Nigeria Mega Millions – Get a Chance to Win Great Prizes

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There are two primary games that MLOTTO is offering in Nigeria, which are Bank 3 and Nigeria Mega Millions, With Lottosend you can play lotteries online from Nigeria!

Nigeria has been home to a number of kingdoms and tribal states over the millennia

Nigeria has been home to a number of kingdoms and tribal states over the millennia

Nigeria Mega Millions

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MLOTTO – One of the upcoming and vibrant lottery gaming companies in Africa is none other than MLOTTO. The company was formed on the promise of giving people a chance not just to dream about things, but also give them the opportunity of changing their lives completely. The company has been successful in carving a niche for itself in Nigeria and has become one of the most convenient, fastest and most secure online lottery service. A team of dedicated professionals have been employed who are familiar with the company’s mission of delivering an exhilarating experience as well as spectacular winnings to the players.

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MLOTTO Lottery Games

As mentioned before, MLOTTO wishes to maximize the chances provided to every player of winning a prize due to which the company offers some incredible deals that are accompanied by the latest and sophisticated gaming technology. There are two primary games that MLOTTO is offering in Nigeria, which are Bank 3 and Mega Millions. The proceeds obtained from both these lotteries are utilized for a variety of causes in the society, which also include providing support to all underprivileged in the continent. Nigeria Mega Millions is one of the most lucrative games that the company has to offer and it is open to everyone.

There is only one condition that players have to meet when they wish to take part in the Nigeria Mega Millions and that is to be at least 18 years of age. In this regard, MLOTTO is very cautious and it doesn’t allow minors to participate in this lottery game. The draws for the Nigeria Mega Millions are held twice a day, every single day of the week. This means that players have 14 chances every week for winning millions and changing their lives. Thus, the lottery doesn’t just boast the name of its US counterpart, but also provides its rewards.

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How To Play Nigeria Mega Millions

How can you win anything in the game if you don’t participate? Likewise, you cannot win the Mega Millions if you don’t buy yourself a ticket. The first thing you need to do is register yourself for the game. The good news is that it is a straightforward process and one you can do online. All you have to do is click on the option of sign up and then provide your email address, mobile number and username. Your mobile number will usually be used for login purposes or it will also act as your account identification number.

As far as the email address is concerned, it serves as a communication tool that’s used for supplementing the short message service (SMS). However, one thing you need to remember is that in order to play the Nigeria Mega Millions, you first need to accept the terms and conditions outlined by MLOTTO and then move onto the next step. These are essentially the rules that are to be followed when you are using the MLOTTO website. When you participate through this website, it is assumed that you have read their rules and regulations and agreed to them.

The topics that are covered by the terms and conditions of MLOTTO include your registration as a lottery player, the obligations that are associated with it, the limitations of liability as well as the proprietary rights of MLOTTO. The terms and conditions also include a disclaimer that needs to be thoroughly read and fully understood so you don’t make any claims any MLOTTO later on when you are not liable for them. After you have read the terms and conditions and if you are in agreement, you need to submit your details and they will immediately send you a password through SMS and email.

Once the registration is complete, you begin the next step i.e. log into your account and access MLOTTO products. Again, this is quite simple because you only need to provide your mobile number. As far as the password is concerned, you need to use the one that was provided to you via and phone. When you have done so and your account is accessed, you will be able to see the dashboard. Before proceeding to the game you wish to play, which is the Nigeria Mega Millions in this case, you first need to add funds to your account.

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You can do this by clicking on accounts and then proceed to adding money. MLOTTO is a firm believer of responsible play due to which it advises its players to first consider their participation in the Nigeria Mega Millions or any other lottery game for that matter as a fun activity. It also instructs them not to interfere with their daily activities. Secondly, players should also ensure that their participation in the lottery is only limited to the amounts they are able to bet without interfering with their other obligations or exceeding their budget.

Depending on the number of draws you wish to participate in, you should enter the amount you wish to add to your MLOTTO account. One of the best things about the MLOTTO system is that it is fully automated and gives you the option of adding your debit and credit card details so that you can directly withdraw money from your account. This is a much convenient and safer way because it eliminates the need to carry hand cash to a retail outlet, which can be risky. There are different ways that you can use for adding money to your account and some of these include Verve, VISA and MasterCard.

Choosing Numbers

After your funds have been added, you need to go to the games section from where you need to select Nigeria Mega Millions. Here, you need to select the number of tickets you wish to purchase, which could be 3, 5 or any other number you want to play. There are two sections that you have to complete in your online pay slip. In the first section, players are required to select any five numbers between the range of 1 and 45. The second section requires players to choose one number between the range of 1 and 20.

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There is the option of manual selection in which you are literally going to click on the numbers you want to play or you can also go with the Quick Pick option, which means your ticket numbers will be randomly generated for you. When number selection is done, you can choose the draw you want to participate in and then submit. Your betting cart will be shown once this is done. The betting game will display the name of the game in the first column, the second column will show the number of tickets, the third will display the number of draws, the total cost of playing in the fourth column and there will be two options in the fifth column.

The first option in the fifth column pertains to details, which will show you the time of the draw, the date as well as other details about the tickets. It will also show you whether the Quick Pick option was used or the numbers were chosen manually. The second option, on the other hand, enables you to remove your selection completely and start anew or only leave the selection you wish to continue with.

Ticket Price

The cost of a single play is 200 Naira and if you are going for multiple plays, you need to multiply the number of entries with this cost. If you are satisfied with the selection you have made, you can proceed to the play option. When it comes to winning the Nigeria Mega Millions, there are nine possible ways that you can win. It all depends on how successful you are in matching your number selection with the ones drawn.

Let’s take a look at the prize breakdown in the Nigeria Mega Millions lottery:

  • The jackpot is worth 25 million Naira and can be won by a player who is able to match all five numbers from the first section and the Mega Ball number from the second section.
  • The second prize given out in the Nigeria Mega Millions is worth 250,000 Naira and requires you to match only five numbers in the first section.
  • You need to match four numbers from the first second and the Mega ball number from the second to win you the third prize, which is the same as the second i.e. 250,000 Naira.
  • The fourth ranked prize is given to any player who is able to match 4 numbers and the prize is around 50,000 Naira.
  • Matching three numbers from the first section and 1 Mega Ball number from the second section gives you a prize of 50,000 Naira as well.
  • You will be able to take home a prize of 5,000 Naira if you can match three numbers from the first section only.
  • The seventh prize in the Nigeria Mega Millions draw is also 5,000 Naira and can be won by a player who has matched two numbers from the first section and the mega Ball number from the second section.
  • The second last prize carries a value of 500 Naira and is given to a player who can match two numbers from the first section and none from the second section.
  • If you are lucky enough to match one number from both the sections, you will be able to take home the 9th prize in the Nigeria Mega Millions draw, which is around 500 Naira.

Nigeria Mega Millions Results

After the draw has been conducted, you can visit the MLOTTO website to see if your numbers have won any prize. If you have won something, you can start making arrangements for claiming your prize. There is no need for people to worry about being scammed or any such thing because the National Lottery Regulation Commission has authorized MLOTTO and the principal bankers for the company are FirstBank. Therefore, players can rest assured that if they have won a prize in the Nigeria Mega Millions, they will be able to collect it and no one is going to take away their winnings.

In addition, it is also an assurance that the drawing is conducted in a fair and transparent manner and there is no rigging or any other problems.

How to Win

While this is all well and good, most players want to know how to boost their chances of winning the Nigeria Mega Millions? Obviously, everyone wants to win a prize, but this is easier said than done. The simplest method of boosting your chances of winning any lottery game is to buy a large number of tickets as this allows you to play a greater number of combinations, which can work in your favor. The downside is that it can be very costly in the long run, especially if you don’t win enough to cover the cost of playing. The second option, in this regard, is to join a syndicate. A syndicate is another term for lottery pool.

Pools refer to a group of people coming together and pooling their money. This accumulated sum is then used for buying as many tickets as possible, which improves your chances of winning. The benefit of syndicate participation is that you can reduce your overall spending on lottery tickets and still increase your winning odds. Even if a single ticket wins, the prize is split among the members of the syndicate, depending on their share of tickets and so you will be able to win.

You can choose to form your own syndicate if you have the members or if you want to avoid the hassle of managing a syndicate, you can always join one online. This saves you from having to ask anyone for money or deal with the distribution of prizes later on. All you have to do is join and you will be able to get a solid chance of winning the prize in the Nigeria Mega Millions. As long as you stay consistent and choose the numbers you are playing the right way, you will be able to take home the prize you want without much hassle.

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