Khmer Lottery – Win Great Prizes in this Cambodian Lottery

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Khmer Lottery - Win Great Prizes in this Cambodian Lottery

Khmer Empire – image from nationalgeographic.org

Khmer Lottery

Lottery is one of the oldest games in the world. As far as Cambodia is concerned, the game’s history can be traced as far back as the 1950s. At that time, the lottery was referred to as ‘Kantuy Lek’ in the Cambodian language. For quite a few years, the lottery was deemed illegal in the country, but things began to change later on. Thanks to the Ministry of Finance and Economy, it is now possible for companies in Cambodia to be licensed for being involved in gaming and lottery activities. As a matter of fact, a law has been introduced for regulating lottery activities and ensure there is fair play.

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The company behind Khmer Lottery is called DreamWin Corporation and it also obtained its license as per the same regulatory framework. Then, a contractual agreement was made between DreamWin Corporation and Xinwei (Cambodia) Telecom Co. Ltd. for providing the company’s residents’ access to the Khmer Lottery online. Thanks to this feature, today both the tourists as well as the public can enjoy the convenience of playing the Khmer Lottery at any time they want. Playing the Khmer Lottery is a fun venture and it is only to be considered a means of entertainment rather than thinking of it as a money-making exercise.

Nonetheless, there are some really great prizes to be won. When the government in Cambodia promotes the lottery, they are also able to get a share of profits and it also helps in creating more jobs for the citizens of the country. Before the lottery was made legal in the country, the crime associated with illegal gambling, betting and the lottery was pretty widespread. However, this has become a thing of the past now and a safe gaming atmosphere has been created by the government for encouraging responsible gaming amongst the people.

Moving onto the game itself, Khmer Lottery is regarded as a revolutionary game that provides people in Cambodia an excellent opportunity to have fun and also be able to win prizes while at it. One of the best things about Cambodia is that it doesn’t follow the same policy as that of other countries, which involves restricting betting only to the citizens. Cambodia has adopted an open-door policy through which even tourists who are visiting in the country are allowed to participate. Due to this factor, since the inception of the Khmer Lottery, it has seen a huge increase in its numbers.

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There are two different methods that you can use for playing the Khmer lottery. The first method is to actually visit an operator, which is the traditional method of doing things and the other route is to play the Khmer Lottery via the app. Let’s look at each option in detail:

Playing Khmer Lottery via an Operator Such as Khmer24

The first step in this method is to find a Khmer Lottery agent in your vicinity. These are the people who have been authorized to sell and distribute lottery tickets and materials on behalf of DreamWin Corporation. Once you find an operator, you can inform them that you are interested in playing the Khmer Lottery and they will provide you with a pay slip. Once you have it, you are required to choose five numbers and these are the numbers that will determine whether you will win a prize in the Khmer lottery or not.

The numbers you decide to play in the Khmer Lottery can be inspired by anything in your life, which includes your wedding anniversary, birthday, graduation events or another important date. After you have chosen the numbers you want to play, you need to hand it back to the clerk along with the payment for the number of plays you have selected. Then, you will be provided with a ticket.

Playing Khmer Lottery via the App

If you are not interested in playing manually and wish to take advantage of the convenience of playing online, Khmer lottery has an option for that as well. It has an app available that can be used for online plays. The app is quite simple to use and is available for both iOS and Android devices, which makes it incredibly simple for people to play this game online. All you are required to do is download the app on your smartphone and enter the necessary information. The interface shown on the app is incredibly similar to what you would see on the pay slip if you were to play manually.

The advantage with the app is convenience and safety. You are able to play the Khmer Lottery from the comfort of your home at any time you want. Both the manual and online versions give you the option of using the Quick Pick option in case you don’t have any favorite numbers. This is when you let the computer generate random numbers for you and you can avoid the anxiety of having to select the numbers yourself. The ticket that you will get is evidence that you have participate in the Khmer lottery. In the case of the app, you are issued an electronic ticket instead of a paper-based one.

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However, bear in mind that you have to keep your physical ticket safe as it is a bearer document. This means that the ticket can be passed to anyone else and they can use it for claiming the prize. Therefore, you have to be very protective of the ticket and sign it for the purpose of validating it. Make sure the ticket doesn’t get lost and don’t fold it over much. Likewise, remember that defaced tickets can take a long time to validate and the identification might even fail in some cases so you will be denied your prize.

Khmer Lottery Draw

In the draw for the Khmer lottery (Khmer24), the stage is set on which 5 machines that rotate manually are placed and an attendant is assigned to each of them. When the drawing process begins, the machines are rolled out by the attendants and the balls start to come out. In total, five balls are drawn from every machine. This means that the winning numbers for the Khmer lottery are not drawn from a single machine, but every machine does produce a winning number in their own category.

For instance, the first prize winning number is produced by the first machine, the second winning prize number is drawn from the second machine and so on it goes till the fifth machine. Before the machines are used, each of them is inspected beforehand to prevent any bias. In case one of these machines becomes dysfunctional, there are spare machines handy that can be used in their place. As mentioned earlier, there are a total of 5 prize categories that players can enjoy in the Khmer lottery.

You can win three times if you are able to match your numbers chronologically. The first prize you get is the amount of the number multiplied by 60,000. The second prize is referred to as the consolation prize where the player receives 70 points. The third prize is also called the consolation prize where 600 points are given to the player. Weekly prizes are awarded after a weekly draw in which a lucky number is selected. The weekly prizes that are given out to the participants of the Khmer lotto, which include smartphones, motorcycles, television sets and even trips to other countries like Thailand and Vietnam.

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Khmer Lottery Results – Khmer24

When the results of the Khmer Lottery are out, they are sent out to the lottery agents and the local media. A list of winners can be seen by simply visiting one of the lottery agents on the next day of the draw. There are a number of stations from where players can claim their prizes and one of them is Khmer Lottery agents. In case the agents don’t have the float, they will send you to another agent or simply ask you to visit again to claim your prize. If the prize you have won in the Khmer lottery is big enough, you can simply visit the headquarters or branch offices for making your claim.

Remember that you have to carry identification with you and always have your ticket when you wish to make a claim. Otherwise, you will not be able to complete the process. But, you will only get to the process of claiming when you actually win something and how can that be done? You have to choose the right numbers in order to make that happen and this is what causes confusion. How do you select numbers that give you the highest chances of winning?

Khmer Lottery Strategies and Choosing Numbers

If you do some research, you will realize that there are a plethora of strategies that have been used by past lottery winners in selecting their numbers. While the same strategy may not work for everyone, one might. You can try several strategies and who knows? You just might end up with a prize in Khmer lottery. Some of the strategies that you can use when choosing your Khmer lottery numbers are:

  • Using numbers that are important to you

As mentioned earlier, people can choose their lottery numbers based on their birthdays, anniversaries or other events. These numbers are meaningful to you and can be used as your lottery numbers. Likewise, people also have lucky numbers that often bring them good luck. If you have any such numbers, you can use them as well. Some lottery players are also known to use their phone numbers, addresses or even ages for participating in the lottery and you can do the same when playing Khmer lottery.

  • Use a combination of even and odd

The Khmer lottery gives you a range of 45 numbers to choose from when you are entering the draw. This range includes both even and odd numbers and it is a good idea to use a combination of both when choosing the combination to play. The odds of all even or all odd numbers being drawn are very low and you don’t want to waste your ticket on a try that might not get you any results.

  • Choose numbers from low and high range

Some people make the mistake of choosing their lottery numbers only from a single group or the low range of numbers. For instance, they will only choose numbers in the 20s. Again, this will reduce your chances of matching all the numbers drawn in the Khmer lottery and you will only win a small prize, if you do win. When you are selecting a number combination, it is a good idea to choose numbers from the low end as well as the high end of the pool. This maximizes your chances of matching as many numbers as possible when playing the Khmer lottery.

  • Go with random

All lottery draws, including that of the Khmer lottery, are random. There is no pattern or algorithm that’s used for choosing the numbers that will be drawn. Therefore, it is also a good idea to play random numbers as your entry because this might boost your chances of winning a prize. The problem is that choosing random numbers is easier said than done. No matter how hard you try, there is a good chance your choice will be influenced by some factor or another. In this case, going with the Quick Pick option is a good idea. A computer generates a string of random numbers for players to use in their entry and using this option will not cost you extra.

If you want to win a prize in the Khmer lottery, whether the jackpot or secondary prizes, you can try out these number strategies. Yes, there is no way to guarantee that you will win, but the odds of this happening will certainly improve. You can participate in the Khmer lottery without any worries as it is regulated by the Ministry of Finance, which means it is not a scam and is a fair and transparent lottery in which payouts are guaranteed.

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