Lotofácil – Enjoy Favorable Odds in this Brazilian Lottery Game

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When you decide to play Lotofácil, you can play anywhere between 15 and 18 numbers. You win the jackpot when match all 15 numbers. With Lottosend you can play lotteries online from Brazil!


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Anyone who is looking for a fun Brazilian lottery game that can offer them favorable odds of winning will find Lotofácil one of the best options at their disposal. There is no shortage of lottery games in Brazil as there are tons of games you will come across like like Quina, Dupla Sena and Mega-Sena, but none enjoy the same level of popularity as Lotofácil, mostly due to its good odds. It is another entry in the big portfolio of the national CAIXA and the game is definitely worth checking out. The prizes you will find in this game are undoubtedly good, the rules are also simple to follow and the odds are also in your favor. This makes it the perfect combination.

Since its inception, Lotofácil has been growing in terms of the number of people who play this lottery as more and more people are expressing their interest. The scheduling of the games is the responsibility of CAIXA and it has to inform the public in advance in case there is going to be a delay in the game. One of the coolest features of Lotofácil, which makes it different from the other lottery games out there, is the fact that it allows you to choose more numbers than the ones that are needed for the purpose of winning.

How To Play Lotofácil

As a matter of fact, when you decide to play Lotofácil, you can play anywhere between 15 and 18 numbers. You can take home the jackpot only when you are able to match 15 numbers for the respective drawing. The history of the game can be traced as far back as 2003. In the last few years, there have been no changes in the format of the game. The operator of the Lotofácil is the Caixa Economica Federal- this is the Federal Savings Bank, which is publicly owned by the Brazil federal government.

Is Lotofácil a Legitimate Lottery?

A number of players are prompted to ask this question because the characteristics of this game make it appear too good to be true. However, the fact of the matter is that Lotofácil is as official as all the other legitimate lotteries out there. As long as you are cautious when purchasing your ticket and follow the rules right, you will not have to put up with any risks and will be able to get a shot at winning the impressive prizes offered by the game. As mentioned before, Lotofácil is operated and organized by the country’s national bank.

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The activities of said bank are regulated by the Brazil government and the law. Thus, every player can rest assured that they have nothing to lose when they give Lotofácil a try. The Caixa Economica Federal has been in operation for more than 150 years as it was set up back in 1861. It is an autonomous entity that functions under the guidance of the finance ministry. The Caixa supervision is the responsibility of the Central Bank of Brazil. The process has been established properly in order to ensure that all lottery practices are fair and transparent.

Not only is CAIXA responsible for selling tickets of the lotteries and giving out prizes, they are also dedicated to supporting charitable and social causes. Some of the funds that are generated through the sale of Lotofácil tickets are spent towards health, education, safety, sports and cultural initiatives.

Lotofácil Ticket Cost and Odds

As the name indicates, Lotofácil is quite easy to play and offers you very high chances of winning. The minimum bet that you have to place is of 15 numbers that are chosen from a pool of 25 and the cost for placing this bet is R$ 2.00. You can visit authorized retail outlets where a pay slip is provided to you and requires you to choose the number from a pool of 25. If you want, you can choose anywhere between 15 to 18 numbers for entering the draw. Winning a prize is quite easy in Lotofácil because it starts with matching 11 numbers and as high as 15 numbers. There are two ways that you can pick the numbers you wish to play in the draw.

The first option is either to choose your numbers manually if you have specific numbers in mind or you want to play your lucky numbers. The second option that you can explore is to go with the system pick where the computer will generate a combination of random numbers for you. Regardless of what method you choose for picking the numbers, the bottom line is that you will end up with a ticket that confirms your participation in the Brazilian Lotofácil draw. In the situation where you are interested in participating in multiple draws at the same time, you are given the option of using the same bet for 3, 6, 9 or 12 consecutive draws.

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Lotofácil Drawings

As far as the drawings of the Lotofácil are concerned, they are conducted three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and it starts from 8 p.m. After you have filled in the pay slip and made the necessary payment, you will get a ticket for the Lotofácil draw. The date of the purchase as well as the date of the draw is printed on the ticket. It also clearly shows the name of the game you are participating in, which is Lotofácil in this case. Make sure the numbers you have chosen appear in the same order on the ticket.

If you have chosen numbers through the system, the ticket will show that they are system generated numbers. A unique serial number as well as the price of the ticket will also be mentioned on it. As pointed out before, there are three drawings of Lotofácil in a week, which means you get three opportunities to take home a prize. As the draw starts from 8 p.m., players are told to buy tickets beforehand as the sales of the tickets are suspended during the draw and opened later on for subsequent draws.

Five globes are used during the draws. One ball at a time is withdrawn from every globe and they are used for determining the winning numbers for the Lotofácil prizes. The first globe is used for drawing the first tens of thousands from the range of 0 to 9. The second unit of thousands is drawn from the second globe and it is again from 0 to 9. The third one is used for drawing 30 centena from 0 to 9. The fourth and fifth globe draw 40 ten and 40 units from the range of 0 to 9 respectively.

The number of balls used in the globe that’s used for determining tens of thousands depends on the number of tickets that are sold as part of the lottery plan. If it so happens that a number is drawn that’s in excess of the tickets that are scheduled for extraction, then a new draw is conducted. Depending on the numbers being represented, all the balls have been assigned colors. Red is used for 1s, yellow for 2s, green for 3s, brown for 4s, blue for 5s, pink for 6s, black for 7s, ashes for 8s, orange for 9s and white for 0s. Every repository in which the balls are aligned comprises of 10 balls each. The balls are then added to the globe and that’s where they are shuffled.

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Lotofácil Security and Transparency

Lotofácil ensures that its draws are transparent by inviting volunteers, representatives of the public as well as auditors for verifying that the entire process is done without bias. Amongst other things, the check by the representatives includes the position of the balls as well as the numerical sequences of the balls in the repository. They also make sure that the globe is fully empty before any of the balls are added. If everything is done right and there are no issues, the daily participation report (RPDIA) is signed by the representatives.

Of the total collection that is made from the sale of the Lotofácil tickets, 45.3 percent are allocated to prizes and the remaining sum is distributed to ministries for supporting charity work and government projects.

When it comes to the distribution of the prizes, first the fixed value winners are paid out in the following manner:

  • If a player matches 11 out of the total 15 numbers, they are given a prize off R$ 4.
  • Matching 12 out of the total 15 numbers that are drawn will give winners a prize of R$ 8.
  • If 13 of the 15 numbers are matched successfully, the winner will receive a sum of R$ 20.

After the winners with fixed values have been determined, it is time to distribute the rest of the prize amounts to the other categories.

Here is how it is done:

  • The first prize category in which players are successful in predicting the 15 numbers, they are given 65 percent of the prize pool.
  • The second prize category is 20 percent in which the players are able to predict 14 out of the 15 numbers.
  • 15 percent of the prize is reserved for the first track in the special contest that’s conducted every September.

Thus, there are a total of five prize tiers that are applicable in every Lotofácil draw. The odds of drawing the top prize are 1 in 3,268,760. In the situation where a drawing doesn’t have a winner, the jackpot amount will be rolled over to the next one. Due to this particular characteristic, Lotofácil has been able to produce some very attractive prizes and its odds are highly favorable. The odds of claiming the lowest prize in the Lotofácil draw are 1 in 11 and they are the same for winning an overall prize in this lottery game. This is yet another feature that makes Lotofácil a lot more favorable and popular than the other national lotteries.

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Lotofácil of Independence

This is a contest that’s held every September and goes on for the entire month. Special flyers are made by CAIXA for this particular event and the public is informed ahead of time. People can enjoy higher prizes for their betting amounts because 80 percent of the ticket collections is devoted to the prize pool. In Lotofácil of Independence, if no one claims the top category prize, it is distributed amongst the winners of the second category. If there is no winner in both the categories, the prize is then distributed downwards and on it goes till the fifth prize category where 11 numbers have to be matched. The probabilities of winning are a lot more favorable in single as well as other bet types. For instance, the odds of winning a prize in the first to fifth categories for single bet are 1 in 3,268,760, 1 in 21,791, 1 in 691, 1 in 59 and 1 in 11 respectively.

If you don’t play the standard 15 numbers and decide to play more, the charges per play will also increase. 16 numbers means you get 16 games and so your cost will increase to R$ 32. With 17 numbers, you get 136 games and this will cost you around R$ 272. Lastly, playing 18 numbers is equal to 816 plays and this carries a cost of R$ 1,632.

The results of the Lotofácil are made public fairly quickly and so you can claim your prize right away. Winners are provided with a period of 90 days from the date of the draw in order to take home the prize. If you win the Lotofácil jackpot, you have two payment options at your disposal, which are a lump sum payment and installments over the certain time period. In order to claim the top prize, winners will have to visit the Lotofácil head office.

You have to be at least 18 years of age in order to buy tickets of the Lotofácil lottery. You can choose to play the game online and enjoy a whole lot of convenience and enjoy access to favorable odds and great prizes.

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