Latvia Lottery: Exciting Range of Games – LatLoto 5/35 and More!

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This is the view from the tower of St. Peters Church in Riga, the capital of Latvia.

This is the view from the tower of St. Peters Church in Riga, the capital of Latvia.

Latvia Lottery

The history of the Latvia Lottery can be traced back to 1972 when it was founded by the Sojuzsportloto Republican Administration. At that time, the most popular lottery game that the Latvia lottery was offering players was the Sportsloto and also the Sprints. The Latvia Lottery celebrated its 38th anniversary in 2010, which means that over the years, it has managed to garner a truckload of experience in regard to lotteries. Not only has it done so, but the Latvia Lottery has also provided the capital with invaluable support for the development of its security systems and economy. In the year 1995, the Latvia Lottery managed to become an international professional organization of lotteries and also got the membership in the European section of the European lottery.

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Latloto 5/35

One of the most popular games that avid lottery players can find in the country is the Viking Loto, which was introduced in February, 2011. On the 25th of January in 2013, the Latvia Lottery introduced the next best game, which was none other than the EuroJackpot. However, the national birthday of the lottery in Latvia was on 10th of January, 1993 when the first draw for the Latloto 5/35 was conducted. This lottery was introduced three years after the independence of Latvia was restored and it has a long and proud history. The country had been annexed against the will of the people and unconstitutional by the Soviet Union in 1940.

As mentioned above, the Latvian Lottery Company had been around since 1972, but it had transformed after the country’s independence. Since its birthday in 1993, the Latloto has been doing rather well and it remains one of the most popular lottery games available in the country. The drawings for this game are conducted two times in a week, on Wednesday and Saturday and the draws are broadcasted live on national television. As this lottery has a long history and has spanned decades, it is most definitely not a scam.

Since it is fully legitimate, there is no harm in players giving the Latloto 5/35 game a try. It is one of the lottery games that shine in the portfolio of the Latvijas Loto and belongs to a structure established by the national entity for one purpose; generating a large number of funds for the country’s budget. The entity became a state-owned and joint-stock organization in 1996 after which a number of other games were also introduced. Today, some of the prominent lottery games that you can find in Latvijas Loto’s portfolio include LatLoto 5/35, Viking Loto, Super Bingo, EuroJackpot, Dzokers and Dzokers 7, Keno and Loto 5.

There are additional games such as scratch cards also available and these give players the opportunity of winning some instant cash. The funds that are generated from the ticket sales of various lotteries are all used for good purposes. 32 percent of the funds are put into the national budget of the country. As far as the prize fund of the lotteries is concerned, it comprises of 48 percent of the funds that are generated from the ticket sales. 15 percent of this revenue is dedicated by the organization to administrative expenses whereas 5 percent is aimed at covering expenses that are linked to ticket sales.

Since Latvijas Loto is a member of the European Lottery Association, it automatically means that the organization has adopted responsible gaming principles. Moreover, it also has to stick to certain guidelines that are adopted all over the continent.

How to Play the LatLoto 5/35?

The format of the LatLoto 5/35 is slightly different from other classic lotteries that tend to stick to the 6/49 format. This is a good thing because the smaller range of numbers can actually improve your chances of winning the jackpot. Playing the game is a rather easy task. Lottery players are required to choose five numbers from a pool of 35 numbers. The price of a single entry ticket is 0.75 euro and the draws are conducted twice a week. Two draws also provide lottery players additional chances of winning the jackpot.

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LatLoto 5/35 Tickets

The tickets for this particular lottery game can be bought from an authorized retail venue or also through the official website of the lottery. Buying a ticket for the LatLoto 5/35 not only allows you to participate in the main game, but also gives you access to an entry into additional games such as Dzokers or Dzokers 7. If you want to avail any of these opportunities, you will have to mark it on your ticket in order to validate them.

If you are an advanced lottery player, you can also increase your odds of winning by going with a LatLoto 5/35 system. This gives you the option of choosing numbers between 6 and 10 for the specific lottery draw. If you buy a ticket that carries six numbers, the price of the ticket will increase to 4.5 euros and the price of the ticket will hike up to 189 euros if you are playing with a 10 number combination. Sure, the price of these tickets might make them too costly for some people, but the fact of the matter is that they boost the odds of winning and also give players the chance to claim multiple prizes from a single ticket.

LatLoto 5/35 Jackpot

Obviously, the top prize that any player can win through the LatLoto 5/35 is the jackpot and the odds of any player taking home this prize are 1 in 3,246,320. One of the best features of this game is that it has a rolling jackpot. This means that if there is no winner from a respective drawing, the jackpot sum will then be rolled towards the next draw. Even though the LatLoto 5/35 doesn’t exactly have some of the massive jackpots that other lottery games have to offer, it has still given out some substantial prizes to lottery players over the years. For instance, the biggest prize in the entire history of the game was claimed by a lottery player in May, 2014. This was a sum of 175,942 euros.

The second biggest jackpot of the game had amounted to a sum of 157,202 euros and had been won in January 2010. Apart from the jackpot, the lottery game boasts three additional prize tiers and the odds of winning each of these prizes vary. The first has odds of 1 in 360,702, the second has odds of 1 in 2,164 and the third has odds of 1 in 75 respectively. As far as the prize amounts for these three tiers are concerned, they will vary on the basis of the number of tickets that are sold in a respective draw along with the number of winners that have won in every prize tier.

Winners need to keep a few things in mind when they are playing the LatLoto 5/35 if they wish to claim their funds successfully. They have the option of claiming prizes up to and under 150 euros at any authorized retail venue or can also claim them online. For prizes that fall between the range of 150 euros and 720 euros, the claim can be filed online or lottery players have the option of claiming their prize from a Riga store operated by the Latvijas Loto. If players have won a bigger amount, they will have to visit the Latvijas Loto headquarters in Riga for making their claim.

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Thirty days are given to the players from the date of the draw to claim their winnings.

Until 2012, any amount that had been won by players through a lottery game had not been subjected to any income tax in Latvia. However, there was a change of rules and now a 25 percent tax is applicable on any lottery winnings. The official website of the LatLoto 5/35 allows players to buy their tickets online, but registration can only be made if you have a Latvian ID. Thus, international players will not have the option of going down this route. If they are not present in the country they cannot buy the tickets from an authorized venue either. Does this mean they cannot participate in the Latvian Lottery games?

No, they can use the services of an online lottery agent for purchasing their tickets. These agents allow players to register for games on their website and have people in the country who buy tickets on their behalf. You will receive a scanned copy of the ticket and if you win a prize, the agents claim it on your behalf and then send the amount to your account. In this way, you are able to participate in the Latvia Lottery without having to step out of your home. Nonetheless, even with this service, there is no guarantee that you will be able to win anything.

The only way to win the LatLoto 5/35 is to pick the right numbers. There is no secret mathematical formula that you can apply to find out what numbers will be chosen in the next draw. But, this doesn’t mean that you cannot do anything to improve your odds of choosing the best possible numbers. How do you pick them? Here are some tips that can be incredibly useful:

Choose the birthdays of friends and family

As the range of numbers in LatLoto 35 is a small one, it is a good idea to use birthdays of friends and family members to pick your numbers. In other games, it is not such a good idea because your numbers are then limited to 31, but since the range of numbers is not that big in this game, there is no harm in going with this trick.

Opting for overdue numbers

Another approach that you can use for picking your numbers is to look for those that have not come up in the draw for a while. As per human intuition, if something has not happened in a while, there is a good chance it is now overdue. You can look through the past LatLoto results and figure out which are these numbers. Bear in mind that there is no guarantee that these numbers will be picked in the next draw.

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Play your lucky numbers

This is a common approach like the use of birthdays, but this doesn’t mean that it won’t work. Some people are just drawn to some numbers in the same way that they tend to have a favorite color.

You need to have enough lucky numbers to fill your entire ticket and they just might work for you in the LatLoto as well.

Going with random selection

In the lottery, you will often hear people say that every number has an equal chance of being drawn and this is a fact. But, the draw numbers are also chosen randomly and don’t follow a pattern; this is also widely known. Therefore, experts recommend that you play only random numbers. In fact, they believe that doing so can actually increase your chances of winning more and not just winning. As the numbers are random, it is less likely that others will choose same numbers and you will not have to share your prize with anyone.

Using the logic of science

Last, but not the least, you can also use science to your advantage when picking your lottery numbers. There are prediction software available that use various techniques to perform an analysis and then inform you of the best possible numbers you can play. There are also systems such as wheeling, which involves buying several tickets, and playing more numbers than the usual ones.

Even though there is no guarantee these methods may work, they can still improve your odds slightly.

Thus, you can use any of these tactics for improving your odds of winning the LatLoto 5/35. As the tickets are reasonably prized and it is a legitimate game, there is no harm in trying your luck.

There are two draws so you can play in each one and just might win the prize.

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