Lottery Ticket Worth $1 Million Claimed With 8 Days Until it Expired

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This lottery ticket was found in the nick of time – What a story!

One lucky man from Oregon found his unclaimed lottery ticket while cleaning out his home. No big deal so far, sounds like a regular story that can happen to the best of us. The ticket was worth $1 million and if he had found it a week later it would have been worthless. Zero. Not one cent.


Wow. Just, Wow.


The winner in question is a Mr. Joemel Panisa. Mr. Panisa bought his lottery ticket in January 2016 for the U.S Mega Millions and kind of forgot about the draw & the lotto ticket.  According to Panisa he did ‘remember media reports talking about an unclaimed ticket’ but initially thought nothing of it. It took a cold, long winter to encourage him to do some house cleaning, and boy…Did it pay off!

Oregon State officials (The organizers and operators of the Oregon State lottery) released a press statement this week elaborating further on the details of this extraordinary, and long overdue, win. Mr. Panisa spoke to the Oregon State Lottery officials and bemused that he ‘placed the ticket in an envelope, put it in his office last January and forgot about it’. One Lottery official explained, ‘He came across it while cleaning. He checked the lottery numbers online and soon realized it was a winner’.


lottery ticket winner


Lottery officials said that Mr. Panisa bought the lottery ticket on January 13th 2016, for the January 15th Mega Millions draws – and that he claimed his prize on Monday. According to those officials, Mr. Panisa ‘had until [January] 17th to claim his prize or it would have become an expired ticket’.

The Lottery officials went on to explain the rules further: ‘Each Mega Millions lottery draw is made up of five white balls and one Mega Ball. It is drawn every Tuesday and Friday at 7:59 p.m. Mr. Panisa’s quick pick ticket had matched the five numbers but unfortunately for him, he missed the Mega Ball number.’ I don’t think he will count himself as unlucky for not matching the Mega Ball!

It just goes to show that it is always worth checking and then double checking in life, especially with lottery tickets and winnings.

We want to thank Mr. Panisa for providing all us lottery players with a story that instills hope and fun in the game we love so much.




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