Last Month a Ticket Holder in the UK Claimed a Whole Euromillions Jackpot of £121.3 Million

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A claim for the Euro Lotto jackpot of £121.3m has been made. According to Camelot, it was won by a ticket holder in the UK in Tuesday’s draw.

In the history of the UK, the lucky winner is going to rank the third largest. The operator for the National Lottery indicated that no data will be available on whether the winner is an individual or belongs to a syndicate nor the area where the ticket was bought unless the owner of the ticket resolves to go public.

The National Lottery’s senior winners’ adviser Andy Carter stated, ‘This win is incredible. The owner of the ticket has flown to rank third on the National Lottery Rich List. Today they can afford to fly to any location of their choice.’

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‘We shall now endeavor to give the winner support as they start the journey to have fun with this remarkable win.’

Using the figures 20, 23, 28, 30 and 44 as well as 03 and 07 as the lucky stars, they shall join a small number of people who have won above £100m in a Lotto draw.

This winner’s new-found wealth signifies they can now think of making investments in some of the most popular properties in the UK, vehicles or luxury products in plenty.

If they prefer housing, Kensington Palace Gardens’ pads average around £35m. This street is the most expensive in the country. Meanwhile, One Hyde Park apartments are about £75m.

Extra cash can buy designer outfits; some dresses viewed on the red carpet cost £100,000. The wedding dress for Kate Middleton cost around £250,000.

Prospective art collectors may be keen in buying the type of iconic works which generate a million figures in double or triple.

Marilyn, by Andy Warhol, sold for £57m. Le Reve, which is among Pablo Picasso’s most costly paintings was sold in 2013 for around £113m.

Some methods of using the cash are not popular: the expected price of a royal yacht was £120m, proposed by 50 Conservative MPs. It was to be financed by a Lotto kind of game.

But, it might not be the lucky winner’s wish to use their new-found money on luxury items.

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  1. Euromillions is one of the largest tax free lump sum lotteries in the world. One day it shall be mine!

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