Italy SuperStar Lottery Info, How to Play Online

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Italy’s SuperEnalotto lottery is one of the most famous lotteries in Europe for its massive jackpots that attract fans across the continent. The SuperEnalotto has been in existence for the last sixty years as part of the post-war economic boom.The company SISAL, who runs the Italian lotto, reformed their play with an easier format that gives more chances to bigger jackpots. This draw has been in play since 1997 and has grown massively in the past 20 years – especially since, thanks to the European Union and the Euro, it can be won by anyone outside of Italy.

How To Play

Tickets can be paid for online or in person at a lotto store and pick six numbers from a list of 1 through 90. The bonus number, called the SuperStar, also 1 through 90. The Super Enalotto Super Star takes place three days a week -Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday – this offers people buying a singular or multiple entries through the user’s own pick and by quick pick, where it’s automatically chosen.

The SuperStar number is special because it adds eight prize divisions compared to the SuperEnalotto’s. Winners can get an extra €1 to 2 million by simply matching the SuperStar with the winning SuperEnalotto ticket. It is 6 numbers plus the SuperStar ball to win the extra amount. Picking the SuperStar number on any SuperEnalotto ticket, whether it’s 1 to 6 numbers,will grow the secondary prizes from 25 to 100 times (!) more than the original money prize.

For the top prize (6 of 6), the odds are 1 in 622,614,630. Second prize (5 of 6 + Jolly Number), the odds are 1 in 103,769,105. Down the line, from 5 numbers picked to 1, the odds are 1 in 1,250,230, 1 in 11,907, 1 in 327, and 1 in 22. The jackpot varies per game and (as of July 27) it stands at €76.7 Million.

Fun Factoids

The Italian SuperEnalotto lottery holds the record for an 8-month rollover, when nobody won that period of time. In addition, Italian lotto has no limit to its jackpot or rollover, hence the massive numbers drawn and the number of tickets played. The result was the highest jackpot ever won at €177.8 million in 2010.The SuperEnalotto jackpot was last won in February when one single ticket matched resulted in the prize of €93,720,843.

So, wherever you are, come on out and play the Italy SuperStar Lottery. Join in on the fun and the possible one lucky chance of striking it rich. Just about anyone can play, become a big winner, and, since we are talking about Italy, spend it on what the country has to offer in history, wine, and culture. A Euro-style lottery has never been this much fun.

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