Strike It Rich With Lotto Strike! An Australian Favorite Since 1993

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Australia Lotto Strike

Rules for Lotto Strike

Lottosend Australian Lotto – Australian Lotteries Welcome You to Join the Big Game! Lotto Strike was presented in 1993 by NSW Lotteries for Monday & Wednesday Lotto. In 2004 it took the place of Super 66 Draw in New South Wales for Saturday Lotto.

Official Scanned Tickets: Australia Oz Lotto – Play Online

Official Scanned Tickets: Australia Oz Lotto Play Online

The beginning of games like Oz Lotto signifies that each punter in Australia can embark on this exceptional variant, whether you are a resident of Cottesloe, Coldstream or Coolangatta. Instead of utilizing RNG (random number generator) to offer a distinct six-figure outcome (this applies to Super 66), Lotto Strike just utilizes the initial four digits from the standard Saturday Lotto draw. Similar to Super 66, it is necessary for a winning ticket to indicate every digit in the precise form it was drawn; but the digits do not essentially require to be linked to the series (this obviously excludes the Division One prize). For instance, in case the draw for the Lotto Strike produces 1 2 3 4 and our ticket indicates 3 2 1 4 and the 4 present on our card matches how they were drawn (2nd and 4th respectively), this is sufficient for winning Division Three. This is regardless of whether they are not successive in the series, which is necessary for Super 66.

There are 4 prize divisions in Lotto Strike:

• Strike 4 (Division 1) – Each of the 4 digits in the precise position drawn.
• Strike 3 (Division 2) – Three digits in the precise position drawn.
• Strike 2 (Division 3) – Two digits in the precise position drawn
• Strike 1 (Division 4) – One digit in the precise position drawn

Division One (Strike Four) provides an AUD $100,000 guaranteed prize which rises each time there is no winner. The odds of hitting the jackpot for Lotto Strike are around 1 in 3.48 million. However, while prospects of succeeding may be greater compared to those of Super 66, the minimum payment for a total match ($100 vs. $16.6k) is a lot higher here.

Normally, Division Four (Strike 1) provides a Lotto Strike ticket for free in exchange for a cash prize because of the reduced odds of winning (1 in 12) in contrast to a lot of other lottery games in Australia.

Australia Lotto strike

Purchasing Tickets for Lotto Strike Online

You are able to purchase tickets for Lotto Strike online at OzLotteries.com for any lotto draw for Monday, Wednesday or Saturday. Super 66 is not accessible mostly due to the fact that the NSW version is available to players from all territories and states when you play through the Internet.

Players outside the Waratah State appear to favor Lotto Strike’s bigger guaranteed jackpots and additional ticketing options. Two types of tickets are provided at Oz Lotteries:


This is similar to a regular six-digit Saturday Lotto ticket. The difference is that you just select four digits from 45. The price of each regular standard Lotto Strike game is $1.50 (this includes the agent’s fee).


This is a lot similar to a boxed trifecta for horse racing since it covers all likely systems of any four digits. This is equal to 24 regular games and you will pay $36 (inclusive of agent’s fee).

Similar to any other term at Oz Lotteries, you are able to select every digit yourself or choose Quick Pick, which is computer generated. In case you are not too choosy about particular digits but want to have some fun in the process, there also exists a choice of video games that are interactive arcade-style to assist you in filling out your ticket.

The best feature regarding playing Internet lotto is that it is fast, convenient and completely safe. You will not misplace the ticket under the couch cushion, as your valuable digits are kept securely in your email inbox; it is not necessary to fill out entry forms manually or waste time lining up at the news agency.

The most important factor is that at Oz Lotteries, all AUD cash transactions are covered by Secure Socket Layer (128-bit SSL) encryption technology. Therefore, you obtain a similar rate of security as when banking online with any top financial institution.

Play Lotto Online Now – Oz Lotto

Official Scanned Tickets: Play Lotto Online Now – Oz Lotto

How to become the winner of Lotto Strike

To become a winner of Lotto Strike, choose four digits that precisely match the exact arrangement of the initial 4 Lotto balls drawn. If you are able to match the 4 balls accurately, you can become a huge winner with a minimum $100,000 prize and more, when a Lotto Strike jackpot is available! If you only match 1, 2, 3 or the initial 4 Lotto balls in the similar order drawn, you shall also win.

Jackpots for Lotto Strike

If no person selects each of the four winning digits in the draw, the prize pool for Lotto Strike jackpot will roll over to the following draw. For instance, in the event that Monday night does not present a winner, the prize pool rolls over to the draw for Wednesday night, then Saturday night draw, etc.

The prize for the jackpot increases until it goes up to $2 million; it is then capped until it is won. Any extra prize money produced above this quantity is stored in a Prize Reserve Fund. This then tops up the following prize for Lotto Strike after the win of the jackpot.

How does online and offline lotto vary?

The sole variation between online lotto and land-based is how tickets are bought for Lotto Strike. In real life, when playing lotto, you should visit your nearest lottery outlet to buy your tickets with the use of EFTPOS or cash then register your selected lotto digits with the retailer.

Lottery tickets for Lotto Strike are present from outlets such as certified lottery kiosks, petrol stations, convenience stores and hotels. When playing Lotto Strike online, you register for an account with a reputable online lottery vendor; there is no charge for this. After this, you click to select the lottery game you want to play in and follow the prompts to choose the dates you wish to take part then select your digits.

After all your tickets are set, you make a payment online with the use of a safe payment method such as debit card, credit card or bank transfer. Your tickets are kept in your account for online lotto. Therefore, it is not possible for you to ever misplace your paper ticket again.

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