The Mexican Melate Lotto – How To Win Mexico Lottery

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Mexico Melate Lotto

Lotteries are not only a major source of new millionaires but they also help in the development of some sectors of a country. Most lotteries dedicate a portion of the funds from the sale of lottery tickets to good causes such as education, sports and health. So, while the players of a lottery and the lottery organizers have a direct interest in the profits from lotteries, the general public also has an indirect interest in lotteries. Mexico’s Melate lottery is one of those lotteries that follow the 6/39+1 matrix. While the lottery is not very popular, many citizens of Mexico and other countries participate in this lottery.

How to Play the Mexican Melate Lotto

The Mexican Melate lotto follows a 6/39+B matrix. This means that for a player to participate in the lottery, the player has to choose six numbers from a first pool which consist of numbers from 1 to 39. An additional number is selected after the first six numbers have been selected. The first six numbers are the main numbers while the seventh number is the Bonus number. The Bonus number is used only to determine the winners for the second, sixth and seventh prize tiers. There are a number of ways you can play the Mexican Melate:

– Using the Steering Wheel

The Melate Steering Wheel is made up of 5 sections with each of the sections consisting of 56 numbers. As a result, players can play up to five different combinations. To play via the steering wheel, you simply have to choose their six favourite numbers for as many boxes as they wish to play, from left to right. In the event that an error is made during the number selection, you can check the NULL box located at the bottom of each box. This means that the selected numbers in the nullified box will not be considered for the lottery. You can then move to the next box and re-select your numbers.

– Dictating combinations

You can also avoid using the steering wheel by simply dictating the six numbers they want to use in the lottery to the authorized agent. He will, on your behalf, enter the numbers into the system without the need to use the steering wheel.

– Using the Melaniac or Quick Pick

Players who are in a hurry to choose their numbers or like to give chance a chance should consider using this method. Here, the player gives the system the authority to automatically generate and select random numbers on the player’s behalf for each draw.

– Advance Play

Players can also purchase combinations of future draws at once. With this method, it is possible to purchase combinations for as many as the next nine draws. This can be done by asking the agent-in-charge for an “advance purchase” in addition to letting him know how many Advance Draws you wish to participate in.

Lotto results

Playing Mexico Lotto Online

Players can also choose to play the lottery online. Of course, playing the lotto online is easy, convenient, reliable and secure. By using this method, a player can participate in the lottery without having to displace him/herself to buy a lottery ticket. Also, the security of your funds and your ticket when playing online makes this method something to consider. Playing online eliminates the risk of losing your winning ticket and it also makes it possible for people in other parts of the world to participate in the lottery. Also, winnings are easy to handle when playing online as they are automatically deposited to your account.

To play the Mexican Melate online, simply find a trusted online lottery service provider, sign up, select the Mexican Melate lotto and select your favourite numbers manually or use the Quick Pick.
If you decide not to play online, then it is important to keep your ticket safe as the ticket is the official document which can be used to collect any prize as winners need to present the ticket carrying the winning combinations. So, make sure that the ticket is kept safe. The price for each combination of 6 numbers which a player chooses in the Mexican Melate is 15.00 Mexican Pesos. So, the cost of your ticket will depend on the number of combinations played. Combinations can either be registered online or at any one of the more than 9000 agencies scattered throughout Mexico.

Winnings and Prizes

Draws for the Mexican Melate Lotto are held twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays at 9:15 PM. Sales close an hour or two before the draws begin. During the draw, seven balls are drawn; the first six balls are known as the natural numbers while the seventh is referred to as the Additional or Bonus number. The Melate jackpot is won when a player successfully matches the six natural numbers. The jackpot prize is a guaranteed minimum of $5 million and the odds of winning this prize stands at 1 in 3.26 million. If a player matches 5 of the natural balls plus the bonus ball, he/she wins the second prize which usually stands at around MXN40,000.

Other prize tiers exist for those players who are able to successfully match a minimum of 2 of the 6 natural numbers. As with most lotteries, the more numbers a player matches, the higher the prize amount. Prizes also exist for those people who are able to match 1 or 2 of the natural balls in addition to the bonus ball. The prize for matching 2 of the natural balls plus the Bonus number is MXN15 while the prize of matching a single natural number plus the Bonus number is MXN10. The odds of winning any prize in the Mexican Melate lotto is 1 in 15.

The highest jackpot of the Mexican Melate jackpot stands was MXN639,666,324 won on the 04th of August 2013. Even though the Mexican Melate lotto is not as popular as the lotteries of other countries, with odds of 1 in 15 for winning any prize, the Mexican Melate is a lottery worth playing. Playing the Melate is easy – you can choose to play online or in person. Playing online is easy, fun, reliable, convenient and secure. So, whether you decide to play online or in person, what is important is that you purchase a chance and stand a chance to win a life-changing amount.

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