The Psychology Behind Winning

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The Psychology behind Winning

There is a long standing debate about what methods and strategies one can use to tip the lotto odds in your favor. The initial, and uneducated response often comes out as the following – “what difference does it make, the odds of playing online lottery and winning the jackpot are so high that the best thing to do is buy yourself a ticket and hope for the best…you never know”.

While this ‘fingers-crossed’ approach to playing the lottery might put your mind at ease and psychologically relegate your hopes and expectations to a point where you will not bat an eye lid if your numbers don’t come in, it certainly doesn’t help you with the facts on the ground and the reality of the situation you are in. In fact, it is often this initial and lasting attitude that results in the all too familiar story of a there being an unclaimed winning lottery ticket somewhere in the ether – the winner in question, with an attitude of ‘I will never really win, I just bought a ticket because I was feeling impulsive at the time and then forgot, as I…never thought I would win.

This is an all too common story and, although the reasoning may by grounded in the realities of the situation, if you want to play online lottery, it does nothing but hinder any prospective players chances of winning, indeed it seems counterproductive.

Why Do Smart People Play Online Lottery Group Games

One of the best ways to avoid this ‘mental road block’ so to speak is to, as with all things, firstly educate oneself on the situation and then plan for the best possible outcome, increasing your chances as much as possible at every step.

Once educated on the matter, you will come to the realization that the US Powerball is the lottery that makes most sense to play group games in. That is not saying that to play online lottery group games in other lotteries is not worthwhile, It always is, no matter what the lottery of the jackpot, it is always beneficial to play online lottery group games. The US Powerball is simply the most obvious example,  this is for a number of reasons, the most important being that the jackpots are incredibly high (at the time of writing the Powerball jackpot sits at $310,000,000).

Taking this jackpot as the example going forward, you can either buy 5 tickets for one draw, or, for the same price, have a chance with 52 tickets. Now, obviously, if one of the 52 tickets win, you will not be winning $310,000,000 – probably closer to $20,000,000…but, you had over 10x the chance of hitting a jackpot. To increase ones odds in the lottery by 10x is something that all lotto players should be interested in, after all, what would you rather win? A slice of a $300,000,000 pie or every slice of a $10 pie?!

The smartest play out there is to sign up for subscription group game; 52 chances to hit the jackpot every draw. Two draws a week, 8 draws a month, that’s 416 chances over the course of a month for the price of $16 a draw

There is no question about it, the smart way to play…financially, psychologically and realistically, is Group Games, and subscriptions.


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