Hungarian Lottery Games: Ötöslottó, Keno, Joker, Luxor, Puttó and More!

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All about Hungarian Lottery Games

The lottery is a way of raising money by means of selling various tickets that are numbered. Then prizes are given to a few numbers that are randomly drawn. A number of countries officially run such lotteries. One such country is Hungary.

History of the lottery in Hungary

Hungary Lotto Online

There is no record of starting of a lottery prior to 1763 in this country.

The first draw was said to be held in 1770 in Buda the capital city of Hungary then. In 1868 the Hungarian royal lottery board was created.

Lotto Hungary introduced pools in 1947 and Ötöslottó the lotto 5 in 1957.

This was a brand new lottery game at the time and is one of the most favorites in Hungary even today.

Hatos lotto was introduced in 1988. It was known as Lottó 6 which is equally popular like the Ötöslottó.

The affairs of the lotto Hungary games were looked after by the national savings bank – Országos Takarék Pénztár – till 1991.

Then Szerncsejáték was made the Hungarian national lottery administrator.

The state of Hungary owns this body fully.

It is responsible for the administration and creation of the Hungary lottery games entirely.

Various kinds of games offered

Different kinds of games are offered by Szerncsejáték.

They include, Eurojackpot – the multinational game, Ötöslottó – the national game, Keno, Joker, Luxor, Puttó and so on.

People can play whichever game interests them and earn some prizes too.

When Hatos Lotto was introduced a 6/45+1 dual matrix was drawn.

Then a bonus number was used to find out the prizes on the second level for the people whom the five numbers matched in addition to a bonus number.

In July the bonus was removed by Szerncsejáték.

Thus it changed to the format it is presented today.

The draws are held once a week at 3.50 p.m. Hungarian time every Sunday.

In 1993 joker option was introduced thus entailing the buyer of lotteries with many more options to win prizes.

The operation of the lottery

By using one 6/45 lottery matrix the Hatos Lottó is drawn. That is from the range of numbers 1-45, six numbers have to be chosen by you when you play this game.

If your numbers match the six winning numbers that are drawn you win a prize.

Commencing with 60,000,000 Ft the lotto jackpot prize will grow in size for each draw that will not have a top prize winner.

This prize will rise for one year till a winner is not found or produced.

Even after one year of rollover if there is still no winner there will be a roll down and the prize money will then be paid to the next winning divisions of the prize.

You can pick the lottery numbers by yourself or you can use the lucky dip option to pick them.

Only people of Hungary were eligible to play this game before, but now with the online version made available this can be played from anywhere across the globe.

How to see the results of the lottery

The lotto results are drawn on every Sunday between 3.50 and 4.15 Hungarian evening time.

You can see the results or the winning numbers in different ways.

At any point of sales of Szerncsejáték all across the country, in the national newspapers, on the official website of Szerncsejáték, also on the Teletext page 871, on the live broadcast on TV station RTL Klub you can see the result of the lottery.

Odds of winning the lottery

There are four levels of winning which increases the chance of winning. If you play with the joker option the chance increases further.

It is a 1 in 8,145,060 odds for guessing the 6 numbers correctly to be exact.

For the second prize this odds is 1 in 34,808. And for the third prize it is 1 in 733. For the fourth prize the odds is 1 in 45.

The overall odds of winning a prize is 1 in 42.

This is all about the Hungarian lottery. If you wish to win a prize you can logon to the website and play the game and try winning the prize.

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