Lotto 6/49: Canadian Lottery Winner From Cobourg Intends to Travel to a ‘Warm Place’

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A man from Cobourg wishes to purchase another vehicle and travel after becoming a lottery winner. In the Lotto 6/49 Draw of 24 March, 2018, Cobourg’s Joseph Ivany won $74,618.30. The ticket that won was bought in Cobourg on Division Street, at the Pioneer gas station.

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When Ivany visited Toronto’s OLG Canada Lottery Prize Centre to collect his cheque, he said, ‘For around 20 years, I have played the lottery frequently. As he went to work, Ivany paused to buy a coffee, and resolved to utilize the ticket checker for scanning his ticket.

‘I found it hard to believe, when the words ‘Big Winner’ appeared before my eyes. Therefore, I requested the clerk to confirm the ticket on my behalf. After confirmation of my win, I was extremely thrilled.’

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Ivany intends to save part of his winnings for retirement.

‘I am also thinking of a new vehicle and a visit to a warm area,’ he smiled. ‘Winning gives me an incredible feeling.’

From when Ontario 49 was started in June 1982, players have become winners of more than $12.2 billion. It includes 1,354 jackpot wins as well as 230 guaranteed prize draws of $1 million.

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