Lotto Jackpots Around the World

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Lotto Jackpots – which do you want to win?


People play the lotto to win the lotto jackpots. When the lotto made the move from being a domestic monopoly to an online commodity it seemed like the whole world woke up and realized just how big the lottery industry was. The move to online lottery ticket providers has reinvigorated the lottery as whole by opening up previously closed draws to the eyes of the internet. With this comes not only new players, but players looking around at what are benefits and cons of playing different lotteries. No longer restricted by their national or supranational draw, thanks to websites like Lottosend players can now play on the other side of the world!

We look at the various different lotto jackpots you can expect to win, selecting specific games based on their popularity and lack of knowledge from new players.


US Powerball lotto Jackpots

Everyone is thinking the US Powerball, and there are certainly reasons to think this. The US Powerball is by far, jackpot-wise, the biggest lottery draw game in the world. A minimum lotto jackpot of $40m USD and a regularly climbing to beyond the $100m USD mark, the US Powerball is in a world of its own when it comes to jackpots, but it’s not our favorite & not the jackpot we would want to win.

The odds of winning the US Powerball are long, long even for lotto jackpot odds! Added to this, the US Powerball, when jack-potted, is more than often jack-potted by more than one player, effectively meaning that the jackpot is more than often halved or even smaller than the written jackpot sum of the given draw. The US Powerball is still a great lottery game, there’s no shame in being in the top 3 here. Play the US Powerball now if you think you can beat the odds.

The two draws we are going to highlight here are the Italian Superenalotto and the Australian Powerball. Let’s start with the Superenalotto:


US Powerball Logo



Superenalotto Jackpots

The Superenalotto is fun lottery draw, steeped in history, with big jackpots and three draws a week. The Italian State Lottery has been the most popular and successful lotto jackpot game in Italy for over two decades now. It has become such a popular and almost patriotic in its branding that the Superenalotto recently did a promotion on an entire Italian town that has been known for years as being associated with bad luck! The organizers of the Superenalotto gave every person in the town the opportunity to receive a free ticket and even opened up a “stall” to “sell” tickets in the local town square. Needless to say, that this was a marketing masterstroke and within hours the whole of Italy was talking about their lotto jackpot game and why it is the best.

In many ways, we agree. The Superenalotto is certainly one of the best lotto jackpot games out there, but in our opinion, it’s not quite the best. The title of the best lotto jackpot game in the world goes to the Australian Powerball.


Play The Superenalotto



Australian Powerball Lotto

Let’s start with the downsides, even though this is our favorite lotto jackpot game it doesn’t mean that it is perfect. The Australian Powerball only has one drawing a week. There is a clear lack of options here for the Australian Powerball organizers as, although there is only one draw a week, there is really no space domestically to add an additional draw (aside from Sunday, but then you have to deal with ancient laws around Sunday as the day of rest etc etc). However, the lotto doesn’t need to be a domestic draw anymore!

What makes the Australian Powerball so great is a combination of two things: the odds are great, and the taxes on winnings are great. By great, we mean that there is ZERO taxes on Australian lotto jackpot wins, zero, nothing, not a penny! Compare this to the US Powerball where a jackpot winner can expect to pay anywhere between 15-45% of their lotto jackpot sum to the taxman, no such thing with the Australian Powerball. Many people will now be thinking that “ok, you pay some tax, but the US version has jackpots that are so much bigger it doesn’t even matter about the tax”. If so, you’re wrong. The Australian Powerball recently had a jackpot of $50m AUD and is more than often above the $15m AUD mark. This is not US Powerball territory, granted, but the odds are SO much better.


Australian Powerball



Lotto Jackpots – The Odds

To jackpot the US Powerball your likelihood is around 1 in 292 million. To jackpot the Australian Powerball your likelihood is around 1 in 6.4 million & to jackpot the Superenalotto your likelihood is around 1 in 258 million.

This is the most effective way to highlight the stark differences in these lotto jackpots & why the Australian Powerball, despite only being drawn once a week, is our favourite lotto jackpot and the draw we most look forward to.



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