All About Oregon MegaBucks: The Oregon State (USA) Lottery Game

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The Oregon Lottery was established through a citizen petition during the recession in the early 80s as a way to restart the state’s economy. In 1984, an amendment was passed allowing the operation of a state lottery. The Oregon Lottery quickly became a major source for state funding in Oregon’s programs and education system. They expanded their games from simple picking of six numbers to scratch-offs (or “scratch-its”) and multiple versions of online gaming.

How To Play Oregon MegaBucks

Simply go to any place that sells Oregon Megabucks tickets and fill it out with any six numbers. To play, just say, “I’d like an Oregon’s Game Megabucks Quick Pick ticket.”If desired, pay an extra $1 in the Kicker option, which multiplies the winnings based on the game. Winners get four times as much when matching four or five numbers, and an extra $4 when matching three numbers. Then, there are the “scratch-its” games, where they can win big amounts from $1 to $20 in spending. Scratch the game of choice and simply win. As easy as that is Oregon’s video lottery, where games are played online for the same prizes.

How To Win Oregon MegaBucks

If it’s 3 of 6 numbers, the prize is a free quick pick ticket – a free lotto ticket in which the numbers are picked at random. If it’s 4 or 5, it is a fraction of the total jackpot. If all 6 numbers are picked correctly, it is the entire jackpot. The odds of winning any prize are at 1 to 25.53. For Mega Millions, it’s 1 in 18,492,203, for Powerball, it’s 1 in 5,153,633, and for Megabucks, it’s 1 in 6,000,000. The current jackpot for Megabucks is at $4.6 million and grows until there is a winner.

The state of Oregon promotes responsible gambling and encourages all players to gamble within their limits. Only participate to have fun, set a limit in how much is spent on tickets, and don’t treat the lottery as a way to win back money. Visit OPGR.ORG – Oregon Problem Gambling Resource – to help those with a gambling problem or addiction.

If You Are A Winner

All prizes are received at the headquarters in Salem in person or by mail the day after the drawing. If claimed by mail, fill the winner’s claim form; the statue of limitations on receiving the prize is one year from the day of the drawing. When jackpot winners come to claim their prize, there is the option of being paid in direct one-time cash or by annual payment; the annual payment is done within 30 years guaranteed.

Since it started in 1985, the Oregon Lottery has grown to become the highest profitable sector in the state and second highest money collector behind income tax. The Lottery has given more than $9 billion to help the state’s public education system, improve the state’s infrastructure, fund state parks and buildings, and open up to paying back the state’s deficit every year. Those who have take part and won have received over $28 billion. Oregon’s Megabucks has awarded more than 240 people, making them instant millionaires; play to become the next millionaire courtesy of the Oregon MegaBucks.

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