Incredible Lottery Windfall Stories Featuring Canadians

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The lottery can change your life. A lot of people don’t participate in the lottery because they think it is a waste of time and money as it is difficult to win. Some people are actually afraid of winning because they don’t want to deal with the ‘lottery curse’. The curse refers to the way people have ended up ruining their lives after they won a prize. While it is true that for some the lottery hasn’t brought luck and has led to disasters, but there are also those who have successfully changed their lives and done good with their winnings. The same is applicable to lottery players in Canada.

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There are a plethora of lottery games that people can enjoy in the country and each come with great prizes and different odds. They have helped thousands of people win prizes and provided them with the opportunity of fulfilling their dreams. For some, the payouts have indeed been a blessing and a surprise. One Cornelius Naujoks did not even know that he had the winning ticket. A life-changing piece of paper that was the lottery ticket simply sat on Cornelius’s desk for nine months without him knowing that he had won anything.

The Canadian man had bought his ticket for the Lotto Max months earlier, but had forgotten to check it against the draw properly. Hailing from the small town of Whitecourt, which is located in the province of Alberta, Cornelius had forgotten the ticket and it sat on his desk, discarded, for months on end. He then decided his office needed to be cleaned up and during this process, he came across the big ticket. He checked it finally and came to know that he had won a shocking sum of AU$1.06 million.

After Cornelius came to know that he had won the jackpot and contacted Lotto Max, he had gotten quite emotional. Mr. Naujoks had won the prize after he had matched the numbers from a draw held on December 15th, 2017. At that time, Cornelius had only checked the numbers on his ticket against the numbers of the main draw, but there is also a secondary draw in this game called the MaxMillions. There were 15 sets of numbers that were also drawn that day. Cornelius said that he came across a stack of lottery tickets when he organized his desk a couple of weeks ago.

One of the tickets was for the Lotto max draw that he had bought in Edmonton from Shefield & Sons located at the Northgate Centre. He took his tickets to the store and when he scanned the Lotto Max ticket, he couldn’t believe the number of zeroes he saw on the screen. He made plans of spending his windfall on a car and a new house. He revealed that he wanted to purchase a Ford Mustang GT and had already spoken to a dealership.

It was undoubtedly a big week for Mr. Cornelius Najouks as well as for the Canadian lottery. This is due to the fact that the feud between aunt and nephew in Nova Scotia over lottery winnings was settled during this week. It had all begun when a Canadian woman won C$1.2 million and had to split it with her nephew. Barbara Reddick threatened to sue Tyrone MacInnis for his half of the prize as they both posed for a picture with a giant novelty cheque.

A ticket for the Chase the Ace draw had been bought and it had both their names on it. But, according to Ms. Reddick, she had never claimed to share the jackpot with him. A ceremony had been organized for the winners in Margaree Forks, which is a small community of around 3,400 people. Speaking to the people gathered at the ceremony, Ms. Reddick said that she was taking her nephew to court. She said she was getting a lawyer immediately because the two had not made any agreement for sharing the prize.

Ontario 49 Tickets OnlineHer nephew, on the other hand, claimed that they did have an agreement. In response, his aunt did not hesitate in calling him a lawyer. She revealed that the only reason she had chosen to put her nephew’s name on the lottery ticket was for luck as she had considered him a son. Ms. Reddick added that she had only promised to share smaller winnings with him and not the jackpot. She asserted that he had been lucky, but not for half a million.

The chairwoman for the Margaret Forks Chase the Ace committee, Bernice Curley said that the family feud was a surprise for her. She said she was very disappointed with the turn of events. Chase the Ace lottery game is definitely a popular one on Canada’s east coast and is aimed at raising money for charity, which was the regional fire services in this case. Ms. Reddick did not change her mind and stated that her 19-year-old nephew didn’t deserve the money. She continued to maintain that they had had no prior discussion about splitting the prize.

She said that she had just bought him a car and had even helped him in paying for college. The provincial agency that’s responsible for overseeing gambling and lottery suggested that there might not be much that Ms. Reddick could do. It is quite common for multiple names to be listed on lottery tickets and usually, the prize is split equally amongst the participants. As Ms. Reddick continued to insist about taking her nephew to court, the pair chose to settle their dispute amongst themselves.

They reached an agreement before their matter was taken before the court. As per the new arrangement, Ms. Reddick will pocket a sum of $931,000 whereas her teenage nephew was only able to get $373,507.

Hence, some payouts can be a nice surprise for the winners and enable them to fulfill their wishes while in some cases, the prize can lead to rifts between the family and lead to feuds and other disastrous consequences.

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