Play India Lottery: Lottery In India – All You Need To Know!

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Lottery in India

Lottery in India

Everything You Need to Know about Lottery in India

Play India Lottery

If you are an Indian, you are confused as to whether or not the international lotteries are available for you to play. Furthermore, you want to know if it is really worth playing a lottery in India. The first thing you need to know is that lotteries reward people big time. Of course, not every player is the winner and the biggest prize goes to only the luckiest of all. However, there are second, third, and fourth category prizes that can give you some return of your invested money. More importantly, the prices of lottery tickets are usually so low that purchasing a few every week does not really affect your budget.

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With those things in mind, there is nothing wrong in participating in a lottery if you are an Indian. Here is some detailed information for those interested in taking part in lotteries in India.

Lotteries in India

Before you even take part in any of the lotteries in India or other countries of the world, you have to know its legal status in the country. But before that, there is some background to lotteries in India. Let’s take a look at those details about how to play India lottery games.

Lotteries Have been around in the Area for Ages

The first thing that you need to know is that lotteries have been around in the Indian regions for several centuries. Yes, they were not exactly in the form they are today, but the concept of winning big was there. It is said that people before the Indus Civilizations engaged themselves in activities wherein they would show some unique talent and win huge prizes. In that sense, the people of the ancient times were winning more based on their talent than on their lucks. Today’s lotteries are more about luck if not completely. You don’t have to show any talent to win any money. You just have to buy the tickets, pick the numbers, and hope for the best to happen to you.

Lottery, in its altered form, has been mentioned in sacred Hindu scriptures as well. Take the example of Pasa that has been mentioned in Mahabharata. But once again, these lotteries were not entirely based on luck. Instead, people took part in some sort of activities and hoped to win huge prizes. In simple words, lotteries are not a new concept in India.

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The Controversial Status

Despite being a part of the government system for some time, lotteries have remained quite controversial in the region. The main reason why people want lotteries to be banned is because of its addiction. Most groups of people that have opposed lotteries state that people get addicted to this activity and spend money when they should not. A part of the problem is poor people spending their hard earned money on lotteries in order to get rich. That’s where the true problem lies. These people earn small daily wages and they just spend that small money on lottery tickets.

However, this controversy is controversial in itself. The question is, “If lotteries should be banned because poor people end up spending all their money on them, should they still remain legal for the rich?” However, wouldn’t that make lotteries even more controversial? Poor people could say that rich people have the opportunity of being richer but poor don’t have the chance to change their lives.

One of the reasons why some groups demanded lottery ban is because of the poor people who would spend their daily wages and even the stuff in their homes to win big.

Localities with Their Own Lotteries

If you look at countries like the US, Canada, Australia, etc. you will notice that they have lotteries ingrained into their systems. These are legal lotteries, supported by the government, and being operated by fully licensed entities. That’s not the case with India. Here, you don’t find any government entities conducting lotteries in the country. It is not a part of the government system anymore, but it used to be that way in the past. That does not mean lotteries are completely absent in the country. In fact, there are many lotteries that have been operating for years.

These are lotteries only available to the people of certain areas. Highly influential and rich people start these lotteries and have been doing so for many years. While the central government does not have any lotteries, there are definitely many lotteries that state governments are constantly running for their people. However, only the residents of those states can be a part of those activities. The regions of Sikkim, Punjab, and Kerala have been holding lotteries for decades now. These lotteries are supported by the state governments so the people can take part in them with the peace of mind.

Legal Status of Lotteries in India

The most important question that remains to be answered is, “Are lotteries legal in India?” Saying a yes or no to this question will not answer it. That’s because the government has not introduced any clear laws to completely ban the lotteries in the country. The most you should know is that nationally, there is no ban on the lotteries in the country. In 2015, according to a ruling by the Supreme Court of India, the states were given the autonomy to control their lotteries. The court shifted the responsibility of banning or not banning the lotteries from the shoulders of the central government to the state governments.

So, in order for you to know whether lottery is legal or not legal, you have to check the laws of that particular state. However, no one can come to you and say that you are doing something that the government has banned because that’s not the case. Despite states having the autonomy to take their decisions on lotteries, only 13 have the clearest lottery laws. The states of Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Manipur, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, West Bengal, and Kerala have clear lottery laws and these laws allow lotteries to be operated without any legal issues.

However, lotteries are not popular in all of these states as one might expect. Kerala, Sikkim, Nagaland, Mizoram, and Maharashtra are the states that have the best and the most well-known lotteries in the country. In addition to that, you must also know that many states other than these have a ban on the sale of lotteries. If you live in any of those states, be sure to know your legal rights before getting yourself into an unknown trouble.

Some Famous Lotteries in India

As you know by now that there are many states that allow the sales of lottery tickets, you can expect them to have lotteries as well. The biggest name in the Indian lottery industry is Lottosend. The Pan India Network Ltd launched this amazing platform for Indians to take part in lotteries and win big. The best thing is that there are five different types of lotteries under this one umbrella. The five lotteries offered by Lottosend include the following:

  • Jaldi 5
  • Jaldi 5 Double
  • Thunderball
  • Superlotto Thursday
  • Superlotto Saturday

All these lotteries have a set draw time. The best thing about their drawings is that the participants don’t have to keep track of different times on their watches because all of them take place during 10:00pm to 10:30pm. You even have TV channels that have dedicated air time to show these drawings.

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There is a unique way of participating in these lotteries. In order for you to buy the tickets, you have to purchase one of the many pre-loaded prepaid cards from Lottosend. Starting from Rs. 200, you can load your card with a huge value of up to Rs. 5000. One of the unique things about this lottery is that it is the first one that gave people the liberty of purchasing their tickets using their online website. So, you don’t necessarily have to go to a retailer to buy the ticket with any of the Lottosend lotteries.

Another cheap yet highly rewarding lottery also comes from Pan India Ltd. This lottery is called Keno and by participating in this lottery, you could become Rs. 2,100,000 richer in no time at all. While the jackpot is so big, you don’t have to spend more than Rs. 13 to get the ticket. What makes this lottery so much attractive to Indians is that every day there are two draws, so there is less wait before someone hits the jackpot. There is no rollover feature in this lottery so the jackpot can never be more than Rs. 2,100,000. The players have a lot of liberty in this lottery type.

They don’t necessarily have to put their bet on all the numbers. The maximum numbers they can pick are 10. The minimum numbers that they have to bet on are 2. The big winnings start for those who are able to match at least eight numbers. Of course, the biggest jackpot is for the lucky person who ends up matching all 10 of the numbers.

The Arrival of Online Lotteries in India

Online lotteries arrived in India with the rise of the internet. Soon after people realized that they could not shop from the comfort of their homes and without going to the stores, they started seeing the possibility of buying online tickets as well. As mentioned earlier, Lottosend lotteries were the first lotteries in India that came with the feature of purchasing tickets on the internet as well. Yes, that’s true. When you use the online ticket buying service, you don’t have to go to the retailer at all. Instead, someone else picks up the ticket for you on your behalf. Here is how the online ticket purchase works.

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You go to one of the many lottery websites and look at the many lotteries that are available for you to play. On the most famous websites, you will find local as well as international lotteries.
Pick the lottery that you want to be a part of.

Pick your numbers online. You will probably need to create an account on the website to pick your numbers. Some websites allow you to pick your numbers and then ask you to create the account.
You can pick the number manually by clicking on the play India lottery slips or choose the “quick pick” option that generates a random number for you.

Once you have picked your numbers, you can go for purchasing the ticket and begin to play India lottery.

  • You order the ticket while paying using the preferred method on the website and one of the representatives of the website you are using goes and collects the ticket from the retailer on your behalf.
  • They scan the ticket and the information appears on your account.
  • You receive a notification of your winnings either through email or SMS.

So, you can see that the process is very easy and straightforward. However, you just have to make sure that you are with the legit people who will not end up running away with your money. Do your proper research online before selecting a lottery website.

Online Websites Brought International Lotteries to India

You can see from the process above, you can take part in a non-local lottery while using an online website. The term often used for this type of service is called the lottery concierge services. The best thing that websites brought with them was freedom for Indian lottery players to be able to take part in international lotteries. First of all, when you are taking part in a lottery outside of your country, you are free from the laws in your jurisdiction because the lottery is not taking place within the boundaries of your jurisdiction.

Secondly, you have a physical representation when you buy online tickets in the form of the agent who purchases the ticket on your behalf. It is quite an amazing feeling to be able to be a part of a foreign lottery while sitting in your own country. Think about the past when people could not do that. They had to move to the country of the lottery and become a resident in order to be a participant of the lottery. Those restrictions don’t apply anymore now that you have online websites doing it all for you. And just like any other regular lottery player, you too can win the jackpot and receive it right in your online account.

The Biggest International Lotteries That Interest Indians

Indians who want to take part in international lotteries want to go big with their winnings. They don’t want to target any small lotteries. The good thing is that the biggest lotteries of the world don’t have any rules and regulations against foreign players who want to take part in those lotteries using the lottery concierge service. So, if you are an Indian who has big dreams, there are the biggest and the best lotteries that interest most other Indians as well.


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Powerball is probably the most famous lottery in the world and it comes from America. It is a lottery wherein you have to pick five white balls and one red ball. Each ball has a number range you can choose from. Each white ball can be any number from 1 – 69. As for the red ball, can be any number from 1 – 26 range. While playing Powerball, you can still win some money by simply matching the power ball and no other ball at all. The first prize, which happens to be the jackpot, starts from $40 million. What makes this jackpot even more appealing is that it rolls over and gets bigger like a snowball.

The biggest jackpot ever won in the history of Powerball was a huge $1.586 billion. Other huge Powerball wins include $758 million and $590 million. Can you imagine how much money the biggest Powerball jackpot was in terms of Indian Rupees? To keep it simple, $1.5 billion is 111,157,500,000 Indian Rupees according to the latest USD/IND conversion rates in October, 2018. One of the amazing things about Powerball is that you can win millions of dollars even in the second prize category. You can multiply your winnings further with the Power Play option.


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MegaMillions is the only other lottery in the world that goes head to head with Powerball in terms of the size of the jackpot. It is yet another lottery that comes from the US and on any day of the year, people from 44 states are taking part in it. The number picking system is quite similar to that of Powerball. You have to pick a total of six numbers. Five of these numbers have to be picked from a range of 1 – 70 whereas the last ball, which is called the mega ball, has to be picked from 1 – 25. Just like Powerball, the starting point of the jackpot is $40 million. Since the MegaMillion jackpot also rolls over, it can get as big as your imagination.

When you open the list of the biggest lottery wins in the world, you have MegaMillion players right after the two big Powerball winners. The biggest MegaMillion jackpot ever won in history was a gigantic $656 million. The second biggest was not too far behind the biggest jackpot at $648 million. The good news for Indian players is that many of the biggest wins in the world have gone to multiple players i.e. there were multiple tickets that matched the jackpot numbers. What that means is that you as an Indian still have a chance to win the jackpot even if someone has hit it too.


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EuroMillios is also one of the biggest lotteries in the world and as you can tell from the name, it comes from Europe. In EuroMillions, you have to match seven numbers in total to hit the jackpot. The first five numbers have to be picked from a range of 1 – 50. The range for the last two numbers is 1 – 12. The last two numbers that win you the jackpot are called the Lucky Star numbers. Once again, being one of the biggest lotteries in the world, EuroMillions features the rollovers. While it starts at 17 million Euros, the jackpot can roll over for several weeks and months to finally reach a limit of 190 million Euros.

Looking at the conversion rates of Euros, you can tell that it’s a lot of money even if you hit the jackpot before it starts rolling over. The best feeling is that you as an Indian can be a part of any of these lotteries while resting inside your bedroom in India.

How Lucky Are Indians?

A strange yet valid question is, “How lucky are Indians?” Have Indians ever won anything big while taking part in these amazing lotteries with gigantic jackpots? If you don’t know, the big Indian lotteries are converting the citizens into millionaires several times a week. For example, Onam bumper lottery gave a huge jackpot of Rs. 10 crore to an old man named Musthafa, who happens to be a driver. Imagine how these Rs. 10 crore must have changed the life of a driver.

In a similar way, a young guy named Mojiful Rahima won it big in Kerala. Even though Mojiful was a resident of West Bengal, he chose to find livelihood in Kerala because of higher earning potentials. His purchase of a lottery ticket out of sympathy for an old man won him Rs. 10,000,000. If you convert that to US dollars, that’s a huge $150,000. There are hundreds of tear jerker stories of many other Indians whose lives were changed by lotteries.


If you are an Indian, you should consider yourself lucky that you have the option of playing international lotteries in addition to local ones because of online websites today. What that means is that you have more chances of winning. However, you are highly recommended to spend some time researching the hottest and coldest lottery numbers before picking yours. Furthermore, you should dedicate only a small portion of your earnings to buying lottery tickets in India. Be persistent but wisely. Don’t let it turn into an addiction. Play India lotto games and games from around the world safely and responsibly, and keep your fingers crossed because you never know when your destiny might just come and embrace you.

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