How Lottery Winners Spend Winnings?

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If I win the lottery I will…

People are dreaming of winning lotteries, but what would they do with jackpot? Of course, we know a lot of stories about people, who ruin themselves after winning the huge lottery. Some of past winners spent so much money, that became even more poor, that they were before winning the lottery.

But, still history knows some good stories of lottery winners.

Let us introduce some of them.

1. John Kutey

In 2011, John appeared to be a winner of Megamillions Lottery (in that draw the main jackpot formed $28.7).

Jonh decided to spend some part of money on charity, so  far, thanks to him, in New York, in Green Island was built huge water park “Spray Park”.

water park

2. Evelyn Adams

She is one of the most luckiest persons in the entire world, for sure! She won lottery several times and in sum, the money she earned formed $5.4 million!

But! Evelyn is so risky, that she went to Atlantic City and spend all her winning there. Al least, she had big fun!




3.  Louise White

The story of Louise from Newport is unusual. Just before she purchased her lucky ticket (which worth $336.4 million) she purchased a rainbow sherbet. After so lucky coincidence, she decided to create special trust, which she named in honor of the luckty dessert.

rainbow sherbet

4. Bob Erb

Well, everybody have different dreams, so there is nothing to be surprised by donation of Bob – $25 million winner . He was purchasing lottery tickets for 43 years in order to support legalization of marijuana

 legalization of marijuana

5. Janite Lee

Janite was supporting democracy so actively, that after winning the lottery, she gave all money to the Democratic Party of the South Korea.

6. Merle and Patricia Butler

Well, some people are so unsure and so afraid to loose money, that they are waiting for advised of professionals. Maybe, this variant is a good, or I’d rather say, a wise one.

financial planner

7. Denise and Paul Hardware

About this couple we can say, that their dreams came true. Everything they dreamed of: house, some extra property and degree in Oxford University for their son.

8. Lara and Roger Griffiths

The other lucky couple. They dreamed about house and Porshe, as you can guess, they got everything and even more! Some extra property also was purchased thanks to the huge jackpot winning.Dream-Home

9. Nigel Willetts

Niegel won occasionally (as it happens from time to time) and he decided to travel. He lucky winner visited a lot of countries and is looking forward to travel again.

traveled the world

10. Vivian Nicholson

Vivian realized dreams of majority of girls all over the world. She purchased  a great quantity of couture clothes, bought several cars and travelled all over the world.


11. George and Beryl Keates

You think that money spoil people? Nothing of the sort! This elderly couple gave all the jackpot to the members of their family!

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