Mistakenly Sold Lottery Ticket Earns Couple $1 Million

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It is rare, and beautiful when a story this positive makes it in the news:

A mistakenly sold lottery ticket turned out to be a winner and the couple in Lakewood, New Jersey, USA couldn’t be happier that the error was made. According to the New Jersey State officials that operate the lottery in question, the man at the center of this story – Dante Castillo –picks his own numbers and has been going to the same convenience store for years to buy his lucky lotto tickets.

However, when Mr. Castillo bought some tickets for last Thursday’s “Cash4Life” Jackpot at his usual store, the shop assistant accidentally sold him a ticket with computer generated (lucky dip) numbers and not his requested (and so called lucky) numbers that he has played with for years. Little mistakes like this can happen all the time, in all walks of life, and Mr. Castillo couldn’t be happier now that the store clerk made the error.

The ticket turned out to be a winner, matching up the five main numbers that were drawn. Luck was clearly on his side as Mr. Castillo saw the draw results and assumed he had not won. It was only thanks to his studious wife double checking the ticket they bought with the draw results online that they realized a fantastic mistake had occurred. Unfortunately for Mr. Castillo the store clerk did not manage to pick the bonus cash ball number, but he isn’t complaining. Thanks to the human error at the checkout, he’s $1 million richer than the used to be.

Mr Castillo and his wife chose the cash up front option of a cool $1 million rather than the staggered payment option, which would have been $1,000 a week for life. Mr. Castillo is 70 years old, so the reasoning behind why he took the upfront payment and not the staggered weekly payments shouldn’t need to be explained here. The good news just keeps on coming as the convenience store that sold the ticket is set to receive a $10,000 bonus check… and all for making a mistake!

Here at LottoSend we love stories like this. It is stories like this one that highlight how life changing playing the lottery can be for anyone. Whether it is intentional picks or lucky dips it doesn’t matter to Mr. Castillo anymore. Playing the lottery is a unique phenomenon in our world, making millionaires every day, and with the help of LottoSend, everywhere.

The moral of the story for us is that no matter which lottery you play or how you decide to play it, you’re only guarantee in the lottery is that if you don’t buy a ticket, you won’t win!

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