How the Internet has Influenced the Lottery

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Mobile devicesNowadays nearly anything can be done online: shopping, meeting people, job interviews, reading newspapers etc. The Internet has transformed many industries, and the lottery industry is no exception. Online lottery sales have influenced the industry in three key aspects: transforming localized games to global games, changing and increasing player demographics, and giving rise to creative retailing.

Global Gaming

Players are no longer restricted by physical borders; with online lottery messenger services, Americans can expand their lottery horizons to European games, and vice versa. This, in turn, increases the player base (since it is no longer limited to specific countries), thus growing jackpots and creating global excitement.

Younger Players

The UK and Canada have been selling lottery tickets online for about 10 years now, and because of the move towards digitization, they have drawn in younger players between the ages of 16 and 24. The United States have lagged behind a bit in this respect: according to US lottery statistics, young Americans between the ages of 24 and 34 are less likely to buy lottery tickets, and one of the main reasons for this is the outdated purchasing methods. The emergence of online sales is reigniting the interest of younger players thanks to the convenience of using a computer or mobile device over the burden of having to go out and wait in lines.

Online Retailer Creativity

Regular offline retailers are bound by certain rules in terms of pricing and promotions, whereas online lottery retailers have the freedom of flexibility. Alternative pricing, combining jackpots, and exciting promotions—such as discounts on higher volumes of tickets—appeal to players, thus enticing them to purchase.

The online sale of lottery tickets isn’t necessarily crippling the offline sales market, nor is it seeking out to do so. The added option, however, is a welcomed change to the way the industry is and has been run.

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