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Play the Lottery 6 in Japan in one of the biggest events of this country since the prices are the biggest throughout Asia. If you want to know more about how to play this lotto, then we invite you to continue reading this informational blog post with everything you need to know about the lottery games in Japan!

Japan Lotto 6 / Lotus 6 Draws

The Lottery Japan lotto 6 takes place on Monday and Thursday of each week at 18:45. Today, thanks to technology and the ease with which players can buy lottery tickets from anywhere in the world through the internet, you can also play the lotus 6 in Japan online.

The rules of the game are very simple and these are the following:

Each participant or player of the Lotus 6 Japan must choose 6 main numbers in an array of numbers ranging from 1 to 43 (1/43).

  • If the player hits all of the 6 winning numbers, they can take the pot of Lotus 6 which is generally of more than ¥200,000,000. But this is not all, players who do not match the winning numbers of the first draw, have the opportunity to hit the second draw in the same week, which contains a pot of ¥400,000,000.
  • In the case of being crowned as the grand prize winner of the lotto 6 Japan, you will receive an email from the customer service agent from where you made the purchase, of the announced winning, from the lotto ticket that you purchased, stating that you are the winner of the first prize in the national lottery of Japan and will indicate which will be the steps to follow to claim your prize.

Without a doubt playing any national lotto game of any country online is very easy, safe and simple to do thanks to the internet and the different web sites such as Lottosend that are dedicated to the sale of tickets for lotteries in the world.

The Japan Lotto 6 statistics indicate that:

  • For the category of the first prize JackPot, guessing correctly to the 6 winning numbers, there is a possibility of 1 in 6,096,454.
  • For the second category, hitting 5 numbers to the number of the bonus, there is a possibility of 1 in 1,016,076.
  • For the third category, landing 5 numbers, there is a possibility of 1 win in 28.224
  • For the fourth category, landing 4 numbers, there is a possibility of 1 in 6105
  • For the fifth category, landing 3 numbers, there is a possibility of 1 in 39

What are the prizes that are contained in each of the categories?

The awards that contain each of the categories are:

  • JackPot – 6 Numbers – ¥ 200,000,000
  • Category 2 – 5  numbers + bonus number – ¥ 11.430, 000
  • Category 3 – 5 numbers – ¥ 270, 3004
  • Category 4 – 4 numbers – ¥ 6.7005
  • Category 5 – 3 numbers – ¥ 1,000

Japan Jumbo Draw

One of the most popular lotteries in Japan, which takes place at the end of the year (21 November to 19 December) is the famous Jumbo Takarakuji Nenmatsu. This lottery is considered as the largest in the country as a whole, because the prizes are really huge, which exceed more than $7 million and the lucky winner that gets all of the winning numbers correctly with his or her lottery ticket, gets to win the entire jackpot prize without paying any taxes at all in Japan.

We know that many people have refrained from buying a lottery ticket in Japan for fear of not being able to claim the prize in case of forgetting to check the winning numbers or in case of missing the live draw on TV. But, today, thanks to the many official web sites of sale of lottery tickets from all over the world, they can buy tickets for Loto6 and Loto Takarakuji in Japan and when you hit the winning numbers you can most surely claim their prizes without any problem even if you miss the live draw, because you can check the numbers online and also you get an email about winning when you win.

Jumbo Draw Schedule and Details

  Jumbo Draws Green
Month March June August October December
Prize Pool US $300
US $352
US $531.8
US $159
US $1.14
1st Prizes 17 Prizes of US $1.7 Million 27 Prizes of US $2 Million 42 Prizes of US $1.8 Million 26 Prizes of US $1.3 Million 70 Prizes of US $1.7 Million
2nd Prizes 170 Prizes of US $54,117 81 Prizes of US $1 Million 42 Prizes of US $900,000 26 Prizes of US $87,184 140 Prizes of US $854,000
Lower Prizes US $296
US $246
US $428
US $110
US $518
Winners 20 Million 30 Million 46 Million 15 Million 77 Million
Odds 1-in-9 1-in-9 1-in-9 1-in-9 1-in-9

How Do You Play The Takarakuji Nenmatsu Japan Jumbo Draw?

All online players or players who reside in Japan have two options to play:

  • First package lotto: this contains an envelope of 10 tickets for lotteries, which contain consecutive numbers. For example: (110, 111, 112, etc.)
  • Second package of lotto: this contains an envelope of 10 tickets for lotteries, which contain numbers “disordered”. For example: (110, 220, 413, 312, etc.)

The same thing happens when you play online, the steps you need to take are the following:

  • You register on the website where you want to buy your lottery tickets.
  • Select the lottery you want to play (in this case 3 Takarakuji in Japan).
  • Select the ticket package that you wish to purchase
  • You select the numbers of the 10 lottery tickets in the digital matrix.
  • Pay for your purchase.

What happens if you win the jackpot of the Jumbo Nenmatsu Takarakuji lottery?

You will receive an email from the customer service agent of the online store where you registered to play the lottery online, letting you know that you have been the official winner of the grand prize of the largest national lottery in Japan, which has a jackpot of more than $7 million drawn at the end of the year and you shall also indicate the steps you need to follow to be able to claim your prize.

It is worth mentioning that one of the advantages of being the official winner of the grand prize of the Takarakuji lottery is that, you will not have to pay any taxes in Japan, that is to say that you take the $7 million of the draw completely. The Japanese lotto games continue to gain popularity all the time.

Playing any lottery of any part of the world is possible today thanks to technology and the different web sites available on the net, which have the legal authorization to sell lottery tickets online.

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