New “Synthetic” Online Lottery Betting Service Launched in Spite of an Impending Sanction

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There are plans to launch another lottery disrupter in Australia that is owned abroad in spite of the Turnbull state going ahead with preparations to implement a sanction throughout the nation on what is termed as “synthetic lottery” services.

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MyLotto24 whose owner is Zeal Network, listed in Frankfurt, will begin on Friday and declare it has partnered with the Victorian Newsagents Association. It will manage 1200 branches that will provide in-store payment mechanisms for gamblers to make deposits on their accounts for online lottery betting.

In exchange, news agencies will obtain a discount on each of the in-store deposits, and 3% for every online deposit submitted by clients they refer to MyLotto24.

The period the firm began has elicited curiosity in the gambling sector. It happens as the federal state continues to be undeterred in its resolve to pass legislation prohibiting the supply of services for lottery-betting or “synthetic lotteries” that allows punters to bet on lottery results without the need of purchasing a ticket in any draw.


Websites for lottery-betting, such as the contentious Lottoland have experienced condemnation in Australia as well as around the globe for joining the businesses of news agencies, which trade in the lottery, and destroying important tax revenue paid by genuine lotteries that assist to finance public infrastructure such as roads, schools as well as hospitals.

Victorian Authorised Newsagents Association, Store Interior, Clifton Hill, Victoria, 11 Nov 1959

Victorian Authorised Newsagents Association, Store Interior, Clifton Hill, Victoria, 11 Nov 1959

Victorian Newsagents Association Chris Samartzis claimed that he thought his groups contract with MyLotto24 eliminates the necessity of a stringent sanction on the whole lottery-betting market.

“As a section of this latest service, news agents who the recommended the bill allegedly aims to safeguard, will manage to gain now and in the coming days from lottery prospects that complement present lotteries in Australia, in a surrounding that is controlled and disciplined,” he remarked.

”The accidental outcomes of a blanket sanction is just going to set up a monopoly with no competition in the market area.” Mitch Fifield, a federal Communications Minister spokesman commented that the state was embarking on its legislation to prohibit lottery-betting and would follow up on its progress through parliament fast.

To try and placate furious newsagents who have strongly protested against the firm, Lottoland, which is based in Gibraltar has been providing a maximum of 4,000 branches with a profit-splitting contract; a 20% share on profits from international lotteries bets that they referred to Lottoland in exchange for in-store promotions.

As yet, no deal has been struck and the proposal is being studied by some government gambling watchdogs over fears that it might breach retail betting regulations. Mikael Sundelin, the Australian manager of MyLotto24 indicated that the collaboration with the Victorian Newsagents Association to offer in-store payment on the system of Nparcel was a unique type of Australia lottery-betting.

“This first partnership, a blend of online and in-store, allows newsagents to profit from lotto betting in a manner that has not been accessible to them before”. According to sources, the firm did not think that its system broke thegambling regulations of any state.

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