Online Lottery Winner – Iraqi Man Wins Millions in The Oregon State Lotto!

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Watch the link below to see the local news story that captured the imagination of millions around the world to do the same. We are so happy with stories like this one that show how to win the lotto BIG outside of your country of citizenship or even residence!

winner from iraq

For those that don’t believe it is possible to win millions without getting out of bed, think again. This is the story of an Iraqi citizen and resident that won over $6.4 million in the State Lottery of Oregon. The lucky man decided to maintain his anonymity as he feared for his family’s safety after the windfall of the cash that fell down on him. He never thought in a million years he would know how to win the lotto, but it looks like he knew exactly!

Each lotto acts slightly differently and the Oregon Lottery generally prohibits winners from remaining anonymous but made an exception in this case. The best thing about this story is that the winner in question had never set foot in Oregon before going to collect his winnings!

The lucky man found a website just like this one and proceeded through to purchase a multiple ticket package – he only needed one to realise that he had made the right decision! And what a great decision it was!

Whenever I speak to people about this story I am always confronted with the same two questions;

  • “Why didn’t the guy who physically bought the ticket just cash it in and run away with the millions himself?”
  • “Can’t the State (Lottery Provider) block the winnings if they choose and refuse to pay out to the online winner?”
  • how to win the lotto & what do I do once I have won”

Let us deal with each question separately. First things first, when you purchase a ticket online at lottosend and others it is almost impossible for the agent that goes to physically buy your ticket to steal your winnings. There are multiple reasons for this but the most important are the following:

  1. He is an employee and an agent and does not have any legal rights to claim the ticket that he bought on your behalf.
  2. Once your ticket is purchased, scanned and sent to you, you own the ticket and the rights of the ticket – legally speaking what the agent has after scanning in your ticket is just a piece a paper. (This is why you should never trust a website that claims it is legitimate but does not scan the tickets and send them to you).
  3. The people that work at the location of purchase know these agents, they buy hundreds of tickets at a time and it would be impossible for these agents to claim that the ticket is theirs.
  4. The owner of the store that sold the ticket is further incentivised to get the winnings to the right person as this is the only way they can receive their bonus for selling the winning tickets (They will not get paid until any disputes have been settled) – In the case of the Iraqi man winning the Oregon State lottery, the shop that sold the ticket received a $64,000 ‘selling bonus’.

The State of Oregon also has no legal grounds to block you collecting your winnings – In the case of the Iraqi man winning the Oregon Lotto, the State of Oregon did make some initial attempts to block the winner from receiving his winnings (even going so far as to claim that because he was a citizen of Iraq was the reason, not simply because he was not American). All these attempts were futile and shut down within days, not weeks of the winning numbers being called. This story was a great precedence in history of online Lotto playing as it in many ways it was the most far out example possible – If he can do it, so can you.  A great lesson in how to win the lotto, What are you waiting for!

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