What is Lotterly and How Does it Work?

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If you are into lotteries, you must be aware of how many lottery websites there are today. Each website has something unique to offer to the players to attract them to sign up with it. However, when you have explored hundreds of different lottery websites, you come to the conclusion that there is not much different among them. On a very basic level, they are all just platforms that provide you with lottery results, drawing dates, past lottery winner and winning number information, etc. Yes, some websites go to the extent of giving you lottery concierge service wherein you don’t even have to go to a store to buy the tickets. Instead, you can buy them online and someone on your behalf gets the ticket from the retailer.

Beyond this particular feature, you don’t notice a lot of differences between lottery websites. So, when a new website or application such as lotterly.com emerge, you have to wonder if it stands a chance against those that have been around for years. You can have doubts about other lottery websites, but it is certain that Lotterly is a completely different competitors to these companies. In fact, the company has the potential to make others look outdated and impractical. Let’s first take a look at what makes Lotterly different and then go into the details of Lotterly’s offerings.

How Lotterly Is Different and Futuristic

There should be no doubt in your mind that Lotterly is a completely different concept and in a way, other lottery companies are not even its competitors. It is operating in its own domain where lottery is a different thing than purchasing tickets with money. Yes, if you did not know already, Lotterly does not even require you to spend money to take part in the lottery. It is all about watching videos and getting rewarded for that. It is a cool concept and probably one that will attract many other people who have never participated in lotteries for security reasons.

What Lotterly requires from you is to download the application on your smartphone and start watching videos. Each video gets you to closer to buying a lottery ticket. When you have watched four videos, it is equal to purchasing one lottery ticket. What that means is that you will have one entry into the lottery. You can increase your entries by watching more videos. There is no limit on how many videos you can watch.

So, since you can watch as many videos as you like, you can have as many entries in the lotteries as possible before the drawing takes place.
There is no such lottery that allows you to win thousands and millions of dollars without spending a dime. Even if a lottery ticket costs you only $1, it is still expensive than a free entry into the lottery. Let’s now look at some more details of how this lottery works and how you can win a grand prize.

How Lotterly Works

As stated earlier, the first thing you need to do is download the Lotterly application. As of the moment, the application is available on Google Play store for free. The iOS version of the application is on the way too but not currently available. Once you have downloaded the application, you need to sign up with your login credentials. Your login ID is what the application will recognize you with. Of course, each unique email is a unique player in the lottery. Every time you watch four videos, you get one entry into the lottery. There are no physical drawings for the lottery because Lotterly has made the process much simpler than that. The company has developed the algorithms that pick a random winner and the announcement is made within the application as well as the Lotterly website.

If you are the winner, the prize money will show up in your account. You don’t even have to claim your victory because the winnings are already associated with your unique account on the application. The best thing about Lotterly is that it is quite a generous lottery. Even some of the best and highest paying lotteries only have five to six levels of prize winning categories. On the other hand, Lotterly announces 12 unique winners on the day of every drawing. This means you can still win big if you have not won the jackpot. The total of 12 winners are divided into categories of 1, 2, and 9. What that means is that there is only one jackpot winner, two second prize winners and nine third prize winners.

The prize is distributed to each player who has won as a result of the drawing. With most other lotteries, your prize money gets divided among any number of winners within that prize category. Hence, if the prize is $10,000 in the second winning category and there are 10 winners, each winner will get $1000 only. That’s not the case with Lotterly, which happens to be quite generous in rewarding its players.

When participating in Lotterly, the first prize, aka known as the jackpot, is 60% of the total prize money. So, if the total prize pool is $1 million, the winner of the first prize will get $600,000. On the other hand, the second prize goes to two players, and each player in this category gets the full prize money. Their share in the prize money is 11%. So, calculating 11% from the same $1 million, it comes down to $110,000. The amazing thing is that each winner in this category will get $110,000. They will not split this money equally between them.

The last prize is 2$ of the entire prize pool. So, since the total prize money is $1 million, the 2% of that will be $20,000. Once again, each player will get $20,000, and there will be nine of these players. If you look at other lotteries, even the biggest of the world, the lower you go the smaller the prize money gets. The winners in the last winning category might even walk away with as little as $1. You know it does not make you very happy to win $1 when you have spent $10 on a lottery already.

Lotterly vs. Conventional Lotteries

Let’s compare Lotterly with the most prevalent conventional lotteries and see what makes Lotterly so much better than them.

The Prize Money

Undoubtedly, there are some lotteries like Powerball, MegaMillions, etc. that can reward you with even billions of dollars. However, there minimum jackpot still starts at a fixed point. For the two lotteries just mentioned, that threshold is $40 million. When the jackpot rolls over, it gets bigger, but then you have to wait for weeks and even months before a winner is finally announced. On the other hand, Lotterly does not have any walls around its total prize money. The prize money keeps getting bigger as more and more players participate in the lottery.

As soon as there are new entries into the lottery, the jackpot size becomes bigger. You don’t have to wait for rollovers to see a big jackpot.

There is not even a fixed minimum. The prize money and the shares of the winners depend on the number of players that are participating in the lottery at any given moment.

The No Cash Nature

One of the biggest reasons why so many people stay away from lotteries is because they don’t trust lottery websites with their money. Due to there being so many scammers on the internet, they can’t trust online websites. You have to keep in mind that to buy tickets from a lottery company, you have to sign up with it, deposit funds in your account, and then buy tickets. In fact, many companies encourage you to deposit large amounts of money and reward you for that. For many people, these things can be a bit dubious. The best solution to that problem is to create a lottery that does not require any cash from anyone.

That’s what Lotterly has done with its amazing lottery application. You don’t need anything in your pocket or your bank account to be a part of the Lotterly lottery. You just download the application and watch videos. Each entry into the lottery requires you to watch at least four videos on the Lotterly application. This gives millions of players the peace of mind that they can participate in the lottery without putting their own cash on the line. Since more players are encouraged to participate in such a safe lottery, the prize money grows big too.

No Hassle

Another thing that bothers a lot of lottery players is the hassle of buying tickets. While many news websites in the recent days have started to offer online tickets, there are still quite a few of them that don’t have this feature available. As a result, you can pick your numbers on the websites, but when it comes to buying the ticket, you still have to go to an authorized lottery ticket retailer in your area to buy the ticket.

When it comes to concierge services i.e. the company’s agent buying the ticket on your behalf, you might not trust them very much with that.

With Lotterly, you don’t have to face any of that hassle because everything is done online. You don’t even have to mark any numbers on any play slips and go to the retailer to get a hard copy of the ticket. All you do is watch videos and your entries are automatically generated and entered into the lottery.

Higher Chances of Winning

Lottery is all about chance and luck. Whether there is a manual draw or some algorithms at play, the numbers are picked randomly so you can never be sure about your win. With that in mind, it does not make a lot of sense when you buy a lot of tickets to increase your chances of winning. You have to ask yourself, “Why am I spending so much money when I am not even sure if I will win or not?” It can sound quite counterintuitive when you have to spend more money to get more tickets when the final outcome is not in your control.

You don’t have the final outcome in your control with Lotterly as well. However, you don’t have to spend money to get more entries into the lottery. There is no cash involved in buying Lotterly tickets. Moreover, you just have to watch more videos to generate more entries into the lottery. So, in the case of Lotterly, more entries do not translate to spending more money. You just spend more time on watching video. Not to mention, you can play the videos and do other stuff in the meantime. It will still create an entry for you.

You also have to notice that with other lotteries, you can buy more tickets only when you are at an authorized retailer’s store that sells lottery tickets. What if you are in your bedroom and all of a sudden you get a feeling that it’s your lucky day? Can you create a ticket for you then and there? No, you will have to get out of your bed and go to the store to buy more tickets. On the other hand, Lotterly lets you have more entries whenever you want. If you feel that it is your lucky day, just grab your smartphone, open the Lotterly app, play videos and create more entries.

Final Thoughts

If you compare Lotterly with conventional lotteries side by side, you will see there are more reasons for anyone in the world to take part in Lotterly. It removes many of the restrictions of traditional lotteries and helps you create opportunities of winning thousands and millions of dollars without putting a dent in your weekly and monthly budget. It won’t be wrong to say that Lotterly is the easiest, most convenient, and innovative lottery out there today. If you are an Android user, you should definitely give Lotterly a try and see if you could win some extra cash.

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