Nigeria PlentyMillions – Everything you Need to Know

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The starting jackpot that you can find in Nigeria PlentyMillions is 3.2 million Naira and cost of a single ticket for this game is 50 Naira. With Lottosend you can play International lotteries online from anywhere in Nigeria!

Nigeria (Abuja) Skyline - did you know that Nigeria is most populous country in Africa?

Nigeria (Abuja) Skyline – did you know that Nigeria is most populous country in Africa?


The EG&H Integrate Concepts Limited is a fully licensed company that holds the authority of conducting the national lottery in Nigeria. The National Lottery Regulatory Commission regulates the operations of the company. One of the games that are offered by the company is called PlentyMillions and in offering this draw game, the company ensures a high degree of integrity and transparency. The staff at the company is fully dedicated to fulfilling customer needs and providing an exciting and fun experience to those participating in the PlentyMillions draw game.

The starting jackpot that you can find in PlentyMillions is 3.2 million Naira and cost of a single ticket for this game is 50 Naira. In recent years, a lot of players have managed to take home jackpots in excess of 5 million Naira and this has been extremely helpful in boosting their socioeconomic status significantly. When it comes to playing the game, it is quite easy to do so because all you need is to choose six numbers that you want to enter in the draw. These six numbers have to be chosen between the range of 1 and 40. You can pick any numbers that appeal to you.

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Those who have played before may have a preferred set of numbers that they want to mix and match and play in several draws consistently. Either way, the player has to choose the numbers they want to play. In the situation where you don’t want to make a selection, assisted lottery numbers is also an option you can explore. This is when the lottery terminal selects the six numbers automatically on your behalf. However, you should bear in mind that using the Quick Pick option for choosing your PlentyMillions numbers does not guarantee that you will win a prize.

There are a number of ways through which you can participate in the PlentyMillions draw game, which are outlined as follows:

  • Playing via SMS- Lucky Pick

This is immensely easy to do. You can get your message direct to your MTN or Glo line through SMS by texting 1 to 42663. If you are using MTN, it will cost you 50 Naira whereas choosing Glo will require you to pay 60 Naira. After you have made the payment, you will receive a confirmation via SMS in which six betting numbers are randomly chosen. If you want to buy six tickets at a time, you will have to message 6 at 42663. The tickets will be automatically selected for you by the Lucky Pick.

  • Playing through SMS- Self Pick

Here again, you are playing via SMS, but this time, the terminal will not select the numbers for you. In this case, you pick your own numbers. You can go with Glo or MTN for doing this and text your six numbers between the range of 1 and 40 to 42663. You can choose whatever numbers you wish to play and send them to the short code number.

  • Playing through GTB Account

If you have a GTBank account, you can purchase as many tickets as you want through the Lucky Pick option. All you have to do is dial *737*50*amount*61#. The cost of every ticket through this option remains 50 Naira. The system will select 6 random numbers for each ticket and send it to your phone via SMS>

  • Playing through Zenith Bank Account

If you have an account in Zenith Bank, you can use it for entering the PlentyMillions draw and select the numbers through the Lucky Pick option. You first need to enroll and then use the *966# option. The number of tickets also need to be mentioned here. The cost for a single ticket remains 50 Naira and the numbers will be randomly generated by the system for you and sent via SMS.

  • Playing Online

If you are interested in playing PlentyMillions online, there are a couple of steps you need to follow. The first step that you need to follow is open an online account and then log in. Once you have done so, it is time for you to deposit money in your account. There are several ways that you can use for depositing money, which include using your Debit card that can be Visa, MasterCard or Verve or you can also directly deposit money from your account. After you have funded your account, you can now go ahead and purchase your tickets. You can buy the tickets using the Self-Pick or Lucky Pick option. Whatever way you choose, you will have a ticket, which puts you at the forefront when it comes to winning a prize.

The draws for PlentyMillions are conducted twice a week, on every Wednesday and Saturday. During the time of the draw, the tickets for the game are not bought or sold and they only resume after the draw is over. Every draw is supervised and conducted by the company as per the regulations. If there is a malfunction during the draw in any one of the devices being used, the numbers that are drawn before the error happened will be considered as the winning numbers. If it so happens that no numbers are drawn and the malfunction occurs, then the draw is rescheduled.

An entry can only be valid for the PlentyMillions draw when the central computer system of EG&H Integrate Concepts Limited has recorded it. Secondly, a valid confirmation should also have been received either in the form of a receipt or an SMS sent by the Central Computer System. Third, a valid transaction serial number must have been issued to the player by the central computer system. Last, but not the least, you should have paid the correct fee for your ticket as per the method you are using to play PlentyMillions.

The prize pool of the PlentyMillions lottery game is calculated based on the ticket price of 50 Naira. The prize pool of any PlentyMillions draw should not be more than 50 percent of the total amount that has been collected in ticket sales for that particular draw. The prizes are then paid out from this accumulated prize pool. 15 percent of the prize pool is set aside for the jackpot or whatever percentage may be determined by the company. In the situation where 2 or more people win the jackpot, the amount is equally divided amongst the players. In order to take home the PlentyMillions jackpot, players have to match all of the six numbers that are drawn. If it so happens that the draw doesn’t have a jackpot winner, then the prize is simply rolled over and this can lead to pretty impressive jackpots in the long run.

The second prize in the PlentyMillions is 25 percent of the remaining prize pool and a player can win this if they are able to match five out of the total six numbers that are drawn. If there is no second category winner in the draw, the prize amount is then used in accordance with Section 31 of the 2005 National Lottery Act. As for the third prize, you have to match four of the six numbers drawn. The amount that’s to be shared is 25 percent of the remaining prize pool. Here again, if no one wins the prize, Section 31 will take effect and the money will be used accordingly.

In the fourth category, the prize that’s allocated is now 35 percent of the total prize pool and if a player wants to win it, they need to match three of the total six numbers. Again, in case of no winner, the National Lottery Act of 2005’s Section 31 is implemented and the funds are utilized.

After each PlentyMillions draw is over, the results are announced by the company on their website and they are also circulated to the media houses to spread the news. This communication doesn’t just include the winning numbers only, but also mentions the number of prize winners and the value of prizes they have won in every prize category. If you have chosen to play PlentyMillions through USSD applications or SMS and the amount you have won is less than 100,000 Naira, then your prize will directly be paid into your mobile money account.

Players who are registered through the website or Smart Application and have winnings that are less than 250,000 Naira; their prizes are directly credited to their e-wallets and there is no hassle involved. If the registered players have won prizes that are 250,000 Naira or more, they will receive payments via company check in six business days after they have submitted their claim. Players should bear in mind that they have 180 days from the date of the PlentyMillions draw for claiming their prizes. Employees of the company, directors or minors don’t have the permission to participate in the PlentyMillions draw. You need to be 18 and not work for the company to play this game.

Plenty of people have won prizes by playing PlentyMillions, but there are also those who have not been able to do so. Why is that? Sometimes, it is just luck and sometimes, people make mistakes when they are choosing numbers. These mistakes can often be the reason why they are unable to match the numbers. What are they? Some of these missteps are highlighted below and you should know about them in order to avoid repeating:

Mistake 1: Using birthdays to select numbers

One prominent and common mistake that lottery players are known to make is selecting their numbers based on their own birthdays or that of their loved ones. Using birthdays or any other dates for that matter is not a good idea because this will restrict your choice to numbers under 31. The pool of numbers available in PlentyMillions is 40 and using dates means you are ignoring a total of 9 numbers when making your selection. If even two numbers are drawn from these nine, you will not be able to match the maximum numbers and will lose your chance to win a prize. Therefore, it is better not to depend on birthdays or any other dates for making your selection.

Mistake 2: Playing past drawn numbers

If you do some research, you will discover that every single lottery draw, whether it is PlentyMillions or any other game, is conducted randomly. There is no algorithm, formula or pattern that’s followed for picking the draw numbers. What does this tell us? This indicates that there is very little chance that the same combination that has been drawn in the past will be drawn again. Every number has an equal chance of being drawn and there is no way to predict that the same numbers will be picked again. So, it is a waste of time and your ticket.

Mistake 3: Choosing consecutive numbers

It is extremely rare for consecutive numbers to be drawn in any lottery. If you decide to play consecutive numbers in the PlentyMillions draw, you should bear in mind that the chances of them being drawn are very little. You can go with this trick if you are buying multiple tickets, but it is best to avoid it as there is very little possibility that consecutive numbers are picked in the draw.

Mistake 4: Not using all number groups

Another number mistake that’s utterly too common in lottery players is restricting themselves to a single number group such as the 30s. You have a total of 40 numbers to choose from, then why pick numbers in 30s only? When you are choosing your PlentyMillions numbers, make sure you spread your choice over all 40 numbers so you maximize your chances of matching as many numbers as possible. The more numbers you match, the higher the prize that you can take home.

If you learn to avoid these mistakes and remain smart and cautious when choosing your PlentyMillions numbers, you will be able to beat the odds and win a prize that can change your life.

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