Incredible Stories of Saturday TattsLotto Winners

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Saturday Tattslotto Winners

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Winning The Lottery

Have you ever dreamt about winning the lottery? Every time you come across stories of people who won the lottery, it makes you wish you were one of them. After all, who wouldn’t want to win a fortune overnight? Australia is well-known all over the world for the variety of lottery games available and each of them gives you the opportunity of changing your life. Saturday TattsLotto is one such game, which as the name indicates, is drawn on Saturday. It is one of the most popular games in the country because it offers some amazing prizes. The format of the game may have changed over the years, but its prizes have only gotten bigger.

$503,668 TattsLotto Winner From Castlemaine

Therefore, it is not surprising to know that it has helped hundreds of people in winning massive prizes and transformed their lives. That’s exactly what happened in the July 7th draw when a woman from Castlemaine won a total sum of $503,668.43. The woman didn’t know about her win and a story in a local newspaper about an unclaimed prize in her hometown prompted her to check her ticket, which uncovered her win. The woman opted to stay anonymous and was one of the eight Division one winners to share the prize from the draw.

She had been contacted, but had not answered the calls and disregarded them as a scam. But, when she read the story, she decided to check her ticket and she did so through the Lott app. At first she thought she had only won $5,000, but then came to know it was half a million. Her plans include buying a car, going overseas on holiday and sharing the winnings with her family.

$672,883 TattsLotto Winner From Cannington

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Again, the Saturday TattsLotto changed someone’s life on July 14th draw when there were six Division one winning tickets in the lottery game. Three weeks after the results were announced, a Perth couple came forward to claim a share of the jackpot as they had discovered the winning Lotto ticket in their drawer. The woman said that she had overlooked the ticket before, but after receiving the call, she was delighted to find it.

The prize of $672,883 made the Cannington couple more productive. The woman in the duo stated that she had switched handbags so she put the ticket in an envelope and placed it in a drawer. She stated that she had forgotten all about the ticket until she was contacted by Lotterywest, since she was a member there. That’s when she decided to go looking for the ticket. Up until this time, the entire Division one cash prize had been presented to 31 WA players. Amongst the six winners that shared the jackpot in Saturday’s draw, $672,883 was claimed by a family hailing from Canning Vale.

According to the husband, two weeks before he had had a strong feeling regarding some lucky numbers, but his wife had been skeptical about it. Fortunately, the man had decided to follow his instincts in this case and his decision worked in their favor. The couple managed to match the six numbers and got a share of the Division One prize.

$671,512 TattsLotto Winner From Watsonia

On Saturday, August 11th, 2018, another man’s life changed when he came to know that he had won a sum of $671,512. The Watsonian man discovered his win because he was watching the show. He got excited when he saw the match and realized he had won a prize.

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How Did He Win? Is There a Strategy?

He disclosed that it was his habit to purchase a System entry, but this time around, he had made the decision of adding in 12-game Quick Pick and trying a new strategy with better odds. The man asserted that when he discovered about his win, he had considered retiring completely, but that was impulse. It didn’t take him long to change his mind. He decided to cut back instead of fully retiring. He had been working a couple of extra hours and he decided that he didn’t need to work that much anymore, thanks to the win.

The man is a consistent lottery player and he had bought his lucky 12-game ticket from 99 Spencer Street Lotto, Southern Street Station in Melbourne. He was just one of division one winning entries on the TattsLotto draw conducted on August 11th, 2018. Every entry that won a prize was able to claim a sum of $671,513. Another $20 million jackpot was won by a total of seven Division one players as they all walked away $2,857,142.86 richer. This is very close to $3 million. A struggling family in the south of Perth was one of the winners of this share as well as a regional WA animal lover.

Northam Public Employee Wins Big

Hailing from Northam, the public employee was rather composed when asked about what he was planning to do with his winnings. He had used some of the huge sum to pay off his outstanding debts and had no plans of quitting his usual country daily life, but was looking forward to buying a new car. The man said that his win had changed the balance between what he needed and what he wanted. Previously, when he had thought about buying a car, he was going to get a secondhand one because that’s what he could afford.

He said that now he could skip the hassle of a second-hand one and buy a new one directly. In fact, he could buy a caravan if he wanted. He also added that he was going to use some money for making some renovations on his small property, which also included extending his workshop. He said that some of the amount would also be dedicated to the charities he supports because he wanted to help them out.

The winner revealed that he had a dog, horse and chooks and he was going to buy a new collar for his dog. He jokingly said that they were not concerned with the prize much and were just after feeds. He had first misplaced the entry to the win, but had then managed to find it and use it to claim the prize.

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