Lottery Stories You Won’t Believe – Lucky Money by Lucky Numbers and More

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Some stories of lottery winners are so strange that we have trouble even believing them. Against the odds, winning the lottery is weird and wonderful in itself, but when there’s a twist to the lucky money story we’re all ears. Here’s a round-up of some of the strangest lottery stories out of there, from a man struck by lightning to winners who hit big not once, but twice. These are the lottery stories you won’t believe and if you want to get in with a chance to create one of your own, jump by playing the lottery online!


Lucky Money Can Happen On Any Regular Day!

Her Lucky Numbers Hit the Jackpot!

One quiet afternoon in a small town in Virginia, a lady who shares the same name as her town won big. Virginia Fike won the $1m lottery twice in one day, at the same store, in the same town. The odds were never in her favor, but luck truly did win out for Virginia Fike. To add to that, the numbers were chosen by strategy of a lucky number, something that is not a perfect science. Virginia devised the winning digits from her parent’s anniversary combined with their ages at the time, divided by the year in which they numbers were picked. She was a regular player at the time, professing to play whenever she could afford it, which in the end, really did pay off.

It is a fact that many lottery winners, do so by using a set of their own lucky numbers!

Dreaming Big

Ever since 1982, Mary Wollens of Toronto, Canada had been playing the lottery regularly, picking $5-10 draws. Her very first draw brought her a small win of $100 and Mary always considered this as a good omen. Perhaps she really was right, as she won big after a dream of winning numbers. Mary played twice on the same draw, buying two tickets from different stores. Both tickets brought back the faithful lottery player a huge $8m each, combining to total $16m. All of this is thanks to a dream which Mary says brought her the winning numbers.

Luck Turned Around

The odds of being struck by lightning in Canada are estimated to be less than 1 in a million, but for Peter McCathie the odds were not in his favor as he was struck by lightning when he was just 14. The odds are set against an even stranger premise, with the day of the lightning strike taking place with sunny weather. Peter was on his boat at the time, locking it all up, when one large cloud loomed above him and lightning struck.

Peter’s luck turned around when years later, he purchased a Canadian lotto ticket it alongside one of his co-workers. Alongside Diana Miller, his co-worker, Peter McCathie won big landing himself $1 million. Once again, Peter had defied odds, but this time, luck was on his side.

Modest Grandparents

Denise and her husband Robert Scarr sat together watching the live television draw for their lottery, with Denise relaxing on the couch and not paying all too much attention to what was happening on screen. Robert paid a keen eye and shouted out the first number they had matched, then followed another and finally that all important third. Robert and Denise were both completely overjoyed to win what they thought was £25, but as it turns out, they’d won much more. Their winnings came in at a far more impressive £6 million, leading the couple to quit their jobs and plan a well-deserved cruise.

Can you believe it? These bizarre lottery stories are the tip of the strange lottery story iceberg. Heard of a crazy lottery story we missed? Give us a tweet @lottosend to share it with us!


  1. I Can’t believe it , i will write next chapter of history becouse i will be next winner !

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