Lottomatica by “International Game Technology” Is One of the Biggest Gaming Companies in The World

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All About the Italian Lottomatica

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Italy is no doubt one of the countries that has left a footprint in the sands of Western cuisine and culture. Apart from the fact that its capital, Rome is home to the Vatican and other ancient ruins and landmarks, the country also boasts of major masterpieces such as the David sculpture by Michelangelo, the Birth of Venus and the Allegory of Spring (also referred to as the “La Primavera”) by Botticelli, Brunelleschi’s Dome and Masaccio’s Holy Trinity among others. Italy is also home to great artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Donatello, Gioto, Botticelli and Brunelleschi.

Italy’s magnificence also extends into the field of lottery games with the country being home to the famous “SuperEnalotto” and the “Lottomatica” lotteries. While the SuperEnalotto has gained grounds in Europe and has one of the largest jackpot amounts in Europe and in the world, the odds of winning a prize in the Lottomatica lottery are far more impressive than those of the SuperEnalotto. The Lottomatica lottery, also referred to as “Il Gioco del Lotto” is a 5/90 lottery game whose roots can be traced back to its 1528 predecessor which was launched in Florence. Following a 1982 law, the Lottomatica was created as a modern-day reincarnation of its 1528 predecessor. It is currently managed by the Ministry of Finance’s General Inspectorate of Lottery and Lotteries with the collection of wagers and the paying out of winnings entrusted to Lottomatica.

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Playing the Lottomatica

The Lottomatica is a modern-day lottery game that follows a 5/90 matrix but like no other lottery, it uses an 11-wheel draw machine which ushers in a peculiar twist to the game. As with most modern-day lottery games, the Lottomatica is played by choosing 5 numbers from a 1 to 90. Players can manually choose their five numbers or opt for a Quick Pick which will let the system choose their numbers.

An additional advantage of the Lottomatica Lotto is the fact that the game can be played online. Online lottery service providers such as theLotter.com provide ticketing services and gives players from different parts of the world a chance to participate in the lottery. Playing online is advantageous not only because it is fun and stress-free but also because it is safe and secure since lottery tickets are saved in a vault thereby making it impossible for players to miss their winnings due to loss of a ticket.

Winnings and Prizes

There are three weekly draws for the Lottomatica Lotto. These draws are held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with each draw starting at 8:00 PM. The Lottomatica Lotto uses an 11-wheel drawing machine for the draws. 10 of the 11 wheels are named after cities in Italy: Bari, Florence, Cagliari, Genoa, Palermo, Turin, Rome, Venice, Naples, Milan with the eleventh wheel known as the National Wheel. Before the 16th June 2009, the drawing of the balls from the wheels all took place in each of the ten cities simultaneously but for Rome where the Rome Wheel and the National Wheel were extracted. Today, the extractions take place in three cities:

  • The extraction of the wheels of Genoa, Turin, Milan and Venice take place in Milan.
  • The extraction of the wheels of Rome, Florence, Cagliari and National take place in Rome.
  • The extraction of the Naples, Palermo and Bari wheels take place in Naples.

During the draws, five numbers are extracted from each wheel. This is done via the use of a mechanical urn which mixes the balls before they are extracted through a rotating niche found at the edges of the urn.

From a statistical point of view, the game of the lot is strongly unfair, since in the event of a winnings a sum compared to the probability of winning is not paid. To win a prize, a player is expected to bet on the numbers extracted via the different wheels. Players can choose to bet on a single wheel or on multiple wheels. Players can even choose to bet on all the wheels. Players can bet up to a maximum of ten numbers on a single play slip. Prizes are paid out based on fixed odds which depend on how many numbers put into play, how many numbers have been guessed and the option played. For example:

  • Ambata, or “Estratto semplice” means playing one number only. The wheel from which it will be extracted does not matter.
  • The “Estratto determinato” plays the number and the exact wheel from which it will be extracted.
  • “Ambo”, “terno”, “quaterna”, “cinquina” mean playing two, three, four or five numbers respectively.

Winnings from the Lottomatica Lotto are subject to taxes according to article 6 of Decree No. 50/2017. There is an 8% tax deducted from winnings by Lottomatica. As a result, international players should check tax laws in the home country in order to know whether their winnings will be double-taxed.

If a player who plays five numbers successfully guesses all the five numbers drawn, he/she is entitled to a prize amount of €6 million. The odds of hitting all the five numbers stand at 1 in 43,949,268. If a player plays four numbers and successfully matches all the four number, he/she is entitled to a prize of €120,000. A player who successfully matches all the three numbers which he/she played should carry home a prize of approximately €4,500. The prizes keep reducing as the numbers played and the numbers match reduce.

It should be noted that taxes are deducted from winnings before being paid out to the winner. However, the maximum amount that can be won by a single ticket is €6 million. Winnings are paid out as cash lump sums. Winnings that do not exceed € 531.9 can be claimed at any authorized Lottomatica retail outlet while those that fall between € 532 and € 1,068.82 can be claimed via a bank wire transfer. Prizes that exceed € 10,500 must, however, be collected at the Lottomatica office. The amount won will be deposited into the winner’s bank account within two weeks of claiming the prize.

Record Jackpot Amounts

The largest Lottomatica jackpot ever recorded was won on January 7th, 2014 by a Cinquina ticket purchased in Villa Agnedo, Trento. The amount won was € 3.124 million. The next largest jackpot amount was € 3.069 million won in January 2007 by yet another Cinquina ticket purchased in Barcelona Pozzo di Gotto, Messina. In September of the same year (2007), another Cinquina ticket made in Rome won a sum of € 3,064 million.

There are five other winnings that exceed the million- euro mark with the least of them being € 2 million won on September 5th, 2009 by a ticket which featured a Quaterna bet of €10 and a Terni bet of €190, made in Rome.

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