How to Play the Lottery Online with Lottosend

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How to Play the Lottery

Making a Deposit

Making a deposit is the first step to playing the lottery online with Lottosend. Before this stage you should have already signed up to Lottosend and have access to your personal account. There are multiple payment methods available so you can be sure that one of the options will work for you. The 3 most popular payment methods are with a credit/debit card, a wire transfer direct from bank to bank or alternatively we accept deposits in e-payments such as Skrill or Neteller.

So, you’ve picked the payment method that works best for you, now you need to decide what type of game you are going to play – Single or Group

Single Games

Singles Games are exactly as they sound – single. You and you alone pick your numbers by filling out the digital ticket slip with your lucky numbers. If you don’t have lucky numbers you can use the quick-pick tool and a set of random numbers will be selected for you. In single game play, you have full exposure and full risk. You only win if some of the numbers that you picked are drawn. If you do win with a single game ticket, all the winnings are yours. Be aware that each lottery is built differently with different amounts of numbers to choose and different amounts of numbers to choose from. For more info, please check out the lottery info page for each game which is located in the footer under ‘Lottery Info’.

Group Games

Group games (or syndication games) is a convenient way of pooling your money within a group and then the group buys a bunch of tickets. In Group Games, you don’t buy tickets per se, what you do buy is shares in the group as whole. For example: If a Group Game consists of 100 lines and is split up into 50 shares, every share bought is equivalent to a 2% share in the entire group of 100 lines. You can decide how many shares (how big a percentage) you want of the total Group Game. If one or any of the lines in the Group Game wins, you will win the corresponding percentage share that you own of the Group Game. To continue the example; if one of the Group Game tickets won $100,000,000 jackpot and you bought 4 shares in the Group out of a possible 50, you would own 8% of the Group Game. 8% of $100,000,000 is $8,000,000. In this example, your 4 shares in the winning Group Game would equate to a $8m win!

Group Games are an extremely popular method of playing the lottery. Whether it is an office sweep-stake or an online version, Group Games account for almost 90% of all lottery jackpot wins! Especially with draws such as the US Powerball where Jackpots can go into the hundreds of millions, a few percent of a sum this big is still a huge win!

Group game is the smartest way to play – since the chances of winnings are not high and everyone should increase their chances to win – Instead of buying 5 single line tickets –  you can play with more lines (better chances) and the price is cheaper.

Lottery Info

We offer many lotteries around the world, from the USA, Australia and Europe. If you wish to get to know about the lotteries rules, the prizes, the draws date and time – please check the Lottery info section in the footer.

We have chosen to present you 4 of the most popular lotteries:  

How to play the Lottery – Powerball

How to play the Lottery – Mega Millions

How to play the Lottery – SuperEnalotto

How to play the Lottery – EuroJackpot



If you are a regular lottery player, it is probably worth checking out a subscription package. Subscriptions are a way for you to ensure that you never miss an upcoming draw as you are subscribed to the lottery in question. The other key benefit of subscriptions is that your cost per ticket is greatly reduced thanks to the economies of scale. Rather than paying a premium price for a one-off draw, you will get a much, much cheaper price if you set up a subscription. Some subscription packages can save you as much as 50% on all your lottery games.

Once you subscribe with us – all relevant info will get sent to you in your email – the results and your winnings. You will be able to cancel your subscription from your Lottosend account.

Customer Support

We want our players to feel great, when buying with Lottosend. Our Account managers are striving to give the best service and are available to assist with any matter. Account Managers also have the flexibility to offer discounts, free tickets and special benefits to the client.

Our account managers are available via the LiveChat on the website or alternatively you can always contact us via email or over the phone.


Phone Numbers
Intl +1-201-685-8089
UK +44-203-026-0220
RU +7-499-609-2799
AUS +61-288-805-606



With Lottosend, 100% of the winnings are yours. After you have paid for your ticket with us, we don’t take any further fees no matter how much your jackpot win may be!

After the results are being published the winnings are being transferred to your Lottosend account. We will transfer the prize into your designated currency. From your account, you can withdraw your winnings to the same account you made your purchase with.

Please note that the lottery operator may deduct taxes, or other sums from the amount of the prize in accordance with its lottery operator rules.

In the case that all of your numbers are drawn – meaning that you have won the Jackpot – you are immediately notified of your good fortune via email alert. You are then contacted by Lottosend’s customer service team to coordinate ticket collection from our local office manager.

Once you have the ticket, you will need to personally collect the prize from the official lottery organization. We recommend that you seek legal and financial advice prior to prize collection.



You may withdraw your ‘real money’ at any time. ‘Real Money’ is money which was transferred to your account by making a deposit, or winning money according to the lotteries Prize table.

You can process a withdrawal from your Lottosend account: section ‘withdrawal’.

We hope that this blog post has helped you to understand how to play the lottery online with Lottosend.

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