Japan Jumbo Draw – One of the Biggest Asian Lotteries

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Japan Jumbo Draw

The Japan Jumbo Draw is also referred to as The Richest Asian Lottery Draw and it is undoubtedly an exciting game that gives players all over the world an opportunity to win great prizes. With Lottosend you can play lotteries online from Japan!

Japan Jumbo Draw Schedule and Details

  Jumbo Draws Green
Month March June August October December
Prize Pool US $300
US $352
US $531.8
US $159
US $1.14
1st Prizes 17 Prizes of US $1.7 Million 27 Prizes of US $2 Million 42 Prizes of US $1.8 Million 26 Prizes of US $1.3 Million 70 Prizes of US $1.7 Million
2nd Prizes 170 Prizes of US $54,117 81 Prizes of US $1 Million 42 Prizes of US $900,000 26 Prizes of US $87,184 140 Prizes of US $854,000
Lower Prizes US $296
US $246
US $428
US $110
US $518
Winners 20 Million 30 Million 46 Million 15 Million 77 Million
Odds 1-in-9 1-in-9 1-in-9 1-in-9 1-in-9

Lottery is a very old game and still attracts thousands of people all over the world because they all are looking forward to the day they will be able to take home the jackpot. Anyone who is a fan of big jackpots has definitely heard about the El Gordo lottery, which is the Christmas lottery in Spain. While this lottery is renowned for its massive jackpot, it is not the only one as the Japan Jumbo Draw also falls in this category. There are two ways in which Japan Jumbo Draw bears a resemblance to El Gordo. Firstly, this game also has a limited number of drawings every year and secondly, it also offers massive jackpots that can change your life.

Lottery Games in Japan

The lottery games in Japan begun in the 1630s, but the modern lottery games that can be found today were initiated in October of 1945. This is when the Japanese National Government began selling lottery game tickets under the name Takara-kuji, which means fortune lottery or treasure lottery. The National Government gave permission to the local Japanese government to run the Takara-kuji in 1946 and it relinquished control of the games in 1954, which meant that local governments of Japan could now exclusively administer Japanese lotteries.

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Today, the Minister of Home Affairs fully approves and accredits all lottery games that are available in Japan, which also include the Japan Jumbo Draw. In addition, the Mizuho Bank boasts the exclusive rights of offering the tickets for the Japan Jumbo Draw as well as the distribution of prizes among the winners. This arrangement can provide players with a great deal of security. Since it was launched, the Japan Jumbo Draw was only restricted to lottery players in Japan, but that all changed in 2003. This is when the lottery became an international one and now players all over the globe can get a chance to win one of the massive prizes in the game, regardless of their location.

The Richest Asian Lottery Draw

The Japan Jumbo Draw is also referred to as The Richest Asian Lottery Draw and it is undoubtedly an exciting game that gives players all over the world an opportunity to win great prizes. It is one of the most popular lottery games in the country itself and there are four regular draws that are conducted in the year. This is the biggest difference between the Japan Jumbo Draw and El Gordo as the latter has only one draw in a year, which is on Christmas.

The Green draw of the Japan Jumbo Draw is held in March and the prize pool for this particular one is 206 million US dollars. The second draw is called Dream, which is conducted in June, and the prize pool for this one is approximately 232 million US dollars. The Summer draw that is held in August is given a prize pool of 321 million US dollars. The last and the biggest draw is the Year-End, which is held in December and it boasts a whopping prize of 617 million US dollars.

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Players can take part in one or all of the draws if they are lucky and tickets are available. The winning odds of the Japan Jumbo draw are 1 in 9, which is extremely favorable. The game is definitely one-of-a-kind because its total payout in a year is approximately 2 billion US dollars, which is huge. One thing that players need to bear in mind is that they have to be at least 18 years of age in order to play this particular game. In order to participate in the Japan Jumbo Draw, you have to buy a ticket because that will serve as your gateway to winning.

How To Play Japan Jumbo Draw

Simply put, this means that you need to check the credibility of your ticket when you are buying it because if it is not authentic, you will simply be kicked out of the draw. Therefore, you need to be cautious when buying the ticket and only use a credible and trustworthy retailer for this purpose. As mentioned above, only the Mizuho Bank sells the tickets for the Japan Jumbo Draw. This means that if anyone else claims to sell the tickets, you need to steer away from them. It should also be noted that the tickets for the Japan Jumbo Draw are limited in number and they are also available for sale for a limited time period in every draw.

Thus, if you want to participate in this amazing lottery game, you have to be very quick in buying your tickets or else they might run out. As stated earlier, Japan Jumbo Draw is popular in the country as well as the whole of Asia and other parts of the world, which means that there are never enough tickets for everyone. Hence, this indicates that the first mover advantage is applicable here. International players will only get limited chances because the largest percentage of tickets is allocated to the local lottery players. When you buy your ticket, you should ensure that you have the correct group and ticket number.

The most outstanding feature of the Japan Jumbo Draw is that of all of the games that are offered by the Japanese Lottery, it is the one with the biggest payouts. Furthermore, it is the second largest paying lottery game in the entire world, after the Spanish El Gordo. Apart from that, most of the popular lottery games in different countries pay out their prizes in piecemeal basis, but the prize you receive in the Japan Jumbo Draw is paid out in the form of cash and in a lump sum.

Yes, it is a lump sum and you don’t have to wait for months to get your hands on your winnings either. Another great feature of the Japan Jumbo Draw is that the prizes are not subject to any taxes so you winnings you earn from participating in this game are all yours. Even though this game is quite different from the other national lotteries out there, the rules of the Japan Jumbo Draw are very simple and straightforward.

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Japan Jumbo Draw Tickets

There are two components of every Japan Jumbo Draw ticket – the ticket number and the group number. Usually, every single draw has over 100 groups and there is also a ticket number comprising of six digits. In order to win the first prize, it is essential for players to have the correct ticket and group number. As compared to other lotteries, the Japan Jumbo Draw has a number of tickets that guarantee winners the first prize. This means that it is not necessary for winners to choose their own numbers in order to win a prize. The ticket already has everything pre-printed on it.

As a matter of fact, the only way that players get to test their luck in the Japan Jumbo Draw is by choosing a ticket and group number that they like. As mentioned above as well, the tickets are very limited for this particular game and they run out very quickly. Therefore, there are often long lines in front of the Mizuho bank when the sale of the Japan Jumbo Draw tickets is announced. The biggest queues can usually be seen in Tokyo. In 2015, there were more than 1400 people standing in line in front of the bank’s offices for buying the tickets of the Year-End draw. This was the Nishi-Ginza office, which is renowned all over the country for selling the largest number of winning tickets every year.

Japan Jumbo Draw Odds

As Japan Jumbo Draw is a festive lottery in the country, it boasts excellent odds of winning, which have contributed to its popularity as a whole. The top prize is entirely dependent on the drawing. As aforementioned, the biggest prizes are paid out in the Year-End draws. The number of first prize is also dependent, but usually there are at least 20 winners. In 2016, more than 23 first prizes were paid out and each of them were in excess of 500 million yen. The top prize can go as high as 11.5 billion yen or 97 million US dollars.

Other than the top prize, there are additional winning opportunities that are also offered by the Japan Jumbo Draw, which make the game so highly appealing for everyone. The different prize levels that you can find in this game are:

  • The first prize is paid out to players who are able to match the winning ticket number and also the group number.
  • The second prize is given to players who are able to match the winning ticket number only.
  • The third prize category is reserved for players who can match the winning ticket number corresponding to the third prize.
  • The fourth prize level refers to players who have the winning ticket number for the 4th
  • Players who are able to match the winning ticket numbers corresponding to the fifth prize will take it home.
  • The sixth prize is paid to players who match the winning ticket number corresponding to the sixth prize.
  • Other prizes are given out to players who get one digit higher or lower than the first prize ticket number and also those who have the winning ticket number, but not the group number for the first prize category.

As far as payment of the prizes is concerned, it is paid out by the Mizuho Bank, which simplifies the process of getting your winnings in the form of cash, no matter what amount you take home. While there is no tax on lottery winnings in Japan, international players need to check the rules in their own country to see if their winnings will be taxable. The profits that are generated through the sale of the tickets of the Japan Jumbo Draw are typically used in public works projects such as construction of welfare facilities and public housing. Moreover, the money is used for funding various charities.

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This means that buying the Japan Jumbo Draw tickets benefits the country as well. Even if you are an international player, you can rest assured that your money will be used for a good cause. One of the best things about the Japan Jumbo Draw is that it has been opened for international players, but even if it is not made available in your country, you can always use lottery services for this purpose. However, there is one thing that all international players should be aware of; as the number of tickets for the Japan Jumbo Draw are limited and the game is incredibly popular, you have to be really quick in buying tickets. Otherwise, there is a really good chance that the tickets will eventually run out and you will be left empty-handed. It is recommended that you buy your tickets as soon as they are made available in order to secure your chances of winning. Anyone who is interested in making some big bucks through the lottery should give Japan Jumbo Draw a try.

Japan Jumbo Draw Ticket Price

Another appealing feature about the Japan Jumbo Draw is that it doesn’t cost a fortune; the ticket price is also reasonable and the winnings you get are definitely in millions so you can get a solid return on investment. Anyone who is not happy with the one-draw format of El Gordo lottery can switch to the Japan Jumbo Draw as it has four draws every year and the prizes increase with every draw. As it is organized and operated by a national entity, the Japan Jumbo Draw is fully legitimate and follows fair and transparent practices.

Even though it may not be possible for the players to boost their odds of winning by choosing the numbers themselves, they still have to figure out what ticket numbers and group numbers might be chosen. The easiest way to increase your chances of having the right numbers is by buying as many tickets as you can. Even if you don’t get the top prize, the secondary prizes are also substantial and are not subjected to tax in Japan, which makes it an excellent combo.

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