NEW: Everything You Need To Know About UK Lotto and How To Play Online

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UK Lotto is a national lottery system designed to bring you a tremendous value for your time and money. Not only is this lottery a very distinct one, but the results that you can get as a whole are more than interesting.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

What you should note about it is that you can play 6 numbers out of 59, so you do have plenty of similarities to regular lottery games all over the world. The game is focused specifically on quality and value, and it does come with some large jackpots.

Play UK Lotto Online | UK Lotto Results | UK Lotto Info (rules, history, prizes and more)

Play UK Lotto Online

Play UK Lotto Online

Usually, the lottery experience is rather simple and easy to use. You will not have a problem enjoying the experience here, as you can also play a lucky dip if you want, with some great results coming from that!

This particular lottery has 2 draws, one Saturday and one Wednesday. That surely makes it stand out and the value on its own can be incredibly rewarding and distinct because of it. However, what you do want to note is that you have the ability to rollover and you can purchase tickets or play online if you want.

You can play up to 7 lines of numbers on each slip. There are ways to play up to 8 weeks in advance if you so desire. Then you are also receiving a Millionaire Raffle entry that can make the entire game experience even more interesting and fun.

UK Lotto Results

UK Lotto Results

The game does a very good job at bringing you chances to become a millionaire with each ticket. The Millionaire Raffle on its own is taking place on each of the Lotto draw day and there are around 21 different numbers selected. You still get to access around 20 prizes of 20000 pounds each, even if you don’t get to win a million, which is still ok.

If you match 2 of the main numbers, you get to win a lotto Lucky Dip ticket. This will bring you more chances at being a millionaire in some of the future draws. In case you purchased your lotto ticket online, you can easily get the dip there and play without an issue in the online world. However, if you got it retail, you will have to show the winning ticket to the retailer. He will then offer you the free Lucky Dip ticket.

The jackpot rollovers until it hits 22 million pounds or more. The jackpot must be won at that point, if not it will rollover one more time and then the money gets split between all players that won.

It’s a very fun and distinct type of lottery for sure and it does stand out due to its uniqueness and great value. Plus, it’s one of the better lotteries on the planet, because it’s simple, you get to play how and when you want and there are no major challenges to deal with. Yes, it really is a fun and wonderful lottery and you should consider giving it a try!

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