Lottery Player Wins Millions Without Realizing

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Online Lottery Player Wins Millions without realizing: “I thought I had won $2.40”

An online lottery player is thanking her lucky stars that she took the decision to move her playing to online after scooping a jackpot prize of $1,000,000! The winner in question is Jacqui Shannon, who is a full-time charity worker for the NSPCC and has been playing the lottery regularly for over 10 years. With no luck in the past 10 years of playing except for the odd three ball match equating to prize giveaway of $10 she has often been forgetful in checking her results punctually and thanks to innovation of playing online lottery she can rest assured that her tickets are safe and secure in her account online. When an online lottery player wins millions it just further proof of the popularity of the lottery to world of online gaming and e-commerce.


online lottery player wins millions


It was an email that she has received multiple times since she began playing the lottery online – “Congratulations, you have a won. Please check your winnings in your account”. Noticing that this was verbatim the same email she had received in the past Ms. Shannon was sure it would be a regular email informing her of her small win. “I genuinely believed, when I saw the email, that’ll be another £2.40 because that’s all I ever won.”


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In fact, it was almost a month after jack-potting that Ms. Shannon logged into her online lotto account that Jacqui figured out she had been a millionaire for the past 30 days! “I went online to buy another ticket, thinking that my account was low on funds. When she went to buy another ticket, she was greeted with a message saying “congratulations, you’ve won a million pounds!”.

Ms. Shannon went on, explaining how she felt when she found out she had won. “I was at work and I was going ‘is that six zeros? Is that 1,000? Is it real?!’ Once it’s happened you don’t quite believe it. I carried on my week as though nothing happened.”

Its thanks to the relatively new playing platform that is online lottery that people such as Ms. Shannon can be rest assured in their tickets and proof of purchase. If this story was even as little as five years ago, there is a big chance that this jackpot would have gone unclaimed. Online lottery not only gives a sense of security to players but also opens up the lottery world to a global scale, increasing popularity, players and jackpots all at the same time.

It’s a win-win for online lottery and this story is just another example of why all lotteries are moving their efforts to embrace the new market – global online lotto players.


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