into your account.

Swiss Lotto Odds and Rules

  • 1 Prize – Match 5+1 – winning odds are 1 in 31,474,716
  • 2 Prize – Match 6 – winning odds are 1 in 6,294,943
  • 3 Prize – Match 5+1 – winning odds are 1 in 145,716
  • 4 Prize – Match 5 – winning odds are 1 in 29,143
  • 5 Prize – Match 4+1 – winning odds are 1 in 3,331
  • 6 Prize – Match 4 – winning odds are 1 in 666
  • 7 Prize – Match 3+1 – winning odds are 1 in 220
  • 8 Prize – Match 3 – winning odds are 1 in 44


How to Win the Swiss Lotto Jackpot?

As you can imagine, there is no true recipe for winning here.

The lottery numbers are randomly created and the randomly drawn numbers can be tracked. You can also create patterns that can quickly pay off immensely in the end if you play them right.

You just need to play the probabilities. It’s not as hard as you may think.

You will not have a chance 95% of the time, but the idea is to find a mix of odd numbers or even numbers, as these can be the winners.

However, the best mix is to have 3/3, 2/4 or 4/2.

This brings in front an enormous set of possibilities and the value can indeed be a very rewarding one.

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