What is The Loteria del Nino? The Spanish Childrens’ Lottery of 2018

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Loteria del Nino

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Loteria Del Nino

Loteria del Nino is one of the most unusual and popular lotteries in Spain. Loteria del Nino is played every year in January and its prize pool can reach up to 700 million Euros. Each individual ticket can win between €20 to €200,000. Each year, %70 of Spaniards buy tickets for the El Nino draw. This game is very similar to Loteria de Navidad, which is drawn each year in Spain on the 23rd of December. The odds in both games are similar.

The History of Loteria del Nino

Spanish National Loteria del Nino falls every year on the feast of the Epiphany. January 6 marks the triumph of the whole country. Buying a lottery ticket on this day is considered a tradition. Prior to the drawing, anyone from anywhere in the world can buy a ticket here on Lottosend.com for the Loteria del Nino drawing. This Spanish lotto game is in high demand because the lottery prize is just enormous, because of this fact the number of tickets is limited to a certain amount and it is recommended to purchase a ticket while they are still on sale here. The odds of winning a prize in Loteria del Nino raffle are 1 in 3 tickets!

The System of the Loteria del Nino

  • The game has 100,000 numbers, which must be chosen from 00000 to 99999. This is called a number that is printed on the ticket in advance.
  • Each ticket prints 10 times and tickets are available for sale – a “Share”, “Decimo” and “Fraccion”. These are the same number, but they have different barcodes. Each of such tickets is called “Billete”.
  • Each lottery ticket is printed with different barcode and a unique series. Each series of notes on the ticket, wherein said bar code and unique number.
  • 100,000 Numbers X 50 10 series X Shares each = 50 million prize.
  • For one ticket you can get up to 37,000 combinations.
  • Winnings may be different, the amount of 20 Euros or up to 2 million Euros.
  • The odds of winning are considered to be 1 to 3, because in addition to the main prize there are secondary.
Official Loteria Del Nino Tickets Online - Secure Purchase

Official Loteria Del Nino Tickets Online – Secure Purchase

How to Buy a Loteria del Nino Ticket and Take Part?

  • Visit Lottosend, then register and buy the desired number of lottery tickets. If a player lives in another country, he doesn’t need to worry. Lottosend will scan your tickets and your account can participate in the general drawing. After this you can play and wait for the draw, which will be on 6 of January.

Do I Have to be Spanish and Live in Spain to Take Part?

  • No, you can play from anywhere in the world and you don’t even need to know how to Speak Spanish or be a citizen of Spain.
  • Each ticket is made up of ten separate factions that players can buy. A whole ticket is very expensive and some players can not afford to buy it. Because of this, the organizers have come up with decimos (one tenth of a ticket).

How Will I Know the Results of the Game, if I Don’t Live in Spain?

  • Each player, is notified of the lottery results by email. As soon as the draw takes place Lottosend will let you know if you have won a prize.

To start playing online, visit Lottosend lotteries page

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