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Probably there is no person who’d say that he doesn’t like Saint Patrick’s Day. And how it could be? When beer and whiskey flow like water? But what do we know about this holiday? Do we really know who was Patrick (except that fact, that he was Irish). So, maybe it’s time to learn more about history of such joyful holiday?

We will answer 5 most frequently asked questions!

  1. When the Holiday Takes Places Your Teachers Wouldn’t Tell You?

Every year, 17th of March is known as crazy night, wild party night…oh, and Saint Patrick’s Day. And you can be sure, it’s not a chance, it’s destiny. So, before celebrating, be ready to wake up next morning with hangover.

saint patrick's day

  1. Things You Don’t Want to Hear AboutWho is Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick lived approximately in the end of 5th century. The believed to be the main patron Saint of Ireland at that time. He remains the one of the most famous patrons of Ireland. The celebration coincides with the day of death of Patrick. This holiday has long history, it is celebrated more than 1500 years in !

  1. Why Everybody Wears Green Clothes are the Secret Ingredient?

This traditions appeared thanks to a three-leaved shamrock plant. It is believed that Saint Patrick used this plant while teaching the Holy Trinity.


  1. Reasons You Should be Talking About Did You Knows

The real name of Saint wasn’t Patrick? His real name is Maewyn Succat. He changed his hame. Well, Patrick sounds much better than Maewyn Succat.

  1. What is the best way to make this day unforgettable?

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