Malawi Lotto: Playing the Malawi National Lottery – Lotto 6/36 & Scratch N’ Win

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Malawi Lottery

Malawian kwacha

Malawian kwacha

Located in South Africa, Malawi is a landlocked country and it is surrounded by Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania. Formerly known as Lake Nyasa, Lake Malawi occupies most of the eastern border of the country. It is the place where you can live your dreams and you can do so by participating in the Malawi National Lottery. The National Lottery Group (NLG) is the owner of the Malawi National Lottery and this organization is not very old. As a matter of fact, it is actually similar to a thriving teenager in the world of some very old and renowned lotteries. NLG was granted an exclusive license by the National Lotteries Board (NLB).

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If you take a look at their website, you will discover that the Malawian National Lottery is played by nearly 15 million Malawians on a regular basis. However, the aim of the Malawian National Lottery is to make sure that its avid and loving lottery players are able to have the most innovative experience, which can aid them in fulfilling their dreams and living a happy life. A locally incorporated company, NLG boasts foreign shareholders as well as eGame Solutions. It get its technical solutions from a Hong Kong based company, which is its only technology provider offering software development, systems, third party integration and lottery terminals for the Malawi National Lottery.

Malawi National Lottery Winner

Malawi National Lottery Winner

The Malawi National Lottery is focused on the improvement of the country by promoting its overall development and infrastructure. Therefore, it accomplishes this goal and contributes to the society by giving a major share of its lottery profits as tax revenue to the Malawi Government. To date, two games have been introduced by the Malawi National Lottery and these are namely Scratch N’ Win, which is an instant game, and Lotto 6/36, which is a lottery game. Thus, even though the Malawi National Lottery doesn’t have a huge portfolio of lottery games to offer just yet, they will be adding some exciting games in the future for the lottery fans in and also outside the country.

Play USA Powerball Online From Malawi

Play USA Powerball Online From Malawi

Let’s take a look at the two Malawi lottery games that are currently available:

Malawi Scratch N’ Win (Instant Game)

This is regarded as the most popular game that the Malawi National Lottery has to offer to you. It is not simply because of the fact that it costs a lot less than other games, but also because it gives players the opportunity to get their hands on the prizes immediately without having to wait for days or weeks for the next draw.

In order to participate in this game, all players have to do is buy their first scratch ticket and then scratch it to discover what they have won. The game allows players to win free tickets and cash. These games are played frequently because they are easy to play and a lot of fun. Moreover, you should know that even if the prize is not claimed immediately, you still have 60 days before it will be considered forfeit.

Malawi Lotto 6/36 (Lotto Game)

Another exciting and thrilling game that the Malawi National Lottery has to offer to the lottery players is the Lotto 6/36. This game is also a favorite amongst lottery lovers because the jackpot will continue to roll over until someone wins it and this means that the prize can be huge. In order to play this game, the players are required to select six numbers from a total of 36. When the draw is conducted, a bonus number along with six regular numbers is drawn. The player who is lucky enough to match the six numbers will get to take home the jackpot. The draw for this particular lottery game is held twice a week; every Friday and Tuesday evenings.

As far as requirements for playing the game are concerned, you should be at least 18 years old or more in order to participate in the game of your preference. As mentioned before, you need to claim your prize within sixty days of announcement or else it will be lost. One of the best things about participating in the Malawi National Lottery is that the cash prizes are completely tax free and so you don’t have to worry about anything, even if you become a millionaire.

There was a time when the Malawi National Lottery could only be played the citizens of the country only, but now those in other parts of the world can also participate, thanks to the introduction of online lottery. There are lottery agents who can buy tickets on your behalf and give you the chance to win the huge jackpots the lottery games have to offer. It is a convenient and fast way to play the lottery because it doesn’t require you to go to an office or store to buy your tickets and you can do it right from home.

However, there have been plenty of lottery scams out there so you need to be careful when selecting a website from where you can play. Some lottery agents take the money and you will never hear from them again. Obviously, no one wants to lose their hard earned money this way and the only way to prevent it is by doing your research. You need to ensure that you have selected an agent that offers you access to the Malawi National Lottery. It is recommended that you go over the requirements and know what you are getting into.

Play Euromillions Online From Malawi

Play Euromillions Online From Malawi

Selection of Lottery Numbers

Once this is done, you now move onto selecting your lottery numbers. This is one of the most important aspects of playing any lottery game because the numbers will help determine if you win the prize you want or not. Therefore, you need to be incredibly smart when picking your numbers or else your ticket will be a waste. The Malawi National Lottery has really impressive odds and you don’t want to miss out the chance of taking home millions. Even the odds won’t be able to help you if you don’t choose your numbers wisely. How can this be done?

Sure, the lottery draw is random and no one can predict what numbers will be drawn, but you can still use some tricks that tell you the numbers that are likely to be chosen. These are strategies that have been recommended by some past lottery winners and can aid you in boosting your chances of winning the jackpot offered by the Malawi National Lottery. Are you interested in knowing what they are? First, focus on how you usually choose your numbers. Most people are known to pick them based on their birthday or anniversary dates or that of other occasions.

You could also go down this way when you are choosing your Malawi lotto numbers, but remember that this can hamper your chances of winning. These numbers are usually under 30, which means you are ignoring the other numbers that could be drawn. Thus, you need to explore other options when selecting the numbers to play. One of these strategies that you can use is to pick a combination of odd and even numbers. It is up to you to go with 2 odd and four even or vice versa or you can also go with three odd and three even numbers too. This balances your choice and you will be able to choose numbers that have better odds of winning.

Other Strategies

Apart from that, one of the best strategies that can aid in choosing numbers is by looking at the statistics. Even though lottery draws are done randomly, if you look at the statistics, you will realize that some numbers are chosen more frequently than others. These numbers are referred to as hot numbers whereas some numbers are chosen very rarely so they are called cold numbers. Opting for hot numbers can be useful in ensuring that you are able to match as many numbers as possible in the Malawi lottery draw. The more numbers you match, the greater your prize.

But, you should bear in mind that cold numbers may also be picked as well. Some people believe that since they have not been picked for a while, it may be their turn to be chosen. You can weigh in your options and choose your numbers accordingly in order to ensure you have the highest chance of winning. A lot of lottery winners have often used hot and cold numbers to take home a prize. Using a random number generator is another trick that can be immensely beneficial.

Why follow a pattern to select your numbers? As the draw is random, going with random numbers might actually work in your favor. The problem is that choosing random numbers is easier said than done. No matter how hard you try to come up with numbers that don’t mean anything, you will eventually end up influencing your choice in one way or another. Therefore, it is recommended that you let a machine pick the numbers for you. This is where you can use the Quick Pick option in which a random number generator will choose the numbers on your behalf and enter you in the draw.

Play USA Powerball Online From Malawi

Play USA Powerball Online From Malawi

Group Play

Another major way that you can improve your odds of winning the Malawi lotto jackpot is through a syndicate. This is one of the oldest tricks that have been used since the advent of the lottery itself and has proven to be quite successful as well. Why? This is mostly because it is based on a very logical principle; the more tickets you buy, the greater your chances of winning because you get the opportunity to try out new number combinations. You could buy the tickets on your own, but eventually it will end up wiping out your finances and this is not something anyone wants.

Syndicates are a good option here. In the past, people wanted to avoid syndicates because forming them and then managing was a huge hassle and often led to disagreements and arguments. These days, it has become easier than ever due to online lotteries. This means that you can easily participate in a syndicate for the Malawi National Lottery. If you do some research, you will find some established syndicates that you can join. In case you don’t, it is also possible to make your own online.

The best part about syndicates is that everyone pools their money to buy a bunch of tickets thereby improving the winning odds. Also, when tickets are bought in bulk, lottery players can avail discounts and promotions that can help in reducing costs as well. Chances are that if you win, you will be able to recover your investment and still get a good return. Isn’t that your goal? You can pick the syndicate of your choice as different kinds are available and participate in the Malawi lotto to boost your odds.

Playing Online

After you have decided what strategy to use, you can buy your tickets accordingly. Playing the Malawi lotto online saves you from the hassle of waiting for the draw. As you buy your tickets from the lottery agent, they will send you a notification when the draw is near. Even if you miss it, you are still notified if you have won something. Prizes can also be claimed with ease as small ones are immediately transferred to your account directly. In case of big prizes, a check might be sent after some verifications and this can be very convenient.


It is easier and smoother than ever for lottery players to play the Malawi National Lottery. You can choose the games of your choice, make sure you are making an effort to select the best possible numbers and then reap the benefits. Not only do you get variety, but Malawi lotto also offers you some great odds, which makes them a sound investment. The key here is for you to choose the right lottery agent to make sure you are not entering a scam and you will be able to play any game in the Malawi National Lottery.

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