Loto Maroc – All About the Moroccan Loterie Nationale

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National Lotteries have been in play for a number of centuries now and with each day that passes, the number of people who play lottery games increases exponentially. This has made many countries to consider the creation of a lottery game as a means to ameliorate the standards of living of their citizens by using a portion of the game’s pool of funds to invest in good causes such as education, health, sports and recreation among others. Lotteries like the Mega Millions, Powerball, La Primitiva and SuperEnalotto play a very important part in the development of their respective home countries.

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(Morocco – Loto Maroc) The Loterie Nationale or National Lottery of Morocco is a Privately-owned company in charge of operating lottery games in Morocco and it is regulated under state control. On a yearly average, jackpots from Moroccan Loterie Nationale games can average $78 million (755 million Dirhams).

Apart from the fact that the large jackpot amounts which their lottery games provide make at least 5 persons millionaires each year, the Loterie Nationale is also a major player in the social and economic landscape of the country even though this lottery hasn’t been around for long. The Loterie Nationale began in December 1971 and has continuously evolved to meet the needs of its players.

Because of its vast array of lottery games, the Moroccan Loterie Nationale has helped raise funds for many foundations and associations in Morocco.

Games offered by the Loterie Nationale

As has been mentioned above, the Moroccan Loterie Nationale (National Lottery of Morocco) offers a wide variety of lottery games to its wide array of lottery players. Some of the games it offers are expatiated upon in this article.

The Moroccan Loto

The Moroccan Loto is the flagship lottery game of the country. Ever since its creation, this Loto has become the most prominent lottery game in the country. The fact that the lottery game boasts of producing over 180 jackpot winners with at least 5 jackpot winners each year is a testament to the prominent and popular nature of the lottery game in the country.

This lottery game like many other prominent lottery games follows a 6/49 matrix. Using this system of play, each player of the game has to choose six balls from 49 balls. Players can choose to manually select their numbers themselves. Alternatively, they can choose the FLASH option which will let the computer choose your numbers. This method is good for those players who are hurrying to play or for first-time players. This lottery game can also be played online. Playing online makes it possible for lovers of the Maroc Loto as is commonly called to be able to conveniently play this lottery game.

The drawings for this lottery game take place every week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays at 9 PM DST. Sale of tickets for the lottery close at 8 PM DST. During the draws, seven balls are drawn from the lottery ball machine (six main balls plus the Joker ball). If you player matches all the six main balls, the player wins the jackpot which is the first division prize.

The Joker ball is used to determine the prize winners for the second prize division. A player who match 5 main balls plus the Joker win the second prize. Apart from the prizes mentioned above, other prizes exist for those players who are able to match 5. 4 or 3 main numbers.

Some of the most frequently drawn numbers in the Moroccan Loto are 11, 44, 8, 41, 26 and 18. So, you might want to consider adding some of these numbers to your numbers. All winners of the Moroccan Loto have up to 180 days from the date of their winning draw to claim their prize and collect their winnings, whether the prize is the jackpot or not. Also, another exciting fact about the Moroccan Loto is the fact that all winnings of this lottery are paid out as tax-free lump sums.


This is an additional feature of the Moroccan Loto game which increases the prize divisions available to players. To opt for this feature, players simply have to tick the “Joker” checkbox on their play slip. Before participating in the Loterie Nationale’s Loto, the Joker number is automatically generated by the lottery game’s terminal and printed on your ticket. If the Joker number on your ticket matches the Joker number drawn, the player’s winning odds are increased.


Among all the games offered by the Loterie Nationale, the Keno game is the most popular and probably the most played game thanks to its innovative concept which is different from the other lottery games. This game gives winners the chance to win up to a maximum of 5 million Dirhams per day.


This is yet another game offered by the Loterie Nationale. Its lottery ticket is made up of 5 rows, each of which is made up of 4 columns of 10 slots numbered from 0-9. The selected number in the first column represents thousands, the one on the second column represents hundreds, the third, tens and the fourth units. The game is played by checking one number per column. A player wins the game when the numbers he/she chooses to match the numbers found in the Quatro results.

Other games exist owned and operated by the Loterie Nationale. Some of these games include the Milliardo, the Pick 3 commonly referred to as the Toulati and many other exciting lottery games.

The Loterie Nationale established in 1971 under state control is the organization in charge of operating and regulating the different lottery games of the country and paying out prizes to the winners of the various lottery games. In addition to the operation and regulation of the different lottery games in the country, the Loterie Nationale is also committed to supporting charitable causes and promoting responsible gaming. A portion of the funds generated from the sale of lottery tickets by the National Lottery of Morocco is used to support organizations in the fields of sports, culture, education, and art.

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