Meet Record-breaking $758.7 Million US Powerball Jackpot Winner Mavis Wanczyk!

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Mavis Wanczyk used birthdays to choose some of the numbers on her winning ticket, the largest prize from a single lottery ticket in US history and she says: “My Pipe Dream Came True”

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The US Powerball lottery is one of the most popular and most renowned lotteries in the world. With a jackpot that starts at $50 million and can increase to mammoth amounts depending on the amount of tickets sold and rolled-over jackpot amounts, this jackpot has caught the attention of many lottery players. Players from all around the world hurry to buy tickets in order to win an amount that can change their lives forever.

The odds of winning the jackpot of this 5/69+1/26 matrix game stand at 1 in 292,201,338 meaning that it is easier for an asteroid than for you to win this jackpot. However, that has not stopped many people from playing and winning this mammoth amount.

A 53-Year-Old Hospital Worker Won the Largest Single Powerball Prize in History

  • Mavis Wanczyk, 53, was the $758.7 million winner of the Massachusetts State Lottery’s Powerball jackpot Thursday
  • She will take home a $443 million lump-sum cash value after taxes She’s worth more than Beyoncé, Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Taylor Swift
  • Wanczyk said she doesn’t plan to return to work as her dream of early retirement has finally come true

On Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017, an amount which has gone down in history as the largest single jackpot win ever recorded was won by a ticket bought in Chicopee, Massachusetts. This ticket was won by a 53-year old woman who goes by the name of Mavis Wanczyk. The original minimum jackpot amount of $40 million had risen to $758.7 million as a result of roll-overs since the draw of June 10th, 2017 during which another huge sum – $447.8 million, was won by three winning tickets following 19 roll-overs.

$758.7 Million Jackpot Prize

After the draw of Saturday, 19th 2017, which produced no winner, players of the Powerball lottery filled the lottery booths to buy US Powerball tickets in a chance to participate in the next draw – August 23rd, 2017 draw, and win the amount which at the time stood at $600 million. By the 23rd of August, that amount had rose to $758.7 million because of the amount of people purchasing tickets and the addition of $40 million, the jackpot amount for the draw.

$758.7 Million US Powerball Jackpot Winner Mavis Wanczyk!

$758.7 Million US Powerball Jackpot Winner Mavis Wanczyk!

During the draw which took place at 10:59 PM on Wednesday August 23rd, 2017, the following winning numbers were drawn by the Multi-State Lottery Association – 6, 7, 16, 23, and 26, with a Powerball of 4. Mavis Wanczyk, 53 years old, was leaving work that night with a colleague who was reading the winning numbers when he realized that the numbers she had chosen matched the numbers drawn that night. He told her she had won and told her to sign the back of the ticket immediately. Her ticket which she purchased in Chicopee – Massachusetts turned out to be the single winning ticket of the jackpot amount which stood at second in the list of all-time largest jackpot winnings ever recorded in the Powerball behind the $1.6 billion amount which was won by three tickets.

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Wanczyk Doesn’t Plan To Return to Work!

Immediately she found out she had won the jackpot, Mavis Wanczyk who had worked in the same hospital for 32 years resigned and said it was time she rested while her money works for her. The mother of two adult children said her selected numbers which turned out to be the winning numbers were based on the birthdays of her family. When asked about her plans, she said for now, she will just go, lie and hide in her bed. Of course, there was the issue of her choosing the form of payment – annuitized sum of $758.7 million to be paid out in 30 annual instalments or the lump sum prize of $480.5 million.

Like most jackpot winners, she chose the lump sum amount of $480.5 million. Either way, she and her entire family look settled for the rest of their lives.

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