How Would You Treat Your Children After Winning the Lottery?

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A big win has the power to change your life for the better, but many winners don’t want their money to effect the relationships around them or the way in which they appreciate money.

One such winner is Gillian Bayford who won £148m Euromillions lottery jackpot in 2012. Gillian recently told the Daily Mail that she has chosen to give her children £3 a week pocket money in an effort to keep them grounded.

Gillian wants her two children, nine year old Aimee and seven year old Cameron, to understand the value of money and not to take the fact that they have money for granted. Before the win Gillian worked night shifts as a healthcare assistant.

Just 15 months after their Euromillions lottery windfall, Gillian and her then husband Adrian separated due to the financial pressure of the win. Despite reports that the two are happier now in their current situation, Gillian is determined to make sure the money does not have a negative impact on her children.

Many parents find it hard enough to teach their children the value of money, but the added responsibility of knowing that you can provide your children with everything that they could ever possibly want or need takes this lesson to the next level.

Gillian has decided to deal with this by making a conscious decision not to spoil Aimee and Cameron. She wants to remain a normal mum and create a normal environment for her children to grow up in, such as encouraging her children to attend social activities like cubs and brownies in order to keep them involved in the community.

The £3 pocket money allowance isn’t provided to her children for nothing. In order to teach Aimee and Cameron the value of money they must undertake simple chores, such as tidying their rooms and making their beds.

As well as teaching her children the value of earning money, Gillian has also taught her children the value of saving money. For example, if there is something that the children want they have been taught to save and work for it.

There a whole host of lottery jackpots up for grabs right now, and your chance of winning is as simple as buying a lottery ticket online. If you did win, how would you teach your children about the value of money? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter at @lottosend

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