Online Lottery Player Scoops Mega Jackpot

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Huge Payout in the World’s Richest Lotto Goes to Online Lotto Player

An Online lottery player got the best Christmas gift imaginable at the end of the December when they jack potted the second-tier prize at the world famous Spanish El Gordo Lotto. The world of online lotto is starting to make real waves for payers and we are seeing more and more evidence of this with the accumulation of winners who have bought their tickets online. In fact, this was the biggest ever win in the Spanish Christmas Lottery for an overseas player. 2016 has been a huge year for playing the lottery online & 2017 looks set to grow exponentially.

The online lotto winner, who requested to remain anonymous, giving away no personal details aside from his first name – Richard – scooped €125,000 after his ticket matched the second-tier prize in the World Famous draw. A draw that paid out a total prize pool of €2.3 Billion!

This story highlights the changing world that the lottery is facing globally and how it is attempting to deal (or not deal with it). There is a delicate balance currently being played out between lottery organizers, international players & online lottery services which are all trying to take advantage of the new landscape on the horizon and how to best fit themselves. It appears that the real winners of this whole story are the players.



Online Lottery – The New Frontier

Play the lottery online 10 years ago? The notion that a citizen and resident of Manchester, England could play in the multi-state Powerball on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean was unfathomable – how could that possibly work?! “what about taxes?”, “legislation – is it legal for me to play the lottery online?”, “how can I be sure I will receive my pay out?” were just a few of the unanswered questions that those pioneers of the online lottery movement had to navigate through before finding solace in the system.

It has only been a couple years but already the changes we have seen in online lottery have truly revolutionized an industry and opened up multiple new channels to increase an already popular game & business. This is  especially true in the example of the Spanish Christmas Lottery, which historically, has been associated with a much more sociable way of playing. It is common for whole villages to group up and pool their monies together in order buy a number of booklets (with each booklet containing 10 raffle tickets, which can themselves be split into 10 decimo/fraccions).

Despite the fact that the very notion of playing the lotto online would seem to fly to counter to the idea of a social based game the reality is that a) the organizers do not care – in fact they encourage sales to all people and are looking to create the very first, truly global lottery. and b) In fact the social aspect to the Spanish Christmas Lottery is remaining in a world of globalization – Playing the lotto online is now for many people, the only way that they can play the lottery and do a syndicate with friends and family. Not everyone lives in the same village anymore!

It stories such as the one mentioned in the beginning of this article that give real examples to the increase in popularity of playing the lotto online and the inevitable results that will come about. Most notably, these results will show up as more & more online lotto players win jackpots and latter prizes in the lotteries.

We want to send our congratulations to Richard on his huge win and also thank him for being one of the pioneers, helping to shape the landscape and allowing others to follow in his footsteps by understanding that the lottery is no longer a national phenomenon – it has gone online, and therefore it has gone global.


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