Leitrim Man Wins Nearly €100,000 in Irish National Lottery

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The Irish Lotto draw happens two times a week every Wednesday and Saturday evening. With Lottosend you can from anywhere in the world play the Irish Lotto online and also play International lotteries online from Ireland!

Play Irish Lotto Online - Original Scanned Tickets

Play Irish Lotto Online – Original Scanned Tickets

Irish National Lottery is not only famous all over this North Atlantic country but it is gaining traction amongst lottery players from across the globe. The reason for such a high level of interest in the Irish lottery is its ease of access and also the high amount of prize money distributed in the game. As more and more players have started taking interest in Irish lotteries, the chances of becoming a millionaire are getting slimmer. However, organizers keep on inventing new ways to attract the attention of individuals from all walk of life.

The carry forward rule, for instance, allows a player to win more money for the same draw since the unclaimed prizes are accumulated over time and distributed to the next lucky winner. Candidates in the Irish lottery can spend as little as 1 euro to take part in lottery games worth millions of euros. When a person hits the jackpot, he or she is notified through phone or email and is asked to come to the organizers headquarters to collect their win. Irish people are quite fun love and like to spend quality time with friends and family. This is the very reason why lottery winners do not travel alone and carry a number of friends and relatives with them when they head out to receive their winning check.

How a quick pick ticket changed the life of a Leitrim Resident

In 2007, a farm owner from a small village in Leitrim county became the lucky winner of €97,000 jackpot in Saturday Lotto Match 5 lottery. The winner’s ticket did not only match the first five numbers with the lucky draw but also had the same bonus number as the winning ticket. The winner is used to living a simple lifestyle and for him and his family, this is a large sum of money that they wish to spend very carefully and wisely.

The Irish man suggested that the jackpot win will not only help him and his family in raising their lifestyle but will also allow them to pay off their outstanding dues like the mortgage on the house and other utility bills. They have enough cash now to buy a new tractor for their farm and finance their children’s education.

Even after winning such a large amount of money, the Irish man and his family want to keep their feet firmly in the ground and want to continue on with their regular lives. Leitrim village has been quite lucky in the past few years as far as lottery winnings are concerned. Multiple lottery candidates from this village have won a large sum of money by playing some of the most famous lotteries in the country.

How to preserve your lottery win?

Winning a jackpot prize is once in a lifetime opportunity which is experienced by a negligible number of people from all parts of the world. Although winners are quietly lucky to earn enough money to live their lives happily ever after, many of them end up losing too much too soon as they have no idea about how to spend their winnings wisely.

Here are a few simple tips to help you preserve your newly found wealth for a longer period of time:

Talk to a financial expert

The first thing that a lottery winner should do is talk to their choice of financial expert in order to seek an intelligent amount what to do with so much money. It is not mandatory that you follow each and every recommendation that your wealth advisor makes. However, after having a couple of meetings with them, you will have a better idea about how many viable options you have to invest your money.

Talk to a real estate agent and buy a property

Your next stop should be a real estate agent, with whom you should discuss the best localities to invest for private and commercial uses. If you are looking to generate a passive income that can keep you financially stable for the rest of your life, then you should definitely consider by residential properties. If you have a nice and clean house in a decent locality, people will pay you the desired amount to rent your house of the apartment on a monthly basis.

Buy Gold

Precious metal like gold can help you to save some of your earnings for your future generations. Gold is one of those few assets that almost never depreciate in value. In fact, even when the economy is going down and the inflation rate is rising, you use gold to acquire some cash to either start something of your own or to move to another country with a better standard of living. This is one of the significant reasons why many countries in Asia provide gold jewelry to the younger generation so that they can use it if get into financial trouble.

Take a break

For lottery winners, a jackpot prize win is once in a lifetime opportunity to tell your boss that you need some time-off to sync in the feeling of becoming an overnight millionaire. It is never recommended that you go straight into your boss’s room and tell them that you would not be coming back to work from tomorrow. There are many hind sides of this strategy including the fact that it is hard to stay at home all day and do nothing at all. The best thing to do after a lottery win is to book an expensive ticket to your ideal destination and enjoy a couple of days relaxing and planning of how you will make the best use of your lottery win.

To increase your chances of winning a lottery, you should select random numbers for your lottery ticket. One of the major reasons by experts suggests this technique is that the lucky draw itself is a random selection of five or six numbers that can make any ticket holder an overnight millionaire. When you win a lottery or not, it is always good to have a vague idea about how to spend a large sum of money in case you actually hit the jackpot!

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