Kerala Lottery Games: The Most Popular Lotto in India

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Monsoon Bumper Kerala Lottery Ticket

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Kerala, historically known as Keralam, is an Indian state in South India on the Malabar Coast. It was formed on 1 November 1956 following the States Reorganisation Act by combining Malayalam-speaking regions.

Kerala Lottery

(India) Enjoying a lottery ticket and working hard to win is the dreams of any lottery player. But the reality is that some regions don’t really have too many powerful lotteries. India doesn’t really have a massive lottery system, even if it does need a really good one. That being said, you do have the Kerala lottery which is a very distinct and rather unique lottery. At its core, Kerala is a lottery program and it’s run by the government of Kerala.

Kerala Lottery History

(Most Popular Lotto in India) Kerala is not a new lottery. On the contrary, it was created back in 1967 and it has managed to evolve quite a lot since them. At that time, all the lotteries that existed in the region were banned. The reason is that some of them were illegal and others weren’t really offering fair chances.

The Kerala lottery was started and the idea was to offer employment to people and boost financing for the government without having to deal with a lot of effort or any major opposition. And as you will see, it worked quite well. In fact, the Kerala lottery was so successful that this became a model for most of the lotteries in India.

Some states in India started to create their own lotteries, others were a bit challenged and dealt with multiple issues related to the creation of a new lottery. As for the lottery itself, you should note that it has 14 different offices, 465 employees in total and even a regional deputy directorate.

Kerala Lottery Tickets in Local Indian Shop

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The Kerala lottery has become a serious business for the region and it helps everyone quite a bit. The government has something to gain here, and the regular people also have the opportunity to win quite a lot of money, which is downright exciting.

Also, Kerala does bring in front multiple weekly lotteries.

14 Different Kerala Lottery Games

The idea here is that everyone has the opportunity to play and have fun. But at the same time, the prizes are pretty good too. That alone manages to offer us the opportunity and type of features that a lot of people expect to have. There are multiple categories that are seasonal for this lottery.

Overall, the prizes are ok and people do enjoy playing it. Plus, the Kerala lottery is pretty inexpensive and it doesn’t cost that much to buy a ticket. That makes the entire experience so rewarding and distinct, so you should consider checking out this wonderful lottery.

Kerala Games and Draw Days

Bumper onaam Seasonal
Bumper Vishu Seasonal
Bumper Thiruvonam Seasonal
Bumper Pooja Seasonal
Bumper X’mas – newyear Seasonal
Bumper Monsoon Seasonal
Bumper Summer Seasonal
Weekly WIN WIN Mondays
Weekly STHREESAKTHI Tuesdays
Weekly AKSHAYA Wednesdays
Weekly Karunya Plus Thursdays
Weekly NIRMAL Fridays
Weekly KARUNYA Saturdays


Kerala or International Whats Better?

Is it important to try out a lottery like this one? 

The Kerala lottery is widely known as one of the most successful ones in India. In fact, most lotteries went with their model. That alone provides you with the help and insight you need for this type of lottery. So yes if you live in India you should consider trying out this incredible lottery, as it really is an extraordinary lottery that everyone should try out. It’s well worth investing some money in it, especially since the winnings are ok too!

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  1. Is it possible to buy Kerala lottery from overseas and actually claim any prize? Can you please explain how it works? I’m interested to know more about Kerala lottery and if it is possible I’ll buy a ticket. Thank you.

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