Congratulations! Lottosend Player From Europe Wins Mega Millions Prize of $29,396!

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Lottosend Winner!

An extremely lucky Lottosend player is happy as can be today and counting his blessings as he has learned about his $29,396 Mega Millions tier 3 prize that has won him almost 30 thousand dollars. The winner has asked to stay anonymous so we cannot give any personal details about the winner.

Mega Millions Lottosend Winner

  • The winner is from a European country and he purchased 5 lines (Multi-Draw with discount) for $22.5 per draw here on Lottosend.com

  • Win is from the California Mega Millions lottery game Draw #1306 Tuesday, December 26, 2017

  • One of the lines on his ticket matches 4 regular numbers plus the Mega number

  • Prize is from the latest USA Mega Millions drawing, winning the Lottosend player a cool $29,396!

The Lucky Numbers and Winning Ticket

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For the Tuesday, December 26, 2017 draw (Draw #1306) of the CA Mega Millions lotto game there are no jackpot winners, no 2nd prize winners and only one single 3rd prize winner – a European player from Lottosend! The winning numbers are 10-12-20-38-41 and 25(Mega). As you can see on the ticket shown below purchased right here on Lottosend there a 4 matching regular numbers plus a matching Mega number!

The Winning ticket:

New Years Congratulations and Best Wishes

Lottosend would like to congratulate the lucky winner and his family and wish him a happy new year! We also would like to congratulate all of our lucky winners who have won tens of millions of dollars over the years playing on Lottosend and wish them all much joy and fun – and specially, a lot of good luck, playing lotto online with Lottosend.com and of course a happy healthy and wealthy 2018.

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You Can Also Be a Mega Millions Winner!

No matter where you are from around the globe you can also enjoy the fun and take part in the Mega millions USA lottery game. For as little as $18.00 you can purchase 3 lines for the upcoming Mega millions draw that has a jackpot prize of $306,000,000 and receive a FREE USA Powerball lottery group syndicate share for the upcoming Powerball draw with a jackpot of $384,000,000 with your purchase.

Official Scanned USA Mega Millions Tickets Online

Official Scanned USA Mega Millions Tickets Online

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Syndicate play is the only proven way to boost your odds! You can also join one of the Lottosend Mega Millions group syndicates for as little as $8.10 per share and also get a FREE USA Powerball lottery group syndicate share with your purchase, playing with a group will maximize your chances of winning by playing 50 lines during the draw, along with your group. The exclusive syndicate lotto games feature automatically generated numbers, increasing your odds of keeping your prize money within your group instead of having to share it with outside players.

Our Winner Won With Just 5 Lines!

We all know that lotto is a game of luck, no matter how much you want to win or try to win, it comes down to lucky numbers. Our lucky winner who won $29,396 today bought just 5 single lines for the price of $22.5 and is a winner of this big payday! The odds of winning the 3rd tier prize are 1 in 931,001 and this goes to show that even when playing online, with some extra help from lady luck, anyone can win, even a European player that is playing a USA lotto game!

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Go to the Mega Millions play page in this linkchoose “one time entry” with 5 lines or “Multi-Draw” for a discount (like our winner) and choose your numbers or use the “Quick Pick” option then click “add to cart” and “Proceed” to play in the upcoming draw! With just a few clicks of a button you are in it – and you might just win it!

Online Lottery Secure Purchase

All payment options on Lottosend.com are %100 secure online lottery ticket purchase with official scanned tickets in your account after purchase, before the official draw. If you win a prize you will be notified by customer support. All purchases are SSL certified and you can pay with Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, JCB, Diners Club International, Skrill, NETELLER or Bank Transfer.

Mega Millions Official Scanned Tickets

Mega Millions Official Scanned Tickets

To start playing online, visit Lottosend lotteries page

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