Serbia Loto – Everything You Need to Know About Loto Srbija

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Serbian dinar

Serbian dinar

Loto Srbija, Serbia Lotto Games

The country of Serbia is known all over the world for its beautiful women and for making the most delicious grilled meat on this planet. As far as lottery enthusiasts are concerned, the country is the motherland of some of the coolest games available. The State Lottery of Serbia has the responsibility of operating the Loto in the Republic of Serbia and it is their vision to offer its players with varied, modern and attractive games of chance. Owned by the government, it has been formed into some type of a state-owned company.

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Ranked according to the size of the market, the amount of prizes and the number of lottery players, it has become the leading organizer of lottery games in the whole of the Western Balkan regions. It is also a part of the Euro Lottery community. The Loto is one of the numerous games in the portfolio of the State Lottery of Serbia. It is arguably the most popular game available and is best referred to as a numerical game of chance. The Serbia Loto is famous for its large jackpots and this is mostly due to the fact that it pays out 50 percent of its proceeds to its players in the form of prizes.

Even though it is more or less a standard game, there is one cool benefit that you can enjoy with the Serbia Loto; it is a 7 out of 39 format. This makes it different from the other typical lottery games out there, which usually follow the 6/49 format. The bigger number of digits that can be selected and the smaller pool of numbers means that the odds of the Serbia Loto are more favorable as compared to other games. You don’t have to worry the lottery game being a scam as it is a national lottery that boasts a well-established and long history.

Since the 19th century, the country has had a national lottery. At that time, the outcome for the game was announced in the national newspaper and the prizes were given out in the form of commodities. It was not uncommon for people playing the Serbia Loto to know that someone had won a cart, a horse or even a watch covered with jewels through it. The lottery was renewed after the end of the World War I. It was during World War II that all the capital the system generated was destroyed. Under the rule of Tito in Yugoslavia, there was a revival of lottery games, which involved buying an electric drum for conducting the drawings.

In the 1960s, the number of people interested in playing the lottery grew rapidly due to which the number of drawings was also increased. The interest became so profound in 1966 that a weekly lottery drawing was organized to deal with it. Today, the Serbia Loto remains popular than ever. Scammers have not made use of the official game’s name, which is a plus as this means that you can play the Serbia Loto confidently and without any worries.

One of the best things about the Serbia Loto is that it is quite easy to play. As mentioned above, the game follows a 7/39 format, which means that in order to participate, you have to select your seven favorite numbers. You will have to spend 70 dinars for buying a single entry ticket, which is approximately 0.7 USD. If you are buying your ticket from a shop, a payment receipt will be issued to you, which should be kept safe because you will need it for collecting your prize in case you win. If you are playing the Serbia Loto online, you can check your payment confirmation in the history tab of the game. The payments for playing the Serbia Loto game can be made at any time except when the draw is due.

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The drawings for the Serbia Loto are held on Friday and Tuesday and they are broadcasted live on television. Apart from the main drawing, there are two additional opportunities that lottery players can avail when they are playing the Serbia Loto, which are Loto Plus and Joker. If you are interested in playing Loto Plus, you have to choose that option on the lottery ticket. Every additional combination costs you 10 dinars. Another add-on game that can be activated is Joker and this will cost you approximately 20 dinars.

Loto Plus is the news addition that has beem made to the portfolio of the Serbian National Lottery, which was introduced in 2011. A separate Plus drawing is conducted, which can give a top prize only as there are no secondary prize tiers in this particular drawing. The minimum guaranteed top prize that this game has to offer is around 10 million dinars and this prize can increase considerably if there is no winner in the previous draw.

As far as Joker is concerned, it was introduced in the year 2009. The number combination for this game is six digits and this enables people to win an additional prize. These six digits have to be chosen between the range of 0 and 9 and you can choose these numbers through the manual option if you wish or even go with Quick Pick if you want. There are several ways through which players can play the Joker and this includes filling out several auxiliary Loto bills at your selected pay site, participate through the DLS internet portal or inform the seller not just of your Loto combinations, but also your Joker combinations. The minimum jackpot prize that you can win with the Joker is about one million dinars.

In order to play the Serbia Loto, you can decide to choose your own numbers or you can go with the Quick Pick option. You are allowed to play about 10 combinations via a confirmation of a single payment. If you wish to play all these combinations via the Quick Pick option where the numbers are generated randomly by a machine, you can check it on the ticket. One important thing that you should know is that if you are not playing the Serbia Loto, you cannot participate in the Loto Plus game. There are a number of ways through which players can submit their entries into the draw and some of these are outlined below:

Classic: It is a good idea to try the Classic way of playing the Serbia Loto if you have lucky numbers, but you are not interested in playing them at times or when you feel like playing some new numbers. You can select your own combinations and submit your payment over the internet or at any of the pay points in Serbia.

Quick Pick: If you are a lottery player who doesn’t believe in playing with lucky numbers or you think that playing random numbers is the best way to go, then the Quick Pick option is for you. It allows a number-generator to choose the numbers for you and these are completely random combinations.

Pretplata: When you have a chosen set of lucky numbers and you try them out whenever you play, but often forget to enter draws or don’t have the time, Pretplata is the option for you. This means you can opt for subscriptions, which means you can make payments for your bids in advance for up to 8 rounds.

System: This is an option that can be used by lottery players when they want to boost their chances of winning. When they go with System, they are given the opportunity of choosing more than seven numbers. In this way, you are able to play with additional number combinations thereby increasing your odds of winning. When you choose eight numbers, you are technically playing with eight number combinations and getting 8 times more chances of winning the prize. Similarly, if you select 9 numbers, your combinations increase to 36 whereas they reach 120 when you play 10 numbers. The maximum numbers that can be selected are 17, which give you the opportunity to play 19448 combinations.

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For winning the jackpot, the players are required to match all seven numbers on the day of the drawing. The odds of anyone winning the jackpot are 1 in 15,380,937. The Serbia Loto boasts a minimum guaranteed jackpot of around 35 million dinars, which is approximately 0.37 million USD. One of the biggest jackpots that was recently drawn in the Serbia Loto was 4.4 million Euros and this was paid out in December, 2017. The lucky ticket was purchased in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

Similarly, a huge jackpot in the Serbia Loto has also been won this year when a Serbia Loto as well as Loto Plus ticket was bought for a cost of eight euros. The amount won by the ticket holders was a combination of both games and it amounted to 1.75 million euros. There are four additional prize tiers that people can enjoy when they play the Serbia Loto and this is other than the jackpot.

Those who are able to match six numbers will be able to take home 25 percent of the prize fund and the same is applicable to those who are able to match five numbers. The individual prizes are obviously lower because more and more people will be able to get such numerical combinations right.

The draw for the Serbia Loto is conducted every Tuesday and Friday live on RTS 1. In every round of the draw, seven numbers are chosen from the drum that has a pool of 1 to 39 numbers. Then, in an increasing order, the winning numbers are sorted out. As mentioned above, it is not just the numbers for the Serbia Loto that have to be drawn, but numbers for Loto Plus and the Joker are also extracted. For ensuring the regularity and transparency of the lottery drawn, it is conducted in the presence of the commission of public TV drawings and this comprises of 3 members.

The State Lottery of Serbia appoints two of these members whereas the tax administration authority appoints the third member in the presence of the Ministry of Finance. You can view the results of the draw on the internet portal of the State of Serbia, daily newspapers as well as their YouTube channel. Another way to confirm your winnings is to provide your ticket to the seller or payment receipt and they will check on your behalf if you have won anything.

If you find out that you really are a winner, then you need to start making arrangements because there is a legal deadline for collecting your payments and this is 60 days from the date of the draw. In the case where the prize is not claimed in this duration, the jackpot is rolled over and you will lose your opportunity of taking it home. It is also important for winners to know that if their prize is greater than the tax base, they will have to show their ID card and account number in order to claim their prize manually.

When you play the Serbia Loto online, your DLS internet portal account comes in handy because your winnings are directly transferred into it. You can then decide to withdraw these funds or use them for additional plays. Another thing to bear in mind is that the prizes you won through the Serbia Loto might be taxable; yes, income tax has to be paid if you have won a large lottery prize. As far as the non-taxable amount is concerned, it is changed every year so you will have to talk to an accountant and a lawyer about it. This amount is subtracted from the lottery prize you win and the remaining amount is taxed at a rate of 20 percent.

International players should remember that after paying the tax in Serbia, they may also have to pay a tax in their own country of origin. Even then, the Serbia Loto is a fun game that has very low ticket prizes and amazing jackpots, making it a good game to play.

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