Life After Lottery – The Joe Denette Story

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Usually when we hear or read of stories of lucky lottery winners, we just hear about the now: who won, how much, and where?

But how are they doing a few years down the line?

As we have seen, winning the lottery can be either a blessing or a curse, thankfully, for Joe Denette, it was a case of the former.

Back in 2009, the singly and unemployed contractor—who was buying handfuls of Mega Millions tickets by the week—finally caught his break, winning a $75.6 million jackpot.

He decided to take the lump sum, which, after taxes, came to about $33 million.


A few years down the line, and NASCAR-crazy Denette now has his very own Camping World Truck Series team called NTS Motorsports.

Not only that, but he his happily married to a woman with whom he had a long history, and has three children.

During an interview, Denette admitted that he “spent a chunk of it” on cars and houses, but he was also wise enough to invest a good portion.

One of the best piece of advice that Denette offered future winners was to “be weary of everybody” so as not to be taken advantage of.

And although her husband is a millionaire, Mrs. Denette spends frugally, and still uses coupons for grocery shopping.

Apart from the team and the big items that they bought, they don’t live a lavish life of luxury wearing only designer clothes or drinking only the finest champagne, for example; they have remained true to themselves.

This seems to be important when you come into such a massive sum of money: enjoy the riches and don’t be afraid to buy some big items that you’ve always dreamt of, but don’t let it go to your head and change you as a person.