Abraham Shakespeare – How a $30 Million Lottery Winner Lost Everything

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Jackpot WinnerIf you love playing the lottery, best of luck to you, but be careful that what happened to an American $30 million winner in Florida doesn’t happen to you!

Although there are quite a few horror stories about people who became overnight millionaires playing the lottery, only to somehow lose it all, the story of one particular lottery winner might just be the most tragic of all.

Read on to get the scoop on Abraham Shakespeare, a lottery winner who lost it all even his life.

$30 Million Lottery Winner

In 2006, a U.S. laborer in Florida named Abraham Shakespeare won an amazing $30 jackpot.

He took the cash option and netted a cool $17 million after taxes.

That was a lot of money and should have been more than enough to keep Abraham in all of life’s luxuries till the end of his days. Unfortunately, the end of his days came much sooner for the unlucky lottery winner than anyone might have reasonably predicted.

This working man was unable to read or write, but he had a kind heart and wanted to share his good fortune with those who were down on their luck and needed a helping hand even to the extent that he let homeless strangers sleep in his mansion.

As time went on, he became disillusioned with people in general that only seemed to be after his money. One of these so-called friends was a woman named Dorice “Dee Dee” Moore.

Ms. Moore talked Abraham into forming a business with herself in sole control of the funds. She subsequently bought herself a Corvette and a Hummer and went on a European vacation, claiming that the money for these luxurious items was a gift from Abraham.

In November of 2009, Abraham Shakespeare was declared missing by his family, who said that they had not seen or heard from him since April of that year.

A tip off led investigators to Dee Dee Moore’s boyfriend’s property, where the body of Abraham Shakespeare was found buried under 5 feet of dirt beneath a concrete slab. He was 43 years old.

The money from his lottery winnings?

Lawyers for the Shakespeare family are still trying to recover some of the lost millions.

Play the lottery for a chance to be a big winner, but let this grisly story of trust, betrayal and murder be a lesson in what NOT to do with your millions!

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