The Man From Dublin Who Won 3rd Highest Jackpot Since the Irish Lottery Began in 1988

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The Irish Lotto draw happens two times a week every Wednesday and Saturday evening. With Lottosend you can from anywhere in the world play the Irish Lotto online and also play International lotteries online from Ireland!

Play Irish Lotto Online - Original Scanned Tickets

Play Irish Lotto Online – Original Scanned Tickets

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Lotteries are one of the most popular forms of public entertainment anywhere in the world. Irish lotteries are especially famous due to their high prize money and a huge amount of investment done by lottery organizers to make these games attractive to the players. Over €400 Million have been distributed to the general public since the National lottery was first organized in Ireland.

Online portals that are developed by software engineers to facilitate international lottery players allow candidates to purchase their lottery ticket in a matter of few minutes. All these easy to use methods to purchase lottery tickets have increased the number of participants taking part in the game. As the number of players increase, so does the amount of Irish Lotto jackpot. The largest amount ever distributed in the Irish lottery was close to massive €19 Million.

16.3 Million Euro Lotto Jackpot Win

16.3 Million Euro Lotto Jackpot Win

Dublin Man wins 16.3 Million Euro Jackpot prize

The owner of a store in the small town of Donnybrook was celebrating with his son a bubbly bottle of champagne in late 2010 when they were notified that the store had sold a jackpot ticket to one of their recent customers. Unfortunately, on the day when lottery results were announced, nobody knew who the real lucky winner was. A couple of days later, the lucky winner of the draw did claim his prize but to this day he remains as anonymous. Many of these jackpot winners try to keep themselves away from the public eye due to the unwanted attention they get after winning the lottery.

It was later found out that the winner had spent a mere €30 on his ticket to hit the jackpot. He chose a quick pick lottery game but selected the lucky numbers himself. The town of Donnybrook was once quite famous for the number of millionaires that lived in that locality. In fact, this town is home to one of the most famous fairs in the country where traders from all parts of Ireland once used to come to demonstrate their goods to the wealthy. The new addition of millionaire to the town is an unusual one as it required an investment of less than €40.

Local residents suggested that it was a colossal amount of money and the winner would face a challenge in spending it carefully. Although the winner did not come out into public, he did mention that he would spend the winnings with his family. The anonymous winner told the organizers that he did not purchase lottery tickets on a regular basis. However, the large sum of jackpot prize being distributed on the weekend lottery had grabbed his attention lately.

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Why is it important to plan in advance for a lottery win?

Irish Lotto Results

Irish Lotto Results

While millions of euros are distributed in multiple Irish lotteries every week, not all jackpot prize winners are lucky after all. In fact, some of them end up at bars and gambling casinos to build up more debt than they previously had. During their careless spending spree, they lose their loyal friends and family members. Therefore, lottery organizers are always willing to spend some time with their winners to explain how they can preserve their earnings for a longer period of time.

If you have a rough idea about how you will spend your jackpot, you would not have difficulty explaining to your friends that your money is already reserved for your future plans. It may also help you in maintaining your relationships with friends and family, and lead a healthy lifestyle even after becoming a millionaire overnight.

What people usually do after winning the lottery?

Having a fair idea about how you can benefit from a lottery draw can do wonders for you. Here are some of the most common things successful multi-million-euro lottery winners do after gaining access to their prize:

They seek financial advice – In order to preserve their newly found wealth, one of the first things that intelligent lottery winners do is talk to a financial expert. A wealth manager can exactly tell you how the market is trending at the moment and what are the most lucrative assets to buy at that time. They can also provide information on how to diversify your earnings so that you don’t end up putting all your money in one basket.

They start up a new venture – Winning a lottery jackpot is once in a lifetime opportunity for these individuals to start their own business. Anything close to a million euros is more than enough to pay for your rent for the first few months. Not only that, you can cover other fixed costs like staff salaries and utility bills. Hence, if you have a solid idea in mind that you really want to pursue, then you should go for it right after your jackpot win.

They invest in gold – Gold is one of those few precious metals that can grow with time in any circumstances. It is neither affected by rising inflation rate or unpredictable geopolitical situations. This is one of the major reasons why lottery winners try to invest in gold as soon as possible. This precious metal can preserve your wealth for many generations to come.

They change houses – As soon as someone earns a million-euro jackpot, they become the talk of the town. In fact, some of them cannot walk to their neighborhood grocery store without being noticed by people on the street. Hence, many of these lucky winners move into large mansions so that they can protect their privacy and remain away from unwanted attention.

The ratio of jackpot prize winners to the number of total participants in one of the most popular lotteries in Ireland is about 1 in 10 Million. This shows how lucky a person is if he or she wins the jackpot prize. However, winning a jackpot is one thing and growing the newly-found wealth over a period of time is another. Candidates who get lucky in an Irish lucky draw should seek professional help as soon as they can, to avoid losing too much money too soon.

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