Lotto Vendor – What Is An Online Lottery Vendor?

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Is Lottosend the Best Online Lotto Vendor for Buying Lottery Tickets?

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You have to wonder if technology has really changed your life in “every” possible way. To this day, there are many things that have not changed a lot. While you can place your orders and receive different types of products at your doorstep, the lottery industry has stuck to conventions in some ways. Despite there being hundreds and thousands of lottery website, you don’t find them much different from one another. Lottosend, on the other hand, is doing something special and different. We are a lotto vendor that gives our customers what most other lottery websites cannot i.e. better lottery experience, top notch customer support, improved security and much more.

Lottosend – Company Overview

At Lottosend, we help you obtain lottery tickets and some really useful information about the biggest and the best lotteries of the world. Our team consists of professionals who have been in the lottery and gaming industry for several years. The website serves as not only a platform to help you buy the tickets of your favorite lottery but also information that can assist you in getting started in this world of lotteries. Lottosend aims to make lottery participation safe and secure for people from around the world.

We are the #1 online lotto vendor and bring you all the necessary web tools to make your lottery participation as pleasant as possible. From detailed look at the lottery results to the tools like quick picks, we do our best to keep your focus on being the lucky winner rather than figuring out how to use the system.

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Lottosend – The Website

Of course, the first impression of a business in the digital world is its website. When you are approaching an international audience, you have to be very careful with how you design the website. Our Lottosend website is a pleasing experience for our website visitors for many reasons. Our simplistic yet intuitive design ensures that everything is in its place and easily discoverable. You have easy to navigate tabs on top to let you explore the entire website. Right on the home page you can see which lotteries are available for you to buy the tickets for. Even the promotions are clearly visible on the home page and you can click on any to get started.

As you move down on the home page, you can find the latest results of the lotteries, announcements of the latest winners, and any news that relates to lotteries and can be helpful for you as a website visitor. The footer of our website is more like a site map that gives you a quick link to every page of the website. In order to buy the tickets, you need to create a login user name and ID. The website is currently available in nine different languages to cater to the needs of visitors from various countries. Our website has been designed with lottery players in mind. We do our best to not distract you from the information that’s most important to you on a lottery website.

Our Vision

We look forward to continuing to be the lotto vendor that serves as the safest and most reliable online platform for lottery players from around the world. At Lottosend, we do not want to be just another lottery website. We aim to create an experience for every player who has interest in lotteries. By offering unique promotions, bonuses, transparent terms, safety of information, and secure online experience, we want to become the company that’s used as a standard for lottery websites.

Your Lottery Experience with Lottosend

Here are some of the features of Lottosend that make us one of the best websites in the world for buying lottery tickets.

Biggest Lotteries in One Place

One of the things that you will find a lot of convenience in is that Lottosend has all the great lotteries of the world in one place. You will not have to go to a bunch of different websites to take part in those lotteries. Just pick the lottery that appeals to your interests the most and start playing it. Some of the biggest lotteries of the world include Powerball, EuroJackpot, MegaMillions, SuperEnalotto, etc. If you notice, some of these lotteries belong to North America whereas some are from the other parts of the world. It does not matter which part of the world you live in because you just buy the tickets and claim your winnings through the website like a regular winner.

However, it is highly advisable for you to check your local laws not only pertaining to lottery participation but the distribution of winnings as well. We offer you the biggest lotteries of the world right on the home page and we help you choose your numbers yourself or go the quick pick route with a single click.

Online Ticket Purchasing

That’s an area where it is difficult for most lottery websites to beat Lottosend lotto vendor. If you go on even the official lottery websites, you will notice that they do not offer you the ticket online. At the end of the day, you will have to go to the retailer to get your ticket in its physical form. But what good is technology is it can’t let you buy a lottery ticket online? That’s where Lottosend lotto vendor steps in and changes things for you. With Lottosend lotto vendor, you can buy a lottery ticket online in its literal sense. What you do is you pick the numbers that you want to play and leave the rest to Lottosend.

We have our agents who can go to a retailer lotto vendor and get the ticket on your behalf. Once we have your ticket, we scan it and save its information in our account on the website. If you end up winning the jackpot or any prize, we notify you immediately and your online ticket is your proof to claim your winnings.

The Many Promotions

Lottery is already quite a rewarding activity wherein you spend only a few bucks and get a huge return for that. However, you can sometimes feel that most of the lottery websites do not have any promotions for the website visitors. All they are doing is acting like a static website where you can see the results of the lotteries and their timings of upcoming draws. Lottosend is different in that sense because we pay a lot of attention to the needs of our visitors. We have some of the best promotions in the industry for our players.

We are happy to announce that there isn’t just one but many promotions available for you if you are convinced to open an account with us. There are two amazing promotions for the new players.

The Deposit Deal

That’s an amazing promotion that makes lottery participation exciting for new players. When you open an account with us and fund your account for the first time, we are willing to give you some bonus for your initial deposit. There are different levels of bonuses available for different sizes of deposits. For example, if you deposit only $25, Lottosend will fund your account with an additional $20 so you can buy more tickets. Furthermore, depositing only $50 will earn you an extra $30 so you will be playing with $80 after that. This is a great attraction for those who are participating in the lottery for the first time and need some appreciation. Not to mention, buying more tickets means increasing your chances of winning the lottery.

The 100% Cashback

This is another amazing promotion that we have created for new players that are opening their account with Lottosend for the first time. This promotion applies when you buy your first lottery ticket. The first lottery ticket purchase will help you get a 100% cashback. What this means is that you can spend up to $30 on buying lottery tickets and you will get $30 back into your account so you can buy even more tickets and increase your chances of hitting a huge jackpot and becoming a millionaire. This way, we are taking the risk down to zero for your first lottery purchases. If you are afraid your money will go to waste and you will win nothing, this promotion is perfect for you. Even if you don’t win anything, your money will still be in your account to purchase more tickets.

Other Promotions

In addition to these promotions, you have two other promotions to make some money while playing with Lottosend. One of the promotions allows our existing players to get some cash back every time they deposit some money in their accounts. This promotion rewards those who deposit big amounts in their accounts. You have to deposit a minimum of $50 to get $5 back in your account. You can also get some amazing benefits for following and sharing Lottosend on Facebook.

Why Choose Lottosend – The Big Reasons

Here are some of the benefits of opening your account with us.

Safe and Secure Lottery Participation

We are a 100% secure entity offering you full security when you open an account with us online. We take responsibility of protecting the information you share with us. Whether it is your personal information or your banking details, you can use our website without any fears.

Best Start for Newcomers

We have a special focus on our newcomers. It is a little uncomfortable buying your first lottery tickets. That’s why we have two amazing promotions specifically dedicated to our new players. With your first ticket purchases, we are offering you huge bonuses. Deposit only $50 and you will in fact see your account funded with $80. We will even match your first deposit with a 100% cashback for up to $30. No other lottery website will welcome you as warmly as we do.

Special Treatment of Existing Players

It is not that all the good things are limited only for the new players. We can never thank our existing and regular players enough for being with us. That’s why we have the big deposit promotion where we give you a bonus for every big deposit you make. For a $200 deposit in your account, we will give you a huge bonus of $50. We are sure most of our competitors cannot match this offer.

Complete Online Lotto Vendor Experience

At Lottosend, we have done a lot of work to offer you a complete online experience wherein you don’t have to even go to the retailer for your lottery ticket. You just fund your account online, pick the numbers of your choice, and select the numbers of tickets you want to purchase. We will get the tickets for you from the retailer, have them scanned and stored in your account, and send you the news if you hit the jackpot.

Most User-friendly Deposits

Choose your favorite method of depositing funds in your account to have complete peace of mind. Use Visa and MasterCard credit cards if you want or Skrill and Neteller if you like e-payment services more. Bank transfers are also available. Most of the transfers are on instant basis except bank transfers. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay any fees for depositing funds in your account. Use USD, Euro or GBP to fund your accounts.

Unbeatable Customer Support

While most other lottery websites are available only on working days, we are here to listen to you every day of the week. You can call us or send us an email with your query using our online form. And no, we don’t require days to respond to your issues. Give us only six hours before we get back to you with a solution to your problem.

At Lottosend, we have promised to make lottery participation a memorable and friendly experience for you. With every promotion and feature that we introduce within our lotto vendor services, we aim to focus more and more on your benefits. We encourage you to explore our website to know how the various lotteries work, and what you need to do to play responsibly. Use our online contact form for any inquiries and we will respond to you within six hours.