Halloween Costume Contest: Lottosend Halloween Jackpot Promotion!

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Win a One Time $5,000 Worth Annual Subscription!

Simple steps to this opportunity of a lifetime!
– Upload your favorite Halloween costume to your facebook and /or instagram profile and Hashtag #Lottosend #halloweenjackpot
– Obtain many likes and shares
Make this Halloween an unforgettable one by becoming winner of the lottosend treat of a one time $5,000 worth annual subscription.

Halloween Jackpot!

Halloween night would be incomplete if some remarkably scary Halloween costumes were absent! Everyone experiences excitement at the thought of wearing a Halloween mask and a spooky costume!

The biggest Halloween delight is changing yourself into a ghost, monster, vampire, witch or other weird Halloween costume characters.

Obviously, the more outrageous the Halloween costumes, the better!

Origin of Halloween Masks and Costumes

Dressing in Halloween costumes and masks began with the Celts. They believed that the spirits of the departed walked around the world on Halloween night.

Some of the sprits were friendly; however others were believed to be hostile and were bitter towards the individuals who were still alive and able to enjoy life as the spirits once did.

To conceal themselves from these evil spirits, the Celts utilized soot for painting their faces. With time, this simple technique of camouflaging their faces developed into more intricate Halloween masks and Halloween costumes that are currently worn. It has become traditional also to mimic the scary spirits by dressing up as skeletons or ghosts.

Halloween Party Games

Games are a part of Halloween and everyone adores them! They are not only popular with the kids at your party as they love obtaining prizes but the mature Halloween party guests also derive pleasure from them as they can display their skill and have great fun.

You can embrace established preferences into Halloween games to keep the small ghouls and ghosts occupied. For instance, you could change an Easter egg hunt to a spooky scavenger hunt or Halloween treat hunt.

Older children and grownups would have fun playing a game of charades with a Halloween idea, where each of the items acting out need to have a Halloween twist to them, like scary books or movies. You can embrace any game to cater to any age and transform it into a Halloween party game.

Tips for Buying Halloween Costumes

During Halloween, we are able to exercise our creativity by dressing in scary Halloween costumes and setting up a creepy environment. You can shop for your costume online or from a Halloween shop which offer shopping guides.

Halloween concepts are split into varied groups like recipes, costumes, safety and games. Some famous dresses are Cleopatra dress, Queen of the Halloween or Elvira’s dress, which can be purchased from any Halloween shop. Other great ideas involve using wigs and accessories with these costumes.

Make up and special effects is another famous Halloween concept. You can find some wonderful Halloween masks to match your costume and feel. Different types of makeup and masks can be utilized to form some really spooky impacts and can be bought from any Halloween shop in the locality.

Halloween and Lottosend

This year, we have come up with an innovative and thrilling idea to make you derive absolute pleasure from this great event. Lottosend endeavors to provide a Halloween experience with a difference.

You are guaranteed to have great fun and also win some cash in the process!

Do not Allow Fear to Keep You From Dreaming!

Winning the lotto might seem to be a mirage for many. However, being confident is the answer to getting your hands on great lotto prizes.

This year, we are encouraging players to send their Halloween costumes to us. One of these costumes will be chosen depending on how many likes are generated on his/her Facebook or instagram.

The player needs to include #Lottosend #halloweenjackpot to the image.

The image can be in form of a Halloween/costumes/Happy/Selfie/Lottosend

The one that has the highest number of likes is going to win an annual lottery subscription valued at a whopping $5000!

How to Win the Contest

These are the simple steps to this opportunity of a lifetime:

  • Upload your favorite Halloween costume to your facebook and /or instagram profile – Hashtag #Lottosend #halloweenjackpot
  • Obtain many likes and shares

Make this Halloween an unforgettable one by becoming winner of the lottosend treat of $5000 annual subscription.

Best of luck!

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